40 Amazing 3-Year-Old Party Ideas For Girls and Boys!

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If you are throwing a party for your three-year-old toddler, and need inspiration, check out these 40 amazing 3-year-old party ideas for girls and boys! These party themes and inspirations are fantastic!

40 Amazing 3 Year Old Party Ideas For Girls and Boys!

There are so many great birthday party themes you can choose from based on your three-year-old’s favorite animated characters, movies, and toys.


40 Amazing 3-Year-Old Party Ideas For Girls and Boys!


1. Encanto Parties

The movie Encanto is a massive hit with kids of all ages, especially young girls that can’t get enough of their favorite characters like Isabella or Mirabel.

If your three-year-old can’t stop singing ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’, then you know you have to throw her an Encanto birthday party.

Decorate with colorful flowers and serve delicious Colombian-inspired party food, such as arepas.

Don’t miss these incredible Encanto birthday party supplies.

Encanto birthday party

2. Princess Parties

Little girls dream of being princesses, so give your daughter the royal treatment and throw her the ultimate princess-themed birthday party she’ll love!

If she has a favorite princess like Cinderella, Elsa, Ariel, or Snow White, make her the theme of the birthday celebration.

Make sure you download our FREE printable princess party printables and use them to decorate your party!

Take a look at these wonderful princess birthday party supplies.


Princess birthday party

3. Woodland Parties

So many little kids are fascinated with woodland animals. If this is the case at your home, then a woodland-themed birthday party is a good idea for a 3-year-old’s birthday party.

Decorate with as many foxes and bunnies that you can get your hands on, and add more woodland decorations, such as pretty flowers and mushrooms.

Be sure to check out all our fun woodland party ideas and woodland party supplies for more inspiration!

Woodland birthday party

4. My Little Pony Parties


It’s a great excuse to decorate with vibrant colors and brighten up your party!

If your young child can’t get enough of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and all the other Little Ponies’, treat her to a colorful celebration with her favorite characters!

Take a look at these fun My Little Pony birthday party supplies.

My Little Pony birthday party

5. Unicorn Parties

If there is one thing a 3-year-old love it’s a unicorn! They are so magical that it’s a hard party theme to resist.

Unicorn parties are incredibly popular at CatchMyParty.com so be sure to check out all our fabulous unicorn party ideas, unicorn party supplies,and  unicorn cakes, so you can throw your daughter an unforgettable celebration!

Download our gorgeous free unicorn party printables and use them to decorate your party!

Unicorn birthday party

6. Mermaid Parties

If you are throwing summer birthday party, maybe you could consider making it a mermaid-themed one.

We’ve so many wonderful mermaid party ideas, mermaid birthday cake ideas, mermaid party food ideas, and mermaid party games and activities to help inspire you!

Don’t miss all these beautiful mermaid birthday party supplies and decorate with our free mermaid party printables!

Mermaid birthday party

7. Rainbow Parties

Rainbows are truly magical and fill anyone who sets eyes on them with so much joy.

Again, this is a really popular and fun theme for a little girl’s birthday party, so go all out and treat your party guests to an unforgettable rainbow-themed party!

Take a look all our stunning rainbow party ideas and  rainbow birthday party supplies.

Rainbow birthday party

8. Minnie Mouse Parties

Minnie Mouse is another really popular toddler party theme! She’s such a classic and has a special place in every little girl’s heart.

If you are looking for a theme where kids are guaranteed to have a good time, look no further. Minnie Mouse will go down a treat!

We have a bunch of fun Minnie Mouse party ideas, Minnie Mouse birthday cake ideas, and so much more. Be sure to check them all out!

Take a look at these lovely Minnie Mouse birthday party supplies, and download our free Minnie Mouse party printables to decorate your party!

Minnie Mouse birthday party

9. Frozen Parties

If you are throwing a party during the winter and your daughter loves the movies Frozen and Frozen 2, then I am afraid you’ve no other choice than to throw a Frozen-themed birthday party.

It’s so heartwarming to see the sisterly love between Elsa and Anna, and the tunes are ever so catchy! What’s not to love about this movie.?

Be sure to check out all our 10 best Frozen birthday parties, our 15 most impressive Frozen dessert tables, and a bunch of Frozen party activities to keep everyone entertained.

Take a look at these magical Frozen birthday party supplies and decorate your party with our beautiful free Frozen party printables!

Frozen birthday party

10. Ice Cream Parties

There’s not a single child that doesn’t love to eat ice cream, be it during the summer, or even in the winter.

Treat your child to a sweet ice cream-inspired birthday party and watch as everyone’s hearts melt at the sight of so many ice cream-themed party decorations.

Check out these amazing ice cream birthday party supplies.

Ice Cream birthday party

11. Candy Parties

If your little one already has a sweet tooth treat them to a cute candy-themed birthday party.

Decorate with a bunch of colorful candy-themed party decorations and make a little girl’s wish come true on her special day!

Don’t miss these sweet candy birthday party supplies.

Candy birthday party

12. Puppy Dog Parties

Puppy dogs are so irresistible and are such a fun theme for a toddler’s party!

Decorate with as many pup-themed party decorations as you can find and send everyone home with their own plush puppy dog party favor.

Don’t miss these sweet puppy dog birthday party supplies.

Puppy Dog birthday party

13. Kitten Parties

If your child loves cats then maybe you could think about throwing a kitten-themed birthday party instead?

Love the idea of having kitten ear headbands as party favors. They double up as great photo booth props too!

Don’t miss these sweet cat-themed party supplies.

Candy birthday party

14. Barbie Parties

If you already have a little Miss Fashionista in the house, that loves to dress up and play with Barbies, throw her an unforgettable Barbie themed birthday celebration.

Go overboard and decorate with as much pink and glitter as you can find, and be sure to take a look at all our stylish Barbie party ideas to help you out!

Don’t miss these stylish Barbie birthday party supplies and download our pretty free vintage Barbie party printables to decorate your party on a budget.

Barbie birthday party

15. Cowgirl Parties

Cowgirl parties are so popular and a great theme for a 3-year-old!

Decorate with cowgirl hats, that can double up as party favors and photo booth props, and download our FREE cowgirl party printables if you are on a tight budget!

Take a look at these fun cowgirl birthday party supplies.

Cowgirl birthday party

16. Fairy Parties

Treat your little girl and her friends to an enchanting party full of fairies and magic.

Try and recreate a woodland ambiance with pretty flowers, fairies, and butterflies for your daughter’s big day!

Don’t miss these lovely fairy birthday party supplies.

Fairy birthday party

17. Peppa Pig Parties

Kids can’t get enough of Peppa Pig and can literally spend hours watching the much-loved animated tv show.

If this is the case in your house, then a Peppa Pig-themed party is the perfect birthday party theme ever!

Check out all our cute Peppa Pig birthday party supplies.

Peppa Pig birthday party


18. Dinosaur Parties

So many kids get into dinosaurs from such a young age. If your kid loves them how about treating them to the ultimate dinosaur fan party?!

We’ve got so many cool dinosaur party ideas that you really don’t want to miss. Make sure you download our FREE dinosaur printables and use them to decorate your party!

Take a look at these awesome dinosaur party supplies.

Dinosaur birthday party

19. Baby Shark Parties

If you’ve heard the Baby Shark song enough times for it to drive you mad then you’ve most probably got a child that would love a Baby Shark-themed party!

Take him and his friends deep under-the-sea to a party packed with fun Baby Shark-themed party food and decorations, such as our FREE Baby Shark party printables.

Don’t miss these cool Baby Shark birthday party supplies and all our awesome Baby Shark party ideas!

Baby Shark birthday party

20. Superhero Parties

There’s not a kid out there that doesn’t get blown away by superheroes and their ability to save the day.

If he loves a specific superhero, like Black Panther or Spider-Man, make him the central theme of your party, if not, just throw a generic superhero party. You really can’t go wrong!

We have great superhero party ideas that I’m sure you’ll appreciate and some FREE superhero party printables to decorate your party!

Don’t miss these superhero birthday party supplies.

Superhero birthday party

21. Mickey Mouse Parties

Mickey Mouse is loved just as much as Minnie Mouse and also holds a special place in so many kids’ hearts.

If your son can’t get enough of this much-loved Disney character throw him a fun Mickey Mouse-themed birthday party.

For inspiration check out our Mickey Mouse party ideas, and all our Mickey Mouse party favors.

Download our FREE Mickey Mouse party printables and take a look at these cute Mickey Mouse birthday party supplies.

Mickey Mouse birthday party

22. Robot Parties

Robots are so cool and are a great party theme for a 3 year old.

Decorate with any toy robots you may have lying around the house and try and get a hold of some robot-themed party food.

We’ve loads of robot party supplies that might come in handy. So be sure to take a look!

Robot birthday party

23. Very Hungry Caterpillar Parties

If your little boy can’t get enough of the Very Hungry Caterpillar picture book how about throwing him a Very Hungry Caterpillar party for his 3rd birthday?

The book has been a big favorite for generations now and Very Hungry Caterpillar parties are great for young kids.

Check out all these excellent Very Hungry Caterpillar party supplies.

Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party

24. Cat in The Hat Parties

Another fabulous book that kids also love is Cat in the Hat. It too is a cool party theme that will undoubtedly thrill fans of the book.

If you are looking for Cat in the Hat party supplies we’ve got you covered!

Cat in the Hat birthday party

25. Peter Rabbit Parties

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a classic that has been around for ever. There’s something so lovely about snuggling up with your little one and reading about Peter Rabbits’ adventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

The theme is ever so popular and a great pick if your child loves the book, or even the movie.

Don’t miss these sweet Peter Rabbit party supplies.

Peter Rabbit birthday party

26. Firefighter Parties

Kids can find fire trucks fascinating and look up to firefighters, especially if they have one in their family.

If your kid can’t get enough of either of them, throw him a firefighter/truck-themed birthday party!

These firefighter party supplies are on fire!

Firefighter birthday party

27. Toy Story Parties

Kids have been hooked on Toy Story for years now! Just how mind-blowing is it for toys to come to life and have their own adventures?!

If your child loves the movie, chances are he’d love a Toy Story party too, which is why you don’t want to miss these fun Toy Story party ideas!

Check out these excellent Toy Story birthday party supplies.

Toy Story birthday party

28. Safari Parties

Kids go crazy with a trip to the zoo. There’s something about all wild animals that have made safari-themed parties one of our most popular themes on CatchMyParty.com.

Go all out and recreate a safari in your backyard, with green foliage, wild animals, and our FREE safari party printables!

Don’t miss all these excellentsafari birthday party supplies to help make your celebration unforgettable.

Safari birthday party

29. Farm Parties

If wild animals are too threatening, how about treating your child to a cute farm-themed party instead?

Decorate with a bunch of farm animals, such as cows, pigs, and sheep, and give your party a laidback country vibe.

Take a look at these lovely farm party supplies.

Farm birthday party

30. Paw Patrol Parties

Paw Patrol has kids glued to their screens watching the adventures of the famous pups with their friend Ryder.

There’s no doubt if your kid can’t get enough of the Paw Patrol he’ll love a whole party dedicated to the fun pups.

Don’t miss all our great Paw Patrol party ideas and showstopping Paw Patrol birthday cakes.

We’ve also cool Paw Patrol birthday party supplies too!

Paw Patrol birthday party

31. Construction Parties

If your kid is obsessed with diggers, tools, and everything about construction celebrate your child’s big day with a cool construction-themed party.

We’ve got excellent construction party tips to help you make your son the happiest kid in the world!

These construction party supplies are sure to delight!

Construction birthday party

32. Cowboy Parties

Cowboys have been an old favorite for a long time now and are another fun theme for a 3 year-olds-birthday party.

Recreate an Old Western town with hay bales as seating, some ‘wanted’ signs, bandanas, cowboy boots, hats a cactus.

You don’t want to miss our fantastic cowboy party ideas and cowboy party supplies.

Cowboy birthday party

33. Circus Parties

Young kids have so much fun at the circus!

If your kid can’t get enough of the clowns, circus animals, and the fun acrobats, how about throwing him a circus-themed party to remember?

We have great circus/carnival party game ideas that everyone will love, along with  FREE circus party printables that you can use to decorate your party!

For inspiration, check out all our excellent carnival party ideas and don’t miss out on these fun circus birthday party supplies.

Circus birthday party

34. Space Parties

Some kids can spend hours looking up at the stars trying to figure out what is out there in space.

If your toddler is starting to take an interest in space treat him to a party that is out of this world!

Decorate with our FREE space-themed party printables and use as many stars and planets as you can to create a space vibe.

Be sure not to miss these fantastic space-themed party supplies.

Space birthday party

35. Sesame Street Parties

We’ve all grown up with Sesame Street. Big Bird, Elmo, and the gang are a part of everyone’s childhood, including our kids, so treat yours to an amazing Sesame Street-themed party.

Include as many letters and numbers as part of your party decorations, and check out these wonderful Sesame Street birthday party supplies.

Sesame Street birthday party

36. Disney Cars Parties

So many young boys have a soft spot for Lightning McQueen and the movie Cars.

It’s a great party theme for fans of the movie, and we’ve got you covered with fun Disney Cars party ideas you won’t want to miss.

Make sure you check out these awesome Disney Cars party supplies too!

Disney Cars birthday party

37. Airplane Parties

Take to the skies and throw a wonderful airplane-themed birthday party for your 3-year-old!

If your son loves to look up and is fascinated with airplanes, treat him to a celebration among some cloud and airplane party decorations.

We’ve fab airplane party supplies to help out you!

Airplane birthday party

38. Train Parties

On the other hand, if it’s trains that he loves then a train-themed party is sure to be a hit!

Keep things simple, play easy games and serve your child’s favorite foods.

Don’t miss all these awesome train party supplies.

Train birthday party

39. Cars and Trucks Parties

Little boys can spend hours playing with their cars and trucks which probably explains why they are such a popular party theme, especially with toddlers.

Throw your little one a fun car-themed party full of speed and cars. You really can’t go wrong with these cool car and truck party supplies!

Car birthday party

40. Minions Parties

If the Minion movie is constantly on repeat in your house, then there’s no doubt that you need to throw your kid a Minion-themed party.

We have got just what you need to throw the perfect Minion party! We have ideas for Minion cakes and Minion cookies, and of course loads of great Minion party ideas too!

Don’t miss these fun Minions birthday party supplies.

Minion birthday party


For more inspiration, check out all our amazing birthday parties for girls, and birthday parties for boys, and check out all these girl and boy birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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