45 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party!

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If you're thinking of throwing a fabulous mermaid birthday, don't miss these 45 best ideas from Catch My Party for the ultimate mermaid under the sea birthday party!

You will be blown away by these ideas and inspirations, and they will help you plan the mermaid party of a lifetime.

Below, we've got beautiful mermaid dessert tables, cakes, cookies, party foods, free mermaid party printables, decorations, mermaid party activities, and mermaid party favor ideas. Get ready to swoon...

45 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party!


45 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party!


1: Dazzling Mermaid Dessert Table

Let’s kick off ultimate mermaid under the sea birthday party ideas with a dazzling dessert table that takes you deep into the ocean.

The gorgeous sparkly sequin backdrop is so girly, as is the beautiful balloon garland, and under the sea party decorations.

Dazzling Mermaid Dessert Table

2: Under the Sea Mermaid Dessert Table

If you’re looking for something a little different from the previous suggestion, take a look at this next mermaid dessert table.

It has the most amazing, almost transparent white balloon party decorations that give you the feeling that you’re at the bottom of the ocean.

Love the Illustrated mermaid backdrop and the pretty pastel colors.

Under the Sea Mermaid Dessert Table

3: Gorgeous Mermaid Dessert Table

This next dessert table is so exquisite. The balloon garland framing the dessert table it’s so beautiful.

Love the delicate blue tulle table skirt and floral decorations.

Mermaid Dessert Table


4: Wonderful Under the Sea Themed Birthday Cake

This mermaid birthday cake is beautiful and inspired by the turquoise ocean.

Love the bottom ruffle tier and the top mermaid scale tier, decorated with gold sea lions and a beautiful pink mermaid.

To finish off, this birthday cake is topped with two wonderful starfish toppers.

Under the Sea Themed Birthday Cake

5: Stunning Gold and Pastel Mermaid Cake

WOW! Our next cake will blow you away.

It's the ultimate mermaid cake that will stand proud on a dessert table.

It's made up of 3 tiers. A top under the sea tier, a mermaid tail-inspired middle tier, and a gorgeous gold sprinkle tier that looks just like sand.

Gold and Pastel Mermaid Cake

6: Fabulous Pastel Ruffle Mermaid Tiered Cake

A birthday cake it’s always expected to be a showstopper, and this one sure is this.

In gorgeous shades of turquoise and purple, this cake is covered in fondant sea fauna, shells and topped with the most wonderful mermaid.

Pastel Ruffle Mermaid Tiered Cake


7: Mermaid Cookies

Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of cookies?

These mermaid-inspired cookies are the ultimate under-the-sea delight.

How much of a hit would a plate of mermaid, seashell, starfish, and other sea creature cookies be at your mermaid party?!

Use this wonderful mermaid cookie cutter set so you can make your own.

Mermaid Cookies

8: Pink Seashell Cookies

Another gorgeous alternative are these pink seashell cookies.

Each one is delicately decorated with a single sugar pearl.  It’s a subtle touch, but truly take these cookies to another level.

Pink Seashell Cookies

9: 3D Mermaid Cookie

If you’re looking for something different then you don’t want to miss this mermaid cookie.

They'll look amazing on your dessert table and are certain to put a smile on your guests' faces.

3D Mermaid Cookies


10: Mermaid Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always so delightful. Take a look at these impressive ones that look like actual works of art.

Each one is decorated with a bunch of colorful frosting swirls and topped with a magnificent mermaid tail.

Mermaid Cupcakes

11: Pearl Cupcakes

This next cupcake is so exquisite. Placed inside an open clamshell, decorated with beautiful swirly frosting and topped with sugar pearls.

It looks so delicate.

Pearl Cupcakes


12: Mermaid Cake Pops

Cake pops are also big hits at parties.

Take a look at these mermaid tail cake pops, each one is decorated with a seashell, starfish, and the most amazing mermaid tail.

Mermaid Party Food - Mermaid Cake Pops

13: Mermaid Tail Cake Pops

How much fun are these mermaid tail cake pops?

They look stunning and are the perfect party food for a mermaid birthday party.

Mermaid Party Food - Mermaid Tail Cake Pops

14: Sparkly Under the Sea Cake Pops

If on the other hand if you’re looking for something a little more sparkly, how about these cute multicolored pastel cake pops covered in pretty sprinkles?

Each one is decorated with either a pretty seashell or a star.

Mermaid Party Food - Sparkly Under the Sea Cake Pops


15: Clam Macarons

If you love macaroons and would rather have them at your party than cookies then take a look at this next suggestion.

Each of these lovely clam shell macaron is decorated with a single sugar pearl designed to look like clams. What a creative idea!

Mermaid Party Food - Clam Macarons

16: Mermaid Donuts

Lots of us are into donuts, and they are so on-trend,  so how about adding some under-the-sea-inspired ones to your mermaid party food.

Cover each donut with frosting and some fondant seashells. Finish them off with some cookie crumbs to make them look like they have sand on them.

Mermaid Party Food - Mermaid Donuts

17: Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

These mermaid Rice Krispy Treats look amazing and are a wonderful addition to your mermaid party.

Dip them in melted colored chocolate and decorate them with mermaid tails and seashells.

As you can see they look fabulous on a plate.

Mermaid Party Food - Mermaid Krispie Treats

18: Coral on a Stick

Check out this quick and easy mermaid party food idea that will take you deep into the ocean.

Get a bunch of colorful rock candy and you’ve instantly got yourself some corals on a stick. How easy is that?

Mermaid Party Food - Coral on a Stick

19: Sea Water Drinks

Have fun at your mermaid party by serving your guests some seawater drinks.

Place regular water, or even add a few drops of dye, into a drink dispenser to create an on-theme beverage.

Mermaid Party Food - Sea Water Drinks


20: FREE Mermaid Party Printables

If you’re on a budget and looking for a quick and easy party decoration download our free mermaid party printables.

This gorgeous set includes mermaid cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, mermaid party favor tags, and much more...

Mermaid Party Printables

21: FREE Mermaid and Dolphin Party Printables

Feel free to also download this FREE mermaid and dolphin printables set.

Included is a mermaid invitation, a mermaid birthday sign, a banner, and much more.

Simply download the set, print it out, cut each individual piece and assemble.

Mermaid Party Printables


22: Under the Sea Table Setting

Table settings are a great opportunity to put your decorating talents to good use.

How fabulous is this example? Love the big sequin tablecloth and the fauna and mermaid tail balloon decorations.

Under the Sea Table Settings

23: Beach Mermaid Table Setting

A cool idea is to have your mermaid party at the beach.

Have a low table and some pretty under-the-sea-themed plates and cups  Use some cushioned seating and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget to place some parasols to keep everyone out of the sun.

Beach Mermaid Table Settings

24: Pretty Pink Mermaid Table Setting

This next tablescape is so beautiful. The adorable pink color scheme is so girly.

Love the glass bottles with a donut placed on top of each one. The shell centerpiece is really pretty, as too are the floral decorations.

Pretty Pink Mermaid Table Settings

25: Fun Mermaid Table Setting

These next table settings also take us deep into the ocean.

The seashell plates and pretty mermaid tail party favor boxes give us an under-the-sea vibe.

What’s not to love about the mermaid balloon centerpiece and the pink tulle backdrop?

Mermaid Table Settings

26: Gorgeous Under the Sea Chairs

These whimsical purple, almost jellyfish-like, chair coverings are absolutely perfect for a mermaid extravaganza.

They add so much class to any little girl's party.

You can try and recreate this look with these chair covers.

Mermaid Table Settings - Chair Covers


27: Fabulous Under the Sea Decorations

The party decorations at this mermaid party are mesmerizing.

The ceiling is covered in strips of purple, pale blue, and pink tulle fabric. with a bunch of paper lanterns and pretty tassle tail fringes.

To add to these amazing decorations are a bunch of transparent balloons that look like bubbles.

Mermaid Party Decorations - Under the sea Decorations

28: Jellyfish Centerpiece

Take a look at this gorgeous jellyfish centerpiece. Made with a purple paper lantern and ribbons it looks incredible decorating a table. The transparent balloons add such a cute touch.

You can try and recreate this look with this jellyfish lantern.

Mermaid Party Decorations - Jellyfish Centerpiece

29: Under the Sea Balloons

Another awesome party decoration is this blue and white balloon centerpiece.

Each one has a foil balloon animal such as a pink dolphin or a blue octopus.

A fun suggestion is to have a different animal for each table.

30: Under the Sea Ballon Party Decorations

Different-sized clear balloons all tied together to a long string and hung from the ceiling create an amazing under the sea look.

Mermaid Party Decorations - Under the Sea Balloon Decorations

31: Fabulous Pastel Balloon Decorations

If you love balloons then you don’t want to miss this incredible pastel balloon wall in pretty tones of pink and purple.

Together with the other under the sea party decorations, this birthday party is a dream

Mermaid Party Decorations - Balloon Decoration

32: Gorgeous Mermaid Tail Balloon Garland

Balloon decorations are really really popular and so on-trend, just take a look at this amazing mermaid tail balloon garland that beautifully framed this dessert table.

You couldn’t wish for more gorgeous mermaid party decorations.

Mermaid Party Decorations - Mermaid Tail Balloon Garland

33: Mermaid Tail Balloon Decor

Here is another example of a beautiful balloon mermaid tail.

Made up of a mix of different colored balloons, it the perfect decoration for a mermaid party.

Mermaid Party Decorations - Balloon Mermaid Tail


34: Mermaid Photo Booth Props

Kids love photo booths. They are a great excuse to fool around while having their picture taken.

The more mermaid-themed photo booth props you have at a party the better.

Mermaid Photo Booth Props - Mermaid Photo Booth Props

35: Mermaid Costumes

If you’re looking for a photo booth prop the doubles up as a party favor, then how about treating your guests to these gorgeous mermaid-inspired costumes?

Create a little dress-up area at your party and have the clothes set out so that each one of your guests can pick their costume and feel like a mermaid for the day.

Mermaid Photo Booth Props - Mermaid Outfits


36: Mermaid Entertainer

Your guests will be blown away by a surprise appearance from a real-life mermaid which is why a visit from an entertainer is always a safe bet.

Younger children won’t believe their eyes when they see a mermaid walk in and spend the afternoon with them, doing fun activities, such as telling them all about her under the sea adventures with her mermaid friends.

Mermaid Party Activities - Entertainer

37: Mermaid Face Painting

Face painting is always a fantastic party activity, especially for little girls.

Treating your little guests to the very own mermaid look will fill their hearts with delight.

You can either paint your guest's faces yourself with some face paint, if you have the skills, of course.

If not hire a face painter to come over and magically transformed each little girl into a beautiful mermaid.

Mermaid Party Activities - Face Paintings

38: Mermaid Printable Pin the Tail

Keeping kids busy at a party can sometimes be tricky.

Go for a classic game such as 'Pin the Tail on the Mermaid' to keep them entertained.

When it’s their turn, place a blindfold on your guest and have them try to pin the tail on the mermaid in the correct spot. Whoever gets closest wins.

Mermaid Party Games - Mermaid Pin the Tail

39: Printable Mermaid Name Poster

Another magical activity that will make your guests feel special is a mermaid naming ceremony.

Hang a ‘What’s your Mermaid Name?’ poster on the wall and have everyone try to figure out what their mermaid name is.

Mermaid Part Games - Mermaid Name Poster


40: Mermaid Gable Party Favor Bags

Send your guests home with one of these gorgeous mermaid-themed party favor gable boxes decorated with sea fauna and a gorgeous gold mermaid tail.

Mermaid Party Favor Bags - GabLe Bags

41: Shiny Seashell Party Favor Box

You could also send your guests home with a seashell candy box full of goodies.

They are perfect for a mermaid party.

Mermaid Party Favor Bags - Shiny Seashells

42: Mermaid Party Favor Bags

If you are the crafty type how about making your own mermaid party favor bags?

All you need are some paper bags, cut-out circles, and a bunch of cut-out seashells Glue them onto the paper bag and you’ve got yourself a fun mermaid favor bag.

You could even have your guests make their own and turn it into a party activity.

Mermaid Party Favor Bags


43: Mermaid Tattoos

Treat your guests to these fun skin safe and kid-friendly mermaid temporary tattoos.

The pack comes with a 15×21 cm tattoo sheet with 10 mermaid and tiny fish and sea creature tattoos.

Mermaid Party Favors - Mermaid Tattoo

44: Mermaid Hair Ties

Another cool party favor are mermaid-inspired headbands.

You can never have too many, so they are the perfect gift for a girl.

Mermaid Party Favors - Mermaid Hair Ties

45: Cute Mermaid Necklace

To finish off we have these pretty felt mermaid necklaces.

They are a great party favor for toddlers and little girls.

Mermaid Party Favors - Cute Mermaid Necklace

If you are looking for more specific ideas, such as mermaid cakes, mermaid party foods, and mermaid party supplies, be sure to check out our other posts.

Need more mermaid party ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the awesome mermaid parties on our site, and check out these mermaid party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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