Dad 'Stache' Father's Day Gift Idea

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Dad 'Stache' Father's Day Gift Idea |

Julie from Crowing Details is here with a easy and fun Father’s Day gift idea. Plus she’s designed “Dad’s Stache” printables make your gifts extra special. Thanks, Julie!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a secret “Mommy stash” of my favorite chocolates that I sneak on tough days… or on any day, really.

But, what about for the dads?

Wouldn’t it be great to give your husband or dad a “Dad stash” of his own this Father’s Day? Here’s a Dad ‘Stache’ Father’s Day gift idea that is easy to put together and what I love about it is how personal you can make it.

Just buy a big glass jar with a top (a mason jar would work, too), fill it with his favorite candies or chocolates, and add this free “Dad’s Stache”printable to the jar.

I’m sure the dads out there would appreciate the thought… and the sweets.

For my husband, I’d add these mini TCHO Chocolates. He loves dark chocolate but won’t buy the expensive stuff for himself, so this would be a great gift for him! What would your husband like?

Download the free Father’s Day Dad Stache printable here!

Dad 'Stache' Father's Day Gift Idea |

This is also a great last-minute Father’s Day gift idea. So if Father’s Day sneaks up on you this year (it’s June 19th), and you and your kids are scrambling, just print out the printable and fill any container with something your husband likes. It could be chips!

Dad 'Stache' Father's Day Gift Idea |
Dad 'Stache' Father's Day Printable | CatchMyParty.comDad 'Stache' Father's Day Gift Idea |

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