42 Fantastic Cowboy Themed Party Ideas You'll Enjoy!

by Jillian Leslie on

If you are planning a good old-fashioned cowboy party,  but are stuck for ideas, check out the 42 fun cowboy-themed party ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

There are so many fantastic cowboy party ideas to pick through, that it can sometimes be difficult to sort out which ones are the best.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! We have rounded up all the best ideas we could find to help you throw a party to remember!

42 Fantastic Cowboy Themed Party Ideas You'll Enjoy!

42 Fantastic Cowboy Themed Party Ideas You’ll Enjoy!

Check out all the cool ideas we’ve rounded up, such as sheriff badge cookies and wanted sign photo booth frames! Don’t forget to play country music to create the perfect wild west ambiance!

1. ‘Wanted’ Cowboy Party Invitation

To kick off all our western-themed party ideas, we have this fun ‘wanted poster’ party invitation.

It’s perfect for inviting all your family and friends to your big celebration.

Get them out as soon as possible so you can start planning your birthday party.

Wanted Cowboy Party Invitation

2. Wild West Digital Party Invitation

Invite your party guests to your classic cowboy birthday party with this awesome cowboy-themed digital party invitation.

They are a lot easier to get out and are just as much fun. Your guests will be RSVPing the second they get theirs!

Wild West Digital Party Invitation

3. Cowboy Dessert Table

This cowboy dessert table is fantastic!

The saloon door backdrop fits in perfectly with the theme, and the cowboy-inspired party decorations really bring this dessert table to life.

Cowboy Dessert Table

4. Western Rodeo Dessert Party

Treat your little cowboy to an awesome western-themed dessert table that will transport everyone to the wild West.

The personalized ‘wanted poster’ backdrop is an incredible party decoration, and so on theme!

Western Rodeo Dessert Party

5. Cowboy Birthday Cake

You’re gonna love this wonderful birthday cake designed to look like cowboy gear.

This tiered birthday cake has a bottom denim jean tier, a middle cow print tier, and is topped with an amazing red bandanna and cowboy hat.

Perfect for your cowboy party, wouldn’t you say?

Cowboy Birthday Cake

6. Cactus Birthday Cake

Check out this next great cake! You don’t need to go all out and spend a fortune creating an impressive show stopper when you can decorate a regular birthday cake with some printable cactus and top with a cowboy.

It’s so quick and easy to set up and is just as wonderful!

Cactus Birthday Cake

7. Rodeo 1st Birthday Cake

There are so many great ideas for birthday cakes out there but this next one will completely blow you away!

Trust me, your little cowboy would be over the moon with a birthday cake like this one.

Decorated all over with fondant cowboy-inspired elements, such as stacks of hay, a wanted poster, and a saloon, to name just a few, this birthday cake is absolutely mind-blowing!

Rodeo 1st Birthday Cake

8. Cowboy Cookies

Take a look at this wonderful collection of cowboy-inspired cookies.

There are so many cookies to choose from that your guests will have a hard time deciding which ones to dig into.

They can pick anything from a cowboy hat to a barrel!  

Cowboy Cookies

9. Wild West Cookies

Treat the birthday boy to some fun wild west inspired cookies!

How cool would it be to have a whole set? You could have a general store, a sheriff’s office, a bank, a saloon, and so much more…

Wild West Cookies

10. Sherif Star Cookies

If you are looking for more fun cookies for your cowboy party then you don’t want to miss these!

Fill a plate with Sheriff badge cookies for the ultimate cowboy experience.

They are a great way to add some on theme cookies to your party.

Sherif Star Cookies

11. Cowboy Cupcakes

Complete the western look with some irresistible cowboy cupcakes!

Everyone loves a cupcake, so how about serving your guests these awesome cowboy-inspired ones, topped with fondant cactus, cowboy, and more…

Cowboy Cupcakes

12. Money Bag Cake Pops

If you are looking for ideas for cupcakes then you really don’t want to miss these!

How much fun are these money bag cake pops? It’s such a cool idea and they’ll look fabulous on your dessert table.

Money Bag Cake Pops

13. Chocolate Sherif Badges

This next party food idea is sure to be a hit with your guests. Who can say no to chocolate?

Place some sheriff badge chocolate lollipops into some small stacks of hay, and you’ve got yourself a swell party food for your cowboy birthday.

Chocolate Sherif Badges

14. Bale of Hay Krispie Treats

If you are looking for a simple party food idea for your cowboy party, how about serving your guests some bales of hay?

Not actual bales of hay, but stacked Krispie Treats tied with some string to look like bales of hay!

Hay Stack Krispie Treats

15. Cowboy Grub

If you are having a cowboy party then you must have some cowboy western party foods.

Create a buffet table with a bunch of yummy foods for your guests to help themselves to.

Serve your party guests classics such as fried chicken with a side of potato salad and corn. Be prepared to make lots cause they’ll all be wanting more.

Cowboy Grub

16. Cowboy Quencher

Treat your family and friends to some refreshing drinks, such as this cowboy quencher at your wild west party.

Place a ‘watering hole’ sign to let your guests know precisely where they can cool off.

Cowboy Quencher

17. Cowboy Table Settings

Check out these awesome cowboy-inspired table settings.

Use a red gingham tablecloth and decorate your table with a fun-themed placemat and some bandana napkins.

You could serve your drinks in mason jars if you have a bunch of empty ones lying around the house.

Cowboy Table Settings

18. Red Bandana Paper Plates

These red bandana paper plates are a great addition to your table settings and will look fantastic at your cowboy party!

Red Bandana Paper Plates

19. Printable Cowboy Activity Placemats

Another great addition are these printable cowboy activity placemats.

It isn’t easy to keep kids entertained, especially while they are sitting down waiting for party food, so to help pass the time, and keep them occupied, have your guests do this cowboy-themed activity sheet.

Don’t forget to add some crayons too!

Printable Cowboy Activity Placemat

20. Cowboy Centrepiece

Bring the old west to your cowboy party with a fantastic centerpiece like this one.

Decorate with a sack of money, a wanted poster, a toy gun, and a bandana and you are good to go!

Cowboy Centrepiece

21. Cowboy Boot Centerpiece

Another fun idea for a centerpiece at your rustic-themed cowboy party is to fill some cowboy boots with some floral arrangements.

They’ll look beautiful decorating your party!

Cowboy Boot Centrepiece

22. Hay Bale Seating

If you are stuck for seating and have access to some hay bales why not use them instead?

They’ll look incredible around a table and are totally on theme.

If you are afraid the hay may be a little uncomfortable cover each bale with a blanket.

Hay Stack Seating

23. Cowboy Hat Chair Decor

If you are using chairs as seating how about decorating each one with a cowboy hat?

They’ll make a cool party decoration and are also an awesome photo booth prop and party favor too!

Cowboy Hat Chair Decor

24. Cowboy Barrel Seating

Again, if you want something a little different what about using barrels as seating instead?

They’ll look so cool and will give your party the perfect cowboy vibe.

Decorate each one with a cowboy hat for your guest to wear during your party!

Cowboy Barrel Seating

25. Wild West Printable Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests to your cowboy party with a wild west-inspired welcome sign.

It’s a cool party decoration to place at the entrance of your venue, or beside your dessert table.

Wild West Printable Welcome Sign

26. Cowboy Sign Party Decor

Another fun party decoration to have at your cowboy-themed party is a western-inspired party sign.

It’s a great addition that will help create a western ambiance for your guests.

You can signal the bank, saloon, jail, and anyplace else that comes to mind!

Cowboy Sign Party Decor

27. ‘Wanted’ Poster Party Decoration

A must-have party decoration for a cowboy-themed party is obviously a personalized wanted poster.

Place it behind your dessert table, or as the backdrop to your photo booth.

'Wanted' Poster Party Decoration

28. Cowboy-Inspired Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are the ultimate party decoration! They are so on-trend right now and are perfect for framing a dessert table.

So how about decorating your wild west-themed party with this fun cowboy-inspired party decoration?

Use it to decorate your dessert table or even your photo booth.

Cowboy-Inspired Balloon Garland

29. Western Party Decorations

Check out this wonderful party decoration for your cowboy party!

You’ll need a wagon wheel, a bale of hay, and a large cutout cactus, (that I’m sure your kids will love to work on).

It will look really cool placed anywhere throughout your party and transport your guests to the old wild west.

Western Party Decorations

30. Hay Bales Party Decoration

This excellent themed prop party decoration is really simple to put together.

You’ll need a couple of bales of hay, some ornamental chickens or roosters, some wagon wheels, and a toy tractor.

Feel free to add or remove any of the items. Use whatever you can get your hands on!

Hay Bales Party Decoration

31. Cactus Balloon Decorations

Balloons are really big at the moment which is why this cactus plant party decoration is just what you need for your party!

Add it to your other cowboy decorations to recreate your very own wild west.

Cactus Balloon Decorations

32. Printable Cowboy Bingo

Your guests are going to have lots of fun playing a game of cowboy bingo!

It’s a great way to keep kids entertained and really easy to set up.

All you need to do is download and print out the bingo cards, assemble and you are good to go!


Printable Cowboy Bingo

33. Cactus Ring Toss

Kids love a go at ring toss so give the game a cowboy vibe by making it a cactus ring toss.

If you are handy at some DIY this should be pretty simple to put together.

You’ll need to shape a large sheet of wood into a cactus. Place some hooks throughout and paint it green. Get some small hoops and you are good to go!

Don’t forget to draw a line on the floor so your guests will know where to stand.

Cactus Ring Toss

34. Saloon Tin Can Alley Showdown

Another fun cowboy-themed part activity is a tin can alley saloon booth.

Stack up a tower of tin cans in a pyramid shape and let your guests’ can have a go at throwing bean bags at them to knock them down.

The kids are going to have a blast!

Saloon Tin Can Alley Showdown

35. Personalized ‘Pin the Mustache’ Party Activity

A party activity that’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh is a fun game of ‘Pin the Mustache’.

Each player has to have a go at pinning the mustache in the right stop while blindfolded. Whoever gets it closest wins!

The best bit about this party activity is that it’s personalized with a photo of the birthday boy!

Personalised 'Pin the Mustache' Party Activity

36. Hobby Horse Party Activity

If you are still looking for that perfect fun activity for your cowboy party, maybe a hobby horse race is what you are looking for.

Treat all your guests to their own hobby horse and have them race each other.

They also double up as wonderful photo booth props and party favors.

Hobby Horse Party Activity

37. Cowboy Boot Piñata

There’s no better kids’ party activity than a pinata, and because we are talking about cowboy-themed parties how cool is this cowboy boot pinata?

Your guests will have so much fun beating it to bits and watching all the candy fall from the sky and don’t forget… it’s a great party decoration too!

Cowboy Boot Piñata

38. ‘Wanted’ Photo Booth Frame

Photo booths are always one of the high points of a party.

It’s a great excuse for everyone to fool around while you take photos and make treasured memories.

This ‘wanted poster’ photo booth frame is just what you need at your western-style party!

'Wanted' Photo Booth Frame

39. Rodeo Photo Booth Frame

Another awesome idea for a western-themed party photo booth is a cutout cowboy and saloon girl.

Your guests are going to have a ball, so make sure you take as many photos as you can and send them to your guests after the party.

Cowboy and Saloon Girl Cutout Photo Booth

40. Cowboy Bandana

Red bandanas were worn by cowboys as a mask to filter the dust when riding behind cattle.

They are really easy to find so why not offer each of your guests one as a party favor or a photo booth prop to wear during your party?

Red Cowboy Bandana

41. Cowboy Money Bag Party Favors

It can be pretty tough thinking up a fun party favor that will put a smile on all of your guests’ faces.

Treat them to their very own money bag full of gold chocolate coins. All you need are some white bags that you can paint with a dollar sign stencil.

They’ll look really cool and again can be used as a photo booth prop!

Bags of Gold Party Favors

42 Cowboy Boot Party Favor

To finish off we have a party favor package your guests will love!

Fill a plastic cowboy boot with a bunch of goodies and top with a tightly fitting cowboy hat. Tie a pretty ribbon with a fun label and you’re done!

Cowboy Boot Party Favor

We have more wonderful ideas for cowboy-themed parties and cowboy-themed party supplies.

Need more boy party theme ideas?

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