40 Best Bluey Birthday Party Ideas to Wow Your Guests! (2024)

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Planning a Bluey-themed birthday party for your little one? You’re in for a fun and colorful adventure!

Bluey, the lovable pup from the hit children’s show and its beloved episodes, have captured the hearts of kids everywhere, making it a popular party theme for both boy birthdays and girl birthdays.

From vibrant decorations to exciting games, planning your ultimate Bluey birthday is easier than you think.

Top 40 Bluey Birthday Party Ideas for a Fun Celebration!

In this post, we’ll share the ultimate Bluey party ideas to help you create a fantastic celebration. Whether you’re looking for creative DIY decorations, themed snacks, or engaging activities, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to throw a party that your child and their friends will talk about for years to come!

Reasons to Love These Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

  • Immersive Decorations: Step into Bluey’s world with vibrant and interactive decorations.
  • Fun Games and Activities: Keep kids entertained with activities that celebrate friendship and imagination.
  • Delicious Treats: Enjoy tasty snacks and treats that bring the Bluey theme to life.
  • Creative DIY Crafts: Let creativity flourish with easy-to-make crafts that enhance the party atmosphere.
  • Memorable Favors: Send party guests home with keepsakes that remind them of the joyous celebration.

Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

1: Pink Bluey Party Invitation

Kick off your little girl’s Bluey-themed party with a splash of pink to set a joyful and whimsical tone!

These adorable invitations are perfect for getting your guests excited about the upcoming fun-filled celebration.

Pink Bluey Party Invitation

2: Blue Bluey Party Invitation

If your little boy also loves Bluey then how about starting his Bluey-themed celebration with a classic blue-themed party invitation that screams excitement and adventure!

These invites are sure to thrill your little ones and their friends as they eagerly await the party.

Blue Bluey Party Invitation

3: Bluey Pool Party Invitation

Throwing a Bluey-themed pool party this summer? Then make a splash with these Bluey pool party invitations that promise a day of water-filled fun and games!

Perfect for summer birthdays, these invites will get everyone ready for a refreshing and playful celebration.

Bluey Pool Party Invitation

4: Animated Digital Bluey Party Invitation

Bring your party invites to life with animated digital Bluey invitations that add a modern and captivating touch!

These eco-friendly invites are easy to send and ensure that your guests get a delightful and memorable preview of the fun to come.

Animated Digital Bluey Party Invitation

5: Bluey Dessert Table

Transform your party with a Bluey dessert table that’s bursting with colorful treats and themed goodies!

Incorporate a vibrant color scheme and decorate with an on-trend balloon garland. Add some Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli cut-outs for an additional pop of whimsy and charm that will delight both kids and adults alike!

Bluey Dessert Table

6: Pastel Bluey Dessert Table

Create a charming and serene atmosphere with a pastel Bluey dessert table, featuring soft colors and delicious treats.

Add a balloon garland and a bunch of Bluey and her friends cut-outs for a whimsical touch.

Pastel Bluey Dessert Table

7: Bluey Birthday Cake

Wow your guests with an impressive Bluey birthday cake!

Decorate with some Bluey fondant cake decorations to recreate this amazing birthday cake!

Bluey Birthday Cake

8: Bluey 1st Birthday Cake

Celebrate your little one’s first year with a Bluey 1st birthday cake, specially designed for such a milestone occasion!

Decorate with some tiny fondant puppy dog paws and bones, and add a Bluey and Bingo topper.

This adorable cake is sure to be sweet and unforgettable part of your child’s big day.

Bluey 1st Birthday Cake

9: Bluey and Bingo Pink Disco Ball Birthday Cake

Add some sparkle to your kids birthday celebration with a wonderful pink Bluey and Bingo cake decorated with pastel coloured frosting swirls, and disco balls!

This cake will surely dazzle and delight your guests, making your party shine.

Bluey and Bingo Pink Disco Ball Birthday Cake

10: Bluey Cake Topper

Top off your store bought or home baked birthday cake with a Bluey cake topper to add a fun and festive touch to your dessert!

It’s an easy and effective way to incorporate the beloved character into your party theme, with no hassle!

 Bluey Cake Topper

11: Bluey Cookies

Serve up some sweet treats, such as these Bluey cookies that are as cute as they are delicious, making them a perfect party treat!

These themed cookies will be a hit with guests of all ages, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Bluey Cookies

12: Bluey Cupcakes Toppers

Decorate your cupcakes with some Bluey cupcake toppers featuring your favorite characters to give them a fun and personalized touch! 

These toppers are a simple yet delightful way to tie your treats into the party theme.

Bluey Cupcakes Toppers

13: Mini Pavlovas

Indulge your guests with mini pavlovas that offer a light and airy treat, perfect for any Bluey-themed party.

These delightful Australian desserts are a sophisticated yet fun addition to your party table, celebrating Bluey’s heritage and adding an authentic touch to the party festivities.

Mini Pavlovas

14: Bluey Welcome Poster

Greet your guests with a personalised Bluey welcome poster that sets the tone for a fun-filled party right from the entrance!

This vibrant poster is a great way to make everyone feel excited and welcome.

Bluey Welcome Poster

15: Bluey Milestone Poster

Celebrate all of your child’s special moments with a Bluey milestone poster, showcasing the highlights of the past year.

This wonderful decoration is both a keepsake and a conversation starter for your guests.

Bluey Milestone Poster

16: Bluey Foil Balloon

Add some festive flair to your kid’s birthday party with a Bluey balloons that will cheer to your venue!

They are perfect for effortlessly creating a lively atmosphere that kids will love.

Bluey Foil Balloon

17: Bingo Foil Balloon

Complement your Bluey decorations with a orange Bingo foil balloon to include Bluey’s lovable sister in the fun!

This balloon adds variety and extra joy to your party decor.

Bingo Foil Balloon

18: Bluey Daisy Balloon Garland

Create a stunning display with a Bluey daisy balloon garland that brings a pop of color and whimsy to your event!

This garland is a beautiful backdrop for photos and adds a festive touch to your decorations.

Bluey Daisy Balloon Garland

19: Bluey Banner

Hang a Bluey banner to instantly transform your party space into a Bluey wonderland!

This banner is an easy way to add a celebratory vibe that everyone will enjoy.

Bluey Banner

20: Bluey Backdrop Decal

Decorate your dessert table with a Bluey backdrop decal by adding a themed touch to your party area.

You can also use it as a photo booth backdrop to make your party photos pop and provide a fun background for all your activities.

Bluey Backdrop Decal

21: Bluey Table Settings

Create a delightful Bluey-themed wonderland with vibrant plates, fresh flowers, and mini disco balls, making your table setup cheerful and festive.

The pastel-colored plates adorned with Bluey character cutouts add a fun and whimsical touch to the celebration.

Bluey Table Settings

22: Bluey-Themed Dog Bowls and Bone-Shaped Bottles

Create a fun and unique drink station with Bluey-themed dog bowls and bone-shaped bottles.

Personalized with each child’s name, these playful drink containers add a creative touch to your party, ensuring kids stay hydrated in style.

Bluey-Themed Dog Bowls and Bone-Shaped Bottles

23: Bluey Paper Plates

Create a cohesive look with some Bluey tableware, complete with Bluey-themed plates, cups, and napkins.

These settings make it easy to bring the Bluey theme to your dining area and delight your guests.

Bluey Paper Plates

24: Bluey Cups

Serve drinks in style with some Bluey (plastic) cups. They are a practical and festive addition to your party tableware.

These cups feature bright and fun Bluey designs, perfect for adding a pop of color to your party and making drink time extra special for the kids.

Bluey Cups

25: Printable Placemat Activity Sheet

Enhance your table settings with some printable placemat activity sheets featuring Bluey and her friends.

These sheets can include puzzles, mazes, and a coloring section, offering a fun and interactive element to the Bluey party meal time.

Printable Placemat Activity Sheet

26: Bluey Coloring Station

Set up a Bluey coloring station where kids can express their creativity with Bluey coloring pages and crayons.

This engaging activity is perfect for keeping little hands busy and provides a fun keepsake for guests to take home.

Bluey Coloring Station

27: Printable Bluey Bingo Game

Keep the fun going with a printable bingo game that features Bluey and friends, ensuring everyone stays entertained.

This classic game gets a fun twist, making it perfect for a birthday celebration.

Printable Bluey Bingo Game

28: Bob Bilby Piñata

Add some excitement to your party with a Bob Bilby piñata, packed with treats and surprises!

This fun game is sure to be a hit, offering fun and anticipation for all the kids.

Bob Bilby Piñata

29: Bluey Piñata

Bring more fun with a Bluey piñata that promises a smashing good time filled with candy and toys!

It’s an activity that will keep your guests entertained and delighted.

Bluey Piñata

30: Pink Girl Bluey T-Shirt

Dress your little one in a pink girl Bluey t-shirt for a stylish and thematic outfit that’s perfect for the party!

This shirt is both comfortable and cute, making it a great choice for celebrating in style.

Pink Girl Bluey T-Shirt

31: Blue Boy Bluey T-Shirt

Get your birthday boy a blue boy Bluey t-shirt to match the party theme and make him feel special!

This fun t-shirt is perfect for the big day and beyond.

Blue Boy Bluey T-Shirt

32: Bluey ‘Pin the Tail’ Party Activity

Engage your guests with a Bluey pin the tail party activity, a fun twist on the classic game.

This activity is sure to bring laughter and smiles as your guests try their best to pin the tail on Bluey.

 Bluey 'Pin the Tail' Party Activity

33: Bluey Cookie Painting Party Activity

Let creativity flow with a Bluey cookie painting party activity, where kids can color in some Bluey characters.

This interactive activity combines fun and tasty treats for a memorable experience.

Bluey Cookie Painting Party Activity

34: Adopt a Floppy

Give your guests a unique favor with an ‘Adopt a Floppy’ station, where they can take home their very own plush toy.

This adorable idea adds a personal touch and a lasting memory of the party.

Adopt a Floppy

35: Bluey Party Favor Charms

Send your guests home with some Bluey-theme party favor charms for their Crocs, a cute and collectible keepsake they’ll love.

These charms are a fun way to thank your friends for joining the celebration.

Bluey Party Favor Charms

36: Bluey and Bingo Plush

Delight your little guests with a personalized Bluey and Bingo plush toys, perfect for cuddles and play.

These plushies make fantastic party favors or prizes, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile.

Bluey and Bingo Plush

37: Bluey and Bingo Party Favor Bracelets

Offer Bluey and Bingo party favor bracelets as a fun and wearable gift for your guests.

These bracelets are sure to be a hit with kids, making them a great addition to your party favors.

Bluey and Bingo Party Favor Bracelet

38: Bluey Party Favor Sunglasses

Give out Bluey party favor sunglasses for a cool and practical gift that kids will love.

These shades are perfect for outdoor parties and add a fun touch to your goodie bags.

Bluey Party Favor Sunglasses

39: Bluey Party Favors Bags

Complete your Bluey party with some themed Bluey party favor bags, perfect for holding all the special treats and toys.

These colorful and fun bags will make your guests excited to see what’s inside and are a great way to tie the whole party theme together.

Bluey Party Favors Bags

40: Bluey Party Favor Tags

Add a personal touch to your party favors with Bluey party favor tags.

These cute and customizable tags can be attached to any gift or goodie bag, providing a special thank you to each guest for celebrating with you.

Bluey Party Favor Tags

Bluey Birthday Party FAQs

How can I create a Bluey-themed atmosphere for a party?

Incorporate decorations featuring characters like Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli. Use a color palette inspired by the show’s bright and playful tones, including blues, greens, and yellows. Balloon garlands and cut-outs of the characters can add an extra touch of whimsy and excitement.

What activities can I plan for a Bluey-themed party?

Plan activities that mirror the playful spirit of Bluey and her family. Consider games such as “Keepy Uppy” (where kids keep a balloon in the air) or “Magic Xylophone” (a musical game inspired by the show’s magical moments). You could also organize a scavenger hunt themed around the characters’ adventures or storytelling sessions based on favorite Bluey episodes.

How can I serve food that fits the Bluey theme?

For a Bluey-themed party, consider serving snacks that playfully reference the show. Offer “Fruit Bat” skewers (fruit skewers), “Dad’s BBQ” sandwiches (mini BBQ sliders), or “Bluey’s Biscuits” (decorated cookies). Use themed tableware featuring Bluey characters to enhance the party theme.

Any ideas for Bluey-themed party favors?

Delight your young guests with Bluey-themed party favors such as mini plush toys of Bluey and Bingo, themed stickers, coloring books, or even custom-made badges featuring their favorite characters. These favors not only serve as mementos but also extend the fun and excitement of the party beyond the celebration itself.

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