28 On-Trend Teen Birthday Party Ideas!

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If you are planning a birthday party for a teen, don’t miss all the 28 on-trend teen birthday party ideas we have rounded up. This will help you throw your favorite teen a party to remember! We’ve got both boy birthday ideas and girl birthday ideas.

Each one of these teen birthday party ideas is guaranteed to blow you away!

28 On-Trend Teen Birthday Party Ideas!

We have so many awesome teen party ideas for you to choose from, such as a Fortnight party, a TikTok party, a boho party, and so much more…


28 On-Trend Teen Birthday Party Ideas!


1. Sleepover Parties

Sleepovers are so popular that everyone seems to be throwing them nowadays.

It’s the perfect theme for smaller groups of best friends, where the girls get to stay up late catching up on gossip and pampering themselves.

Be sure to decorate your teepees with a gorgeous balloon garland and some fairy lights, and don’t miss all our different sleepover party themes. You are bound to find the ideal one right here!

Take a look at these wonderful sleepover party supplies.

Sleepover birthday party

2. Boho Parties

A boho teen birthday party is a perfect theme for anyone who loves a whimsical party with a feminine touch.

Decorate with some DIY dreamcatchers, flowers, magical fairy lights, and some comfy floor cushions!

Take a look at these wonderful boho birthday party supplies.

Boho Chic birthday party

3. Mermaid Parties

Mermaids continue to mesmerize many teens and even grown-up women!

We’ve so many fabulous ideas for mermaid parties, food, cakes, party favors, and even mermaid activities, that you’ll be spoiled for choice!

The perfect way to celebrate if you are throwing it in the summer is definitely with a pool party!

Don’t miss these fantastic mermaid birthday party supplies and our free mermaid party printables to decorate your party!

Mermaid birthday party

4. Rainbow Parties

You don’t have to be a little kid to love a rainbow party.

Take it up a notch and throw a boho rainbow-inspired one instead. Make sure you have a floor table with beautiful table settings and some comfy cushions to give it a more teenage vibe!

Take a look at these wonderful rainbow birthday party supplies.

Rainbow birthday party

5. Tea Parties

The best thing about becoming a teen is finally being treated like a young adult instead of a child.

Add some sophistication to your special day with an elegant tea party with an assortment of fine teas, pretty sandwiches, scones, and delicious pastries.

Take a look at these stunning tea party birthday party supplies and download our tea party printable for FREE!!

Tea Party birthday party

6. TikTok Parties

Teens girls could literally spend the whole day glued to their cell phones on TikTok perfecting their dances and scrolling through memes if we let them!

The social media app is such a massive hit with girls and we’ve so many TikTok party ideas, cake ideas, gift ideas and so much more to help you plan an unforgettable party!

Take a look at these wonderful TikTok birthday party supplies and download our FREE TikTok party printables.

TikTok birthday party

7. Garden Parties

Treat your party guests to a whimsical-themed garden party with beautiful floral decorations, butterflies, and maybe even some cute birds.

If you can’t throw it outside, don’t let that stop you. Once you’ve decorated your space your guests will actually believe they are in a garden!

Take a look at these whimsical garden birthday party supplies.

Garden birthday party

8. Parisian Parties

There’s not a teenage girl out there that doesn’t dream of one day visiting the city of lights?

A Parisian-themed party is such a good idea if you have a teen obsessed with everything French, from croissants to stylish fashion.

It’s such a stylish theme that is so elegant and feminine. Before you know it everyone at the party will be speaking French!

Don’t miss these sophisticated Parisian birthday party supplies, and indulge in all these fabulous Parisian party decorations and party ideas!

Parisian birthday party

9. Sweet 16 Parties

Our teen years are such an important part of our life and turning 16 is one of those key moments that we all cherish.

Bring friends and family together to celebrate this important milestone and throw a sweet 16 that your teen will be able to look back on with such affection.

We’ve got you covered if you are stuck on a sweet 16 party theme. Be sure to also take a look at all our ideas for some sweet 16 gifts, invitations, and party favors!

Don’t miss these beautiful Sweet 16 birthday party supplies.

Sweet 16 Birthday party

10. Quinceanera Parties

If instead, your teenager is turning 15 then you may very well be celebrating a quinceanera.

We’ll help you find the perfect quinceanera party theme, as well as give you a bunch of good ideas for quinceanera gifts too!

Don’t miss these beautiful quinceanera birthday party supplies.

Quinceanera Birthday party

11. Movie Night Parties

Roll out the red carpet and treat all your party guests to a fun night at the movies with a movie night-inspired teen party!

There’s something so magical about a night at the movies, so how about creating your own outdoor movie night, under the stars, with comfy floor cushions and lots of popcorn and candy?

Take a look at all our fantastic movie night party supplies that we’ve rounded up and decorate your party with our FREE movie night party printables.

Movie Night Birthday party

12. Disco Parties

Everyone loves a dance party! They are a lot of fun and perfect for a teenage celebration.

Decorate your party venue with disco balls and silver streamers to create an idyllic dance floor filled with great music.

Take things up a notch and throw some karaoke in there too! Your guests are going to have a ball!

Don’t miss these fantastic disco birthday party supplies.

Disco birthday party

13. Neon Parties

Another really popular teen party theme are neon/glow in the dark parties.

Grab some glow sticks, fluorescent party decorations, and a black light, and throw a party celebration to remember!

Check out these amazing neon birthday party supplies.

Neon birthday party

14. Spa Parties

Teenage girls love pampering, so how about throwing a spa-themed party for your teen and her close friends?

Treat them all to the ultimate spa experience with face masks, manicures, etc…

Take a look at these fabulous spa birthday party supplies and decorate your party with our FREE spa party printables!

Spa birthday party

15. Luau Parties

With so many teenage birthday parties to choose from, we can’t not mention luau parties! Especially if you are celebrating during the summer.

Take your guests to tropical shores with non-alcoholic cocktails, tropical fruits and flowers, and pretty grass skirts. We have a bunch of other incredible luau party ideas you won’t want to miss!

Don’t miss these fantastic luau birthday party supplies and impressive luau party invitations!

Luau birthday party

16. Harry Potter Parties

The perfect way for a Harry Potter fan to celebrate their birthday would most definitely be with a Harry Potter-themed party!

If you are uninspired, check out all our Harry Potter party ideas and treat everyone to a good time with a screening of a Harry Potter movie.

Don’t miss these fun Harry Potter birthday party supplies.

Harry Potter birthday party



17. Superhero Parties

Great Marvel and DC movies and tv shows have given a whole generation of young boys and teens a bunch of superheroes they can look up to and admire for their incredible superpowers.

If your kid fits this bill I don’t think you have any other choice than to throw a superhero party!

Use our FREE superhero party printables to decorate your party, and make sure you take a look at our cool superhero party ideas for more inspiration.

Don’t miss these superhero birthday party supplies.

Superhero birthday party

18. Fortnite Parties

Die-hard Fortnite fans would go crazy at the idea of having a Fortnite-themed birthday party.

Decorate with as many Fortnite-themed party decorations as you can find, such as our FREE Fortnite party printables,and be sure to check out all our awesome Fortnite birthday cake ideas too!

Check out these amazing Fortnite birthday party supplies.

Fortnite birthday party

19. Minecraft Parties

Chances are if your kid loves playing video games he’ll love Minecraft too!

Minecraft parties are really popular on CatchMyParty.com and we’ve so many cool Minecraft party ideas to help inspire you.

Be sure to go through all our Minecraft party activity ideas, as well as our Minecraft party favors too!

Don’t miss these lovely Minecraft birthday party supplies 

Minecraft birthday party

20. Nerf Parties

If your son loves having Nerf Wars you can bet he’ll love a Nerf-themed party.

Create DIY targets, serve Nerf-inspired party food, and decorate with a bunch of Nerf-themed party decorations and you are good to go!

The ultimate party activity at a teen Nerf party is undoubtedly a Nerf War, right?!

Take a look at these fabulous Nerf birthday party supplies.

Nerf birthday party

21. Surf Parties

If your teen loves nothing more than to catch some waves then a surfing-themed party is the perfect party theme!

Make it a beach party, serve lots of ice cream and treat all your guests to a fun surf lesson.

Don’t miss these fun surf birthday party supplies.

Surf birthday party

22. Videogame Parties

Kids these days can’t seem to get enough of video games. Be it Fortnite, Minecraft, or Sonic the Hedgehog, to name just a few, teens can literally spend hours glued to their devices, computers, and consoles.

If your teenager loves a bunch of different games then maybe you could throw him a video game-themed party instead of basing it on just one game.

Don’t miss these fun video game birthday party supplies.

Videogame birthday party

23. Spider-Man Parties

Of all the superheroes out there Spider-Man is, without a doubt, one of the most popular them all. There’s something about the web-slinging superhero that entices kids into his web.

Treat your teen to his very own Spider-Man party, inspired by this fun-loving comic character.

Be sure to check out all the awesome Spider-Man party supplies we’ve rounded up to help you save time!

Spider-Man birthday party

24. Star Wars Parties

With the release of so many excellent shows like Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the more recent Andor, the Star Wars franchise just keeps on giving.

If your kid dreams of a galaxy far, far away then you just got to throw them a Star Wars party!

Use our FREE Star Wars party printables to decorate your party and check out the delicious Star Wars toffee and Star Wars chocolate candy recipes.

We have a bunch of cool Star Wars party ideas you won’t want to miss and fun Star Wars party supplies too!

Star Wars birthday party

25. Soccer Parties

Some kids around the world enjoy nothing more than a game of soccer (or Football as it’s known everywhere other than the USA), which is why a soccer-themed birthday is guaranteed to be a hit.

There are so many boys, and even some girls, that have so much fun kicking around a ball, so make one of their wishes come true with a soccer-inspired birthday party to die for!

Don’t miss these fun soccer birthday party supplies.

Soccer birthday party

26. Football Parties

There are so many cool teen birthday party ideas to choose from that sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect one.

A classic game of football can be so exhilarating for so many of us so why not treat your teen to a jam-packed fun football party?

We have a bunch of yummy football-inspired recipes that are perfect for your party, such as some football cupcakes, some football whoopie pies, and some football brownies.

Be sure to download and decorate with our FREE football party printables!

Don’t miss these excellent football birthday party supplies.

Football birthday party

27. Basketball Parties

Another theme that is tons of fun and perfect for a teenage birthday party is a basketball one!

Base it on your kid’s favorite player, team, or even pair of sneakers. There’s really no way you can go wrong!

Don’t miss these basketball birthday party supplies.

Basketball birthday party

28. Science Parties

Our teenage years are such a special period in our lives. At this age, kids grow out of childish party themes and start having other interests. Some can’t get enough of sports or video games, and others delve into the world of science!

If you have a mad scientist around the house, turn science can be a fun party theme.

Take a look at these fabulous science birthday party supplies.

Science birthday party

For more inspiration, check out all our awesome teen birthday party ideas, and check out these teen birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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