Check Out These Awesome 14 Fun Circus Party Games!

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Circus and carnival parties are so much fun and such a popular theme on It's a great party theme for both girls and boys!

If you're planning on hosting one and need ideas for circus party games, look no further. here are some of our favorites!

Check Out These Awesome 14 Fun Circus Party Games!

Just take your pick from a bunch of fantastic circus parties favorites such as a Duck Pond Game, a Ping Pong Toss, a circus slam dunk, and a balloon shoot, to name just a few!

Check Out These Awesome 14 Fun Circus Party Games!

1: Balloon Shoot

Start off the fun at your circus party with a game of balloon shoot.

Hang a bunch of colorful balloons and leave some darts out for your guests to have a go at seeing who can pop the most balloons!

Balloon Shoot

2: Circus Activity Pad 

Keeping kids entertained at a party isn't always easy, but you can rest assured that this awesome circus-themed activity pad will do the job.

Make your own by downloading a bunch of printable circus-themed games such as mazes, coloring in, tic tac toe, etc... and putting them all together to create a little booklet.

Don't forget to include a pack of coloring pencils too!

Circus Activity Pad 

3: Fishing Hole 

Treat your guests to a fun game of fishing hole!

Each player is given a magnetic fishing pole and has a go at catching a fish. When the fish is reeled in check the number to see what prize it corresponds to.

Fishing Hole

4: Ring Toss

Another classic carnival game is 'Ring Toss'!

Set up a couple of rows of bottles and dare your guests to throw a ring and have it land bang on a bottle to win a prize!

Ring Toss

5: Duck Pond Game

Kids love a try at the duck pond game. It's similar to the fishing hole game but with ducks.

It's pretty simple to prep. Just write matching numbers on the back of a bunch of plastic plates.

Glue a rubber duck to each plate with a hot glue gun and place them in a pond with some water and let them float around.

The aim is to catch a duck with a pole and find the matching hidden numbers on the bottom to win a prize!

Duck Pond Game

6: Guess the Jelly Beans

Another awesome way to entertain your guests is to fill a jar with an 'x' number of jelly beans (you must count them first!).

Let everyone have a go at trying to guess exactly how many are in the jar.

Whoever comes closest to the actual number wins the jar!

Guess the Jelly Beans

7: Ping Pong Toss

For more Carnivale fun treat your guests to a game of Ping Pong Toss.

Set up several rows of cups or jars and hand out 3 ping pong balls to each player.

Your guest must try to throw a ball into any of them they win a prize!

Ping Pong Toss

8: Slam Dunk

Everyone loves a go at basketball so how about setting up a game of Slam Dunk at your party?

Have your guests throw as many balls into the basketball hoop as they can to win.

The only rule is that the ball has to bounce once off the floor before getting into the basket.

9: Photo Booth with Props

Set the stage for the best circus party photos ever with some cool props.

Add a ringmaster hat and some fake circus strongman weights and snap away.

The result is going to be a laugh!

Photo Booth with Props

10: Tin Can Knock Down

Here's another circus party favorite!

Stack up a tower of cans in a  pyramid shape and let your guests' can have a go at throwing bean bags at them to knock them down.

Don't forget to draw a “stand behind” line in chalk so people know where to stand.

Tin Can Knock Down

11: Clown Cut Out

Make wonderful memories with the help of an awesome handmade photo booth clown cut out

It's a great way to keep the kids busy and actively participate in prepping for your party.

All you need it to get an old cardboard box so you can have them draw and paint a life-size clown on it.

Cut out where the face is going to appear and you're all done!

Clown Cut Out

12: Bean Bag Toss

Fill a basket with bean bags for your guests to pick up and use to play bean bag toss.

Points are gained when you throw your bean bag and are able to hit a certain number of points on the sheet.

Bean Bag Toss

13: Clown Noses

Fill a container with a bunch of clown noses so your guests can grab one and wear them at your party.

It's a great way to lighten the mood and add some laughs to your celebration!

Clown Noses

14: Prize Board

The best part of playing a game at a circus party is always the array of cool prizes you get to win.

Check out this awesome what to show them off!

All you need to do is set up a board filled with pegs and have the prizes clipped on.

Prize Board

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