23 Fantastic Mickey Mouse Party Favor Ideas!

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If you need inspiration for party favors for your Mickey Mouse birthday party, be sure to check out the 23 fantastic Mickey Mouse party favor ideas we’ve rounded up!

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse. This is why Mickey Mouse parties are such a popular theme for young boy birthdays. 

23 Excellent Mickey Mouse Party Favor Ideas!

We’ve found ideas for Mickey Mouse party favors, such as Mickey Mouse-themed crayons, coloring books, cookies, tumblers, and so much more!

23 Excellent Mickey Mouse Party Favor Ideas!

1: Mickey Mouse Magnet

Send your party guests home with a cute Mickey Mouse magnet to place on their fridge.

These personalized magnets are a great little keepsake and perfect if they love to collect fridge magnets!

Mickey Mouse Magnet

2: Mickey Mouse Crayons

Young kids love nothing more than sitting down and getting creative, so how about treating them to their very own box of Mickey Mouse crayons?

Each box includes 6 multicolor or solid color Mickey crayons for little artists to use to their heart’s content!

Mickey Mouse Crayons

3: Mickey Mouse Painting Kit

Another fun Mickey Mouse party favor for budding artists are these painting kits.

Each box includes a small paintbrush, a plaster mickey face or mickey hand, and 3 different colored paints.

Mickey Mouse Painting Kit

4: Mickey Mouse Soap

If you are looking for a cute idea that kids can use in the bathtub then take a look at this fun box of Mickey Mouse soap.

Perfect for little hands, each box comes with 3 different soaps in a wonderful choice of fragrances, such as vanilla, lavender, and coconut, to name just a few.

Mickey Mouse Soap

5: Mickey Mouse Tattoo

This next party favor idea is great for a Mickey Mouse-themed party.

Treat all your guests to a Mickey tattoo personalized with the party boy’s name.

You can be sure they’ll be wearing them proudly!

Mickey Mouse Tattoo

6: Mickey Mouse Tumbler

There are so many fun Mickey Mouse party supplies to choose from when it comes to picking out the perfect party favor.

Another awesome Mickey Mouse party favor idea are these tumblers covered in Mickey’s.

After such a memorable party the kids are gonna love going home with one!

Mickey Mouse Tumbler

7: Mickey Mouse Fidget Toy Keychains

Fidget toys have been a bit hit with kids so why not add one to their party favor bag?

These Mickey mouse keychain fidget toys are great for hanging on a backpack.

Mickey Mouse Fidget Toy Keychains

8: Mickey Mouse Silicone Wristbands

You could also add a Mickey mouse silicone wristband to your party favor bag.

They come in 3 different colors and 4 different designs so there’s something for everyone.

Mickey Mouse Silicone Wristbands

9: Mickey Mouse Keychain

Keychains are always a great party favor because they are cheap and kids love adding them to their backpacks.

These Mickey Mouse ones come in 3 different designs.

Mickey Mouse Keychain

10: Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

You can never have too many baseball caps, right?

Great for keeping kids out of the sun these Mickey Mouse ones are a must-have fashion accessory!

Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap

11: Mickey Mouse Candy

There’s not a kid out there that doesn’t love candy which is why candy can be an awesome party favor.

Treat your guests to a Mickey Mouse-themed tube full of Sixlets. They are beautifully designed and perfect for your party!

Mickey Mouse Candy

12: Mickey Mouse Pretzels

Who doesn’t love a pretzel?

Place a bunch of these Mickey Mouse pretzels in a small transparent bag. Tie them with a pretty ribbon and you are good to go!

Mickey Mouse Pretzels


13: Mickey Mouse Cookies

Some Mickey Mouse-themed party food can double up a party favor, as is the case with these personalized Mickey Mouse cookies.

There’s not a kid out there that won’t be dying for one, so add them to your goody bag!

Mickey Mouse Cookies


14: Mickey Mouse Candy

Jelly Belly Beans are such a fun candy and these Mickey Mouse-themed ones, in red, yellow, and black are no exception!

Once your guests open the packet at home, they’ll be gone in no time.

Mickey Mouse Candy

15: Mickey Mouse Puzzle

Puzzles can be so much fun. Not only are they a great way to keep kids entertained, but they are also wonderful at helping develop little minds.

Treat your party guests to their very own Mickey Mouse Club House-themed puzzle. They come in a cute little tin that can easily be transported.

Mickey Mouse Puzzle

16: Mickey Mouse Stamps

Crafty kids will go crazy with these Mickey Mouse stamps!

They’ll have so much fun with them and will be stamping from morning to night!

Mickey Mouse Stamps


17: Mickey Mouse Sticker Book

Stickers are even more popular than stamps, so treat everyone to a Mickey Mouse sticker book with over 350 stickers.

Mickey Mouse Sticker Book

They’ll be over the moon and will want to start sticking right away!18: Mickey Mouse Activity Book

On the other hand, you could treat them to a Mickey Mouse coloring and activity book instead.

Jam-packed with lots to do these activity books are a great party favor!

Mickey Mouse Activity Book

19: Mickey Mouse Pens

They’ll be needing a pen for their activity book, right?

So make sure you throw a Mickey Mouse-themed pen into each party favor bag too!

Mickey Mouse Pens

20: Mickey Mouse Slime

Playing with slime is so beneficial for kids! Not only does it provide an excellent tactile sensory experience, but it also helps develop little minds.

So how about sending your party guests home with a tube of Mickey Mouse slime? You can bet they are going to love it!

Mickey Mouse Slime

21: Mickey Mouse Smart Watch

For the ultimate party favor treat all your guests to their very own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse smart watch toy!

It features lights, realistic phone sounds, and Disney Mickey Mouse phrases. What more could they wish for?!

Mickey Mouse Smart Watch

22: Mickey Mouse Drawstring Party Favor Bag

Now that you’ve seen all our fantastic Mickey Mouse party favors you are going to need a Mickey Mouse party favor bag to put them all in.

This drawstring bag with a winking Mickey is so cute and perfect for all those Mickey Mouse goodies!

Mickey Mouse Drawstring Party Favor Bag

23: Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bag

Last, but not least, we have these excellent and totally on-theme Mickey Mouse ears party favor bags.

Place them all on a table at your Mickey Mouse party to impress all your guests!

Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bag


Need more Mickey Mouse party ideas?

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