Download These Awesome Free Superhero Party Printables!

by Jillian Leslie on

I can't wait to share this fun set of retro FREE Superhero Party Printables with you!

Superhero parties are some of the most popular parties on our site. With so many superhero movies out there, every kid wants to be a superhero these days!

Download Superhero Party Printables

If you are planning a superhero party, check out our fantastic 14 must-see Superhero party ideas, and Superhero cakes.

Hopefully, with these FREE superhero party printables, you can now throw your kid an awesome superhero party of their own.

Download Superhero Party Printables

Free Superhero Party Printables!

The collection includes everything you could ever need: superhero cupcake toppers, cake toppers, superhero invitations, party labels, superhero favor tags, straw flags, superhero welcome signs, a "happy birthday" banner, and tented cards.

Download These Awesome Free Superhero Party Printables!

Download Superhero Party Printables

Check out the individual superhero printable files.

Place these superhero 2" party circles on your cupcakes.

Free Superhero Party Printables - Cupcake Toppers

Stuck for invitations? We've got you covered. Check out these fab superhero party invitations.

Free Superhero Party Printables -Invitations

Decorate your party with this 'Boom' superhero welcome sign.

Free Superhero Party Printables - Welcome Sign

Stick these superhero water bottle labels onto some bottles. Superhero Party Free Printables - Water Bottle LabelsUse these superhero labels throughout your party.

Superhero Party Free Printables - Labels

These superhero straw flags are a great way to decorate individual party drinks.

Superhero Party Free Printables - Straw FlagsPlace this 'Happy Birthday' superhero banner on a wall.

Superhero Party Free Printable - Happy Birthday Banner

Download Superhero Party Printables

These superhero cake toppers are an easy way to create a show-stopper birthday cake.

Superhero Party Free Cake Topper Prntables

Use these superhero blank tented cards to label the party food.Superhero Party Free Printable Tented Cards

Take a look at these awesome superhero favor tags that you can use on our party favors.

Superhero Party Free Printable - Thanks You Cards

Included with our FREE superhero printables are some superhero tented cards.

Superhero Party Free Printable - Birthday Cards

Download Superhero Party Printables

For more inspiration, check out all the incredible superhero parties on our site!

Keep adding your superhero parties to Catch My Party! We love showing them off.

Our 5 Best Superhero Party Ideas

Now that you've got our fun FREE superhero party printables, check out our 5 best superhero parties for awesome party ideas!

1: Sunshine Parties' Comic Superhero Birthday Party

Use our FREE superhero party printables to recreate a fun superhero comic-themed party like this!

Celebrate all superheroes, from both Marvel and DC, and have a party to remember!

Comic Superhero Birthday Party

2: PekeLimón's Spiderman Birthday Party

Spiderman is one of Marvel's most popular superheroes.

So if you are a fan of the comics, and more importantly the movies, then you'll definitely want to throw a Spiderman party!

Spiderman Birthday Party

3: BienInvitado Eventos' Avengers Birthday Party

With so many superheroes out there it can be difficult to choose just one.

If this is your case how about treating your friends to an ultimate Avengers party featuring a large party of the Marvel universe?

Avengers Birthday Party

4: Lucilene C's Batman Birthday Party 

Batman is another incredibly popular superhero with a bunch of excellent movies, especially the latest The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

If you're a massive fan then don't miss out on the opportunity to throw a Batman-themed superhero party!

Batman Birthday Party 

5: Posh Party Bebes' Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Superheroes can be pretty inspirational for young girls too, which is why a Wonder Woman party is a great choice for a girl-themed party.

Other great female superheroes are Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch.

Wonder Woman Birthday Party


For more inspiration, check out all these fun superhero birthday party ideas on our site, and check out these superhero party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


Need Superhero party ideas?

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