50 Most DELICIOUS Cold Appetizers for Your Party (2024 Top Picks)

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We’ve searched high and low, and rounded up 50 delicious cold appetizer recipes that your guests will surely devour in minutes!

Cold appetizers are great for a party because you can make them in advance, and store them in the fridge until they need to be served.

Whether you’re orchestrating an adult birthday bash bursting with joy, gearing up for a fabulous 40th or 30th birthday extravaganza, or turning your bridal showers and engagement parties into gastronomic galas, our curated collection of easy cold appetizers is the ultimate party mood lifter.

Imagine summer soirees filled with sunny flavors, luau parties transporting you to a tropical paradise, baby showers turned into feasts for the senses, Sweet 16 celebrations transformed into bites of sheer delight, and Quinceañeras infused with cultural richness and tasty treats.

You’ll find perfect cold appetizer ideas, such as some antipasto kabobs, a lemon-chive goats cheese dip, some salami pinwheels, some fig and prosciutto crostini, and so many more cold finger foods!

50 Most Delicious Cold Appetizers for your Party!

1: French Pressed Sandwich Bites

These colorful French pressed sandwich bites look wonderful on a platter and are so easy to prepare.

You can follow the simple easy cold appetizer recipes and make these exact sandwiches, or if you are feeling creative, create your own combinations!

French Pressed Sandwich Bites

2: Vegan Pesto Pinwheels

These easy-to-make pinwheels are perfect as cold appetizers for a party, full of flavor and such a treat to serve.

Wrap fresh basil-infused pesto, white beans, and yummy veggies in flour tortillas to create these bite-sized wraps that are the perfect finger food for your party, along with some easy cold appetizers.

Vegan Pesto Pinwheels

3: Bacon and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

Trust me, just one quick bite of these amazing sweet bell peppers loaded with creamy goat’s cheese, and dotted with crispy bacon and red onion, will tantalize your guest’s taste buds.

Full of flavor, these stuffed mini peppers are colorful and will also look fantastic on a plater.

Bacon and Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

4: Greek Salad Stuffed Cucumber Bites

If you love some crunch you’ll love these refreshingly tasty Greek salad cucumber bites. They are hand down one of the best cold appetizers ever!

These bite-sized Greek salads are so quick and easy to make, and no cooking is involved, which makes them the perfect appetizer!

You can easily serve them as a snack during the summer too.

Greek Salad Stuffed Cucumber Bites

5: Eggplant Caponata

I can’t resist eggplant! It’s such a delicious and versatile ingredient, and adds so much texture and flavor to any dish it’s in.

If you can’t resist it either, then you are going to love this traditional classic Sicilian dish made with eggplant, olives, tomatoes, celery, and lots of other wonderful ingredients.

Make a bunch and eat it as a salad, a side dish, or even a condiment. For the perfect party appetizer, slathered it on a piece of toasted or grilled bread. It’s literally that easy!

Eggplant Caponata

6: Antipasto Skewers

Treat your guests to some yummy antipasto skewers. They are the easiest appetizer to make EVER, and they are the perfect cold finger food for a party.

As long as you add a bunch of different colors, textures, and flavors, you can make them with as many, or as few ingredients as you like. Try things like olives, marinated artichokes, dried tomatoes, etc… The options are endless!

Antipasto Skewers

7: Pimento Cheese Dip

Pimento cheese is a classic Southern cheddar cheese and pimento pepper dip, another drool-worthy appetizer for a party!

Serve it with anything crunchy, such as pretzels or crackers, or you could even serve it with a bunch of veggies such as carrots and celery too, alongside other easy cold appetizers.

Pimento Cheese Dip

8: Bruschetta With Burrata, Seared Tomatoes & Roasted Garlic

If you are looking for an elegant hors d’oeuvre to serve at your party don’t miss these beautiful bruschettas with fresh burrata, seared cherry tomatoes, and roasted garlic.

This decadent easy party appetizer is perfect for a cocktail party, baby shower, or bridal shower, and looks absolutely amazing!

Bruschetta With Burrata, Seared Tomatoes & Roasted Garlic

9: Fruit and Cheese Kabobs with Croissant Croutons

Fruit and cheddar cheese is a classic, crowd-pleasing combination, making it an ideal choice for cold appetizers finger food that both kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Serve them on skewers, and make them that extra bit more special by adding some crunchy croissant croutons, and drizzling them with a little honey.

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs with Croissant Croutons

10: Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

This next appetizer is a guaranteed hit at any party, be it casual or fancy!

Loaded with flavorful shrimp, avocado, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, and more, this appetizer packs a serious punch of flavor.

Add some Clamato juice to give your Mexican shrimp cocktail a yummy Bloody Mary vibe!

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

11: Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels

Pinwheel appetizers are the ultimate party food that can be made ahead or easily whipped up at the last minute!

Jam-packed with bacon, cheddar cheese, and a creamy ranch flavor, these easy roll-ups are sure to be a hit at any party with everyone scrambling for a bite.

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels

12: Charcuterie Grazing Platter

A cheese board is super easy to put together and is always a great pick for any celebration. In my opinion, it’s one of the best appetizer ideas you could have.

All you need to do is pick out a bunch of different types of cheeses (soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard), and other types of food, such as cured meats, crackers, or toasted baguettes. Finish off with some mouth-watering fruits and nuts and you are good to go!

Give your cheese board a vegetarian twist by not adding any cured meats.

Charcuterie Grazing Platter

13: Crack Dip

This creamy flavorful dip, filled with bacon, cheese, green onions, and ranch seasonings, is an all-time favorite and will have your family and friends begging for more!

Make it ahead of time so you can refrigerate for a few hours and the flavors really meld together. Serve with your favorite chips or crackers.

Crack Dip

14: Puff Pastry Cranberry Herb Cheese Bites

Finger foods are always a great option at a party. Especially if they are quick and easy to put together like these delicious puff pastry cranberry herb cheese bites.

Loaded with chunks of melty brie or herby goat’s cheese, and cranberry sauce, tucked into a golden brown puff pastry bite! It’s a great savory recipe for any party.

Puff Pastry Cranberry Herb Cheese Bites

15: Garlic Chilli Pita Chips

Make your own quick and easy crispy homemade garlic chili pita chips to serve with cold dips and salsas at your party.

They are an instant crowd-pleaser, full of crunch and a kick of heat!

Garlic Chilli Pita Chips

16: Lemon Chive Goat Cheese Dip

If you need a quick go-to cold appetizer recipe that will work every time, check out this delicious lemon-chive goat cheese dip!

Not only is it simple to make, but the flavors also are bold, the texture is creamy, and it pairs with almost anything.

Place this goat cheese appetizer in the middle of a board and surround it with a bunch of crackers, tortilla chips, veg, fruit, and nuts!

Lemon Chive Goat Cheese Dip

17: Roast Beef Stackers

If you love roast beef, creamy horseradish sauce, and pickles you are going to love these yummy stackers that you can wiz up in minutes.

For a great low-carb option replace the crackers with zucchini slices.

Roast Beef Stackers

18: Spinach Avocado Hummus

If you are looking for a spinach dip alternative that is creamy and incredibly tasty, look no further! This spinach avocado hummus is just what you are looking for.

This cold dip recipe is packed with healthy ingredients, like avocado, spinach, olive oil, and lemon juice.

All you need to do is wiz everything up in a food processor and serve with crackers or vegetable sticks. You’ll be done in less than 10 minutes!

Spinach Avocado Hummus

19: Pesto Tortellini Skewers

Toss some tortellini in pesto and place them on skewers together with some sun-dried tomatoes for an easy appetizer.

This delicious appetizer can be served either chilled or at room temperature.

Pesto Tortellini Skewers

20: Prosciutto Wrapped Pears with Arugula

This is the perfect no-cook appetizer for your party or get-together! These crunchy pears wrapped in prosciutto with Arugula Salad are both deliciously sweet and savory and are incredibly elegant.

They take minutes to assemble, which makes them a great appetizer for any last-minute party guests!

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears with Arugula

21: Green Olive Deviled Eggs

If you love deviled eggs and olives you’ll definitely love this next appetizer.

Tweaked the egg yolk mixture with chopped green olives and pimentos. Then serve them with a scattering of fresh herbs for added flavor!

Green Olive Deviled Eggs

22: Salami Pinwheels

These low-carb salami pinwheels are the perfect party appetizer for a crowd.

Made with just 3 ingredients, salami, cream cheese, and peppers, you don’t need much time to put them together.

Instead of salami, you can try making these pinwheels with any other sliced meats, such as turkey, ham, or even roast beef.

Salami Pinwheels

23: French Onion Dip

French onion dip is an irresistibly delicious party favorite made with sour cream, caramelized onions, garlic, fresh herbs, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce for an extra kick.

It’s creamy, full of herbs, and guaranteed to be a hit with your guests!

Make sure you make a double batch so you can spread it on burgers, flatbreads, and even dollop it onto some grilled chicken.

French Onion Dip

24: Roasted Figs With Goat Cheese and Honey

If you are throwing your party in the Fall be sure to incorporate figs in your appetizers.

They are a seasonal favorite that are unbelievably delicious when stuffed with goat’s cheese and roasted in the oven. Sprinkle each half with some crushed pistachios and just wait to see the look on the faces of your guests!

Roasted Figs With Goat Cheese and Honey

25: Homemade Rustic Crackers

Impress your guests with these crunchy, homemade rustic crackers.

They are just what you need for a tasty salsa or dip, or even as an accompaniment for a cheeseboard.

Finish them off by sprinkling them with the topping of your choice, such as kosher salt and fresh rosemary, Parmesan cheese, or some sesame seeds.

Homemade Rustic Crackers

26: Fig & Prosciutto Crostini

Figs and prosciuttos are a classic flavor combination.

Layer a slice of salty prosciutto with some sweet fig preserve on a crispy slice of toasted baguette with some cream cheese and you’ll feel like you are in heaven!

Drizzle each crostini with a sliver of balsamic vinegar glaze and some honey for an extra kick!

Fig & Prosciutto Crostini

27: Tzatziki Avocado Salmon Rolls

These healthy make-ahead Tzatziki Avocado Salmon Rolls are incredibly delicious and easy to make. The Greek sauce Tzatziki, made with yogurt and cucumber, is the perfect addition to this easy recipe.

Serve the rolls as they are, or you can place each one on a slice of cucumber or a rice cracker for some added crunch, and pair them with a selection of other refreshing easy cold appetizers.

Tzatziki Avocado Salmon Rolls

28: Pineapple Pecan Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are a must-have appetizer at a party, but instead of your regular cheese balls how about going for something a little different and serving a savory pineapple pecan cheese ball instead.

Although it’s made with pineapple, the onions and garlic salt in this cheese ball make it savory instead of sweet.

Make it in advance and serve on the day with crackers, fruit, bread, or crunchy fresh veggies.

Pineapple Pecan Cheese Ball

29: Whipped Feta & Avocado Crostini with Pomegranate

Your guests will be blown away with this mouth-watering appetizer made with delicious simple ingredients.

They take virtually no effort to put together, and both the tangy and creamy flavor, with a pop of sweetness from the pomegranate, is everything you could ever wish for.

It’s a great New Year’s eve appetizer can you can serve over the holidays. If pomegranates aren’t in season swap them for whatever is, such as mango, tomato, strawberries, or perhaps even pineapple.

Whipped Feta & Avocado Crostini with Pomegranate

30: Mozzarella, Prosciutto, and Pickled Peach Skewers

This peach appetizer looks unbelievably pretty on a platter and tastes just as incredible!

Made with peaches pickled in champagne or white wine vinegar, assemble them on skewers with fresh mozzarella pearls, crisp basil leaves, and salty prosciutto drizzled with an herb vinaigrette.

Each bite is a combination of sweet and savory flavors that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

Mozzarella, Prosciutto, and Pickled Peach Skewers

31: Ham & Cheese Mini Quiches

These savory little mini muffin-sized quiches, wrapped in flaky phyllo dough, are the perfect grab-and-go party food when you are mixing and mingling.

What’s not to love about this soft, creamy egg mixture, loaded with cheese and ham, and baked to perfection, right?

Ham & Cheese Mini Quiches

32: Asparagus Ribbon Crostini

If asparagus is in season you’ve got to treat your guests to these delectable asparagus ribbon crostinis!

Layer some toasted baguette slices with ricotta, curls of peeled asparagus, and a garnish of lemon zest and torn mint.

They are ever so simple to assemble and perfect for a Spring celebration.

Asparagus Ribbon Crostini

33: Avocado Cucumber Shrimp Appetizers

These shrimp cucumber bites are a delicious mouthful!

The plump juicy cajun shrimp over creamy avocado on a crisp slice of cucumber will definitely get your tastebuds tingling.

The cajun spiced shrimp gives it a fantastic spicy kick. On the other hand, if you prefer yours milder, cut the paprika and cayenne in half. Finish them off with some fresh lime juice.

Avocado Cucumber Shrimp Appetizers

34: Spicy Crab Endive Appetizer

These elegant spicy crab endive appetizers pack a punch, thanks to the splash of sriracha and jalapeño in the crab mayo mixture served on crispy endive leaves.

From pretty presentation to amazing flavor, you really can’t go wrong with this perfect light appetizer.

Spicy Crab Endive Appetizer

35: Mini Southern Tomato Pies

If you are throwing a summer party you are going to love this elegant twist on the classic Southern tomato pie!

These mini pies are full of flavor, thanks to the two kinds of cheese, the fresh sun-ripened tomatoes, and the buttery pie crusts that are baked to perfection!

Mini Southern Tomato Pies

36: Cuban Sandwich Skewers

These delish Cuban sandwich skewers are undoubtedly the easiest appetizer ever!

All you need to do is layer salami, ham, Swiss cheese, and a mini pickled dill on a skewer, to have yourself a low-carb little Cuban sandwich on a stick.

Don’t forget to add some dijon mustard for dipping!

Cuban Sandwich Skewers

37: Avocado Tzatziki

Add depth and more flavor to your traditional Tzatziki dip by simply giving it an avocado twist.

It will take it to the next level by making the dip extra creamy and giving it a burst of color!

Avocado Tzatziki

38: Mini Spicy Pimento Cheese Balls

Nothing is more delicious than a pimento cheese ball rolled in toasted nuts and served on a pretzel stick for a party appetizer!

These bite-size pimento cheese balls, are the easiest thing to whip up and perfect for your next social gathering.

Mini Spicy Pimento Cheese Balls

39: Watermelon Feta Skewers

If a big fan of watermelon… and feta cheese, then you are going to love this next appetizer!

There’s no better combination in hot weather. The refreshing watermelon and mint complement the salty feta in this sweet and savory pairing appetizer.

Watermelon Feta Skewers

40: Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer

Made with just 4 ingredients, these tasty smoked salmon cucumber appetizers are very elegant yet super simple to make.

All you need to do is mix the smoked salmon with the dill and cream cheese. Then spread it onto your thin strips of cucumber and roll. It really is that easy and the result is amazing!

Plus, they pair perfectly with a variety of other cold appetizer recipes for a complete spread.

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer

41: Guacamole Stuffed BLT Tomato Bites

This next healthy appetizer, made with sweet summer cherry tomatoes and stuffed with guacamole, couldn’t be easier to make.

Each bite is so delicious, that you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Guacamole Stuffed BLT Tomato Bites

42: Olive and Feta Shooters

These olive and feta shooters are bursting with Mediterranean flavors and are ready within minutes.

Just place a marinated cube of feta, some olives, and a sun-dried tomato into a shooter glass and you’re done.

See? Easy!

Olive and Feta Shooters

43: Strawberry Balsamic Bruschetta

The flavors of this next cold appetizer are so fresh and bright!

Don’t you just love the sweet and tangy combo of strawberries, goat cheese, basil, and balsamic glaze all on crusty toasted bread?

Heaven in a bite!

Strawberry Balsamic Bruschetta

44: Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Your guests will be so impressed with this next appetizer!

These Vietnamese fresh spring rolls not only are beautiful to look at, but they are great as a refreshing appetizer or even a light meal.

They consist of pork and shrimp wrapped in rice paper rolls. You can customize them according to your liking though. For instance, Add some julienned cucumber for some crunch and juiciness. Don’t forget to serve some dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

45: Mediterranean Roasted Pepper and Eggplant Dip

Personally, I absolutely love Mediterranean food, and this dip is hands down one of my favorite appetizers!

It has a super moreish taste with a sweet, creamy, garlicky, smoky, and hint of nutty flavor that is a treat to everyone’s tastebuds.

Made with roasted red peppers and eggplants, it’s a great dip to share with friends at a party, or even as part of a mezze board. Serve with grilled or toasted pitta bread or hummus flatbread.

Mediterranean Roasted Pepper and Eggplant Dip

46: Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas

Get ready to spice up your party with some delicious shrimp ceviche tostadas!

These bites are a fiesta in your mouth, blending zesty shrimp, crunchy tostadas, and a burst of fresh toppings.

Easy to prep ahead they are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that’ll have everyone asking for seconds!

Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas

47: Gazpacho Shooters

Transport your guests taste buds to Spain with these Gazpacho Shooters!

A delightful fusion of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, and garlic, blended with tangy vinegar and olive oil to create a smooth, chilled soup.

It’s tantalizing medley of flavors and textures will have your guests savoring every sip, longing for the sunny streets of Spain.

Gazpacho Shooters

48: Marinated Mozzarella Balls

Spice up your party platter with marinated mozzarella balls!

Bursting with vibrant flavors like zesty herbs, tangy sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted red peppers, these bites are like a mini caprese salad on a stick, and are the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any gathering!

Plus, their convenient size makes them perfect for threading onto cocktail sticks, offering a fuss-free and elegant presentation that guests will love.

Marinated Mozzarella Balls

49: Shrimp Cocktail Platter

A shrimp cocktail platter not only adds a touch of elegance to any gathering but also offers a refreshing and protein-rich option for guests to enjoy, especially when accompanied by a delicious homemade cocktail sauce.

With its simplicity to prepare and universal appeal, it’s the perfect appetizer choice to kick off your party with a delicious and memorable start.

Shrimp Cocktail Platter

50: Marinated Olives

Marinated olives are the epitome of laid-back elegance for your party spread, effortlessly transporting your taste buds to the sun-soaked hillsides of Tuscany.

Infused with a medley of Italian herbs like rosemary and garlic, and bathed in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and tangy red wine vinegar, they bring a casual yet sophisticated charm to any gathering.

Delicious Cold Appetizer Recipes FAQ

How can I ensure my cold appetizers are visually appealing and presentable for any occasion?

Focus on simple yet elegant plating, using a variety of colors and textures to make your cold appetizers visually enticing and inviting.

How can I keep my cold appetizers chilled and fresh throughout the event?

Utilize ice trays, chilled serving platters, and stylish cold bowls to maintain the optimal temperature and freshness of your cold appetizers.

What qualities make for universally appealing cold appetizer recipes at parties?

Versatility in flavor and presentation, ensuring a wide range of guests can enjoy the offerings.

How can I accommodate diverse dietary preferences with cold appetizers?

Opt for recipes that offer flexibility, allowing for variations that cater to vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.

Are there make-ahead strategies for cold appetizers to ensure a stress-free party experience?

Choose recipes that can be prepared in advance, allowing hosts to spend more time socializing during the event.

Can cold appetizers be substantial enough to serve as a standalone meal without referencing specific dishes?

Opt for heartier options that provide a satisfying and complete experience for guests with varying appetites.

Need more party food ideas?

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