19 Amazing Mermaid Party Games and Activities!

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We've rounded up the 19 best mermaid party games and activities for your upcoming mermaid or under the sea party. We've got ideas for crafts, party activities, games, entertainment ideas, photo opportunities, and more! These games and activities will definitely keep your birthday girl and her guests entertained throughout the party!

To help you plan your mermaid party, we've also got ideas for mermaid party food ideas, mermaid party supplies, and even beautiful FREE mermaid party printables. Do check these out!

Below, you'll find inspiration for mermaid face painting, mermaid jewelry kits, a mermaid treasure hunt, mermaid photo booth props to name just a few.

19 Amazing Mermaid Party Games and Activities!

1: Mermaid Painting Activity

Let's start off with a fun art activity that kids love!

Create an art station with mermaid canvases, paints, and brushes.

This gives your guests a great party activity and a party favor the kids get to go home with.

Mermaid Painting Activity

2: Pin the Tail on the Mermaid

If you are looking for an enjoyable party game, then how about a go at the classic '"Pin the Tail"?

Kids are going to have a blast trying to pin the mermaid tail in the right spot.

Place a blindfold on the child, and have them pin (or tape) the tails onto the mermaid.

Whoever gets closest wins a prize

Pin The Tail on the Mermaid

3: Mermaid Jewelry Kit

These mermaid jewelry kits are perfect for young ladies that love some bling!

The kit comes with glass pearls, crystals, and tiny seed beads. It also comes with some easy to clip on (and swap around) charms, such as a silver mermaid charm, a mermaid scales charm, a silver starfish, and shell charms.

The kit makes three different types of bracelets - an adjustable friendship one, a stretchy one, and a festival-style ribbon wristband. It also includes a ribbon necklace.

Mermaid Jewelry Kit

4: Mermaid Peg Doll

Check out this awesome treasure hunt style challenge. Kids search for the mermaid tail, overlay, and seashell accessories.

Once they have been found them, they can then use the glue dots to turn their wooden peg doll into a mermaid.

Mermaid Peg Dolls

5: Mermaid Entertainer

Kids will be blown away by a visit of a "real life" mermaid, which is why an entertainer is always a safe bet.

Younger children will be in awe, spending an afternoon with a mermaid who will do fun activities with them, and tell them all about her under the sea adventures.

Mermaid Entertainer

6: Mermaid Embroidery Kit

You don't want to miss this next gorgeous mermaid craft.

A mermaid embroidery kit is a wonderful DIY craft that will keep your guests busy while they work on a stunning piece of art to hang on their walls.

All they need to do is follow the stitching & color guides to easily create a beautiful embroidery piece of art!

Mermaid Embroidery kit

7: Mermaid Bingo

A simple game of bingo is such a fun mermaid party activity.

Hand out the cards to each player with markers (shells would be a fun marker for a mermaid party) and have them place one each time a square is called.

The first child to make a line of 5 items (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical) yells out BINGO and wins the game!

Mermaid Bingo

8: Mermaid Face Painting

Make each one of your guests feel like a mermaid with a gorgeous mermaid face painting.

You can either paint your guests yourself with some face paints if you have the skills. If not, hire a face painter to come over and magically transform each little girl into a beautiful mermaid.

Mermaid Face Painting

9: Mermaid Photo Booth Backdrop

Balloon garlands and pretty backdrops not only look amazing as a party decoration, but they are also a fabulous backdrop for a mermaid photo booth.

Have children pose in front of the backdrop, while you snap away and take a bunch of photos.

Mermaid Photo Booth Backdrop

10: Mermaid Treasure Hunt

A mermaid treasure hunt is a fun party activity that is great to keep your guests busy.

You can set it up either in or outdoors, and have your guests frantically search for under the sea items off their lists.

Mermaid Treasure Hunt

11: What's Your Mermaid Name?

Place a 'What's Your Mermaid Name?' poster on the wall or in a frame at your party, and have your guests try and figure out what their mermaid name is.

It's a magical activity that will make the girls feel special.

What's Your Mermaid Name?

12: Color Your Own Doll-Mermaid

Treat your guests to a mermaid doll that they can color in themselves and take home.

Have them color their doll with some washable markers so they can be washed and used again and again.

Color Your Own Doll-Mermaid

13: Mermaid Painting Kit

Another fantastic mermaid craft is this painting kit that will entertain kids for hours.

This mermaid painting kit includes 5 fun wooden under the sea shapes to paint.

The kit also includes 6 paint pots filled with washable paint and 2 paintbrushes.

Mermaid Painting Kit

14: DIY Jewelry Treasure Chests

Have your guests decorate their very own treasure chests with stick-on rhinestones gems.

The treasure chests are wonderful for storing a bunch of little treasures like pretty bracelets or hair clips.

DIY Jewelry Treasure Chests

15: Aquarium

How about offering your guests an awesome dream experience of an aquarium truck that comes to your house?

Aquarium on Wheels allows everyone to experience some ocean-themed games, an interactive lesson about ocean animals, and/or animal artifact exploration.

Kids are going to love it and remember it forever!


16: Sand Art

Sand art is such a fun activity for a mermaid party.

Set out jars of colored sand for your guests to layer into empty jars to create colorful patterns.

These make wonderful keepsakes for your guests to take home.

Sand Painting

17: Mermaid Pool Party

Throwing a pool party is the ultimate mermaid party activity, don't you think?

The girls are going to love splashing around and cooling off.

Decorate your pool with a bunch of mermaid inflatables, and let your little mermaids swim away to their hearts' content.

Mermaid Pool Party

18: Mermaid Photo Booth Props

We all know that girls have a natural talent to pose, and love having their photos taken.

Get a fabulous set of mermaid photo booth props and let them fool around while you take a bunch of snaps.

Mermaid Photo Booth Props

19: DIY Under the Sea Dream Catcher Kit

To finish off our list, we have this creative DIY under the sea dream catcher kit.

Your guests are so going to enjoy creating gorgeous dream catchers that they can take home with them and place on their wall.

Under the Sea DIY Dream Catcher Kit

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