Free Father's Day Printable Gift

by Jillian Leslie on

Looking for a FREE Father's Day printable gift for the dad in your home to show him how much you all love him?

Father's Day Free Printable Gift |

I wanted to create a free printable that could be an awesome Father's Day gift for your kids to make. I know it's early, but if you're a busy mom like me, you appreciate getting items crossed off your list. (What would I do without my lists?)

What's great about this is it's a keepsake for life because it's a snapshot in time. Wait until your kids get older and you'll see how precious this becomes looking at their little hand prints.

For the printable, all you need to do is download the printable and print it out. Then grab some blue or green tempera paint and get your kids hand-stamping. They will love this!


I always like Father's Day gifts my kids can create and feel part of. Plus, this could be a good way to create a crafting activity for your kids.

If you are looking for Father's Day party ideas to celebrate Dad, or more free Father's Day printables, we've got you covered!

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