24 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2022!

by Jillian Leslie on

We've rounded up the most popular boy birthday party themes for 2022, so your party will be spot-on-trend.

Check out all the awesome party themes that are big this year and that your kid will love!

24 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2022!

We've all-time favorite themes, such as Mickey Mouse and prince birthdays to the more recent Fortnite that boys can't seem to get enough of!

24 Most Popular Boy Birthday Party Themes for 2022!

1. Dinosaur Parties

With the help of movies like Jurassic Park dinosaurs have become a must-have party theme.

Dinosaurs may have become extinct but the party theme definitely isn't!

Take a look at these cool dinosaur birthday party supplies.

Dinosaur birthday party

2. Baby Shark Parties

They aren't any parents out there who haven't found themselves singing Baby Shark throughout the day!

If you're one of them then the chances are your little boy would love a Baby Shark party!

So take your guests on a fun under the sea adventure.

Don't miss these fantastic baby shark birthday party supplies.

Baby Shark birthday party

3. Superhero Parties

Boys look up to superheroes for their bravery and ability to always save the day (pretty much like us parents).

Awesome movies and tv shows from Marvel and DC have given this generation of kids the opportunity to get to know and admire a bunch of superheroes, such as Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and a bunch of new favorites such as She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

Superhero parties are a great party theme that each year seems to grow in popularity.

Don't miss these superhero birthday party supplies.

Superhero birthday party

4. Mickey Mouse Parties

No one can resist Mickey Mouse. He's such a fun-loving character that seems to capture everyone's heart from a very early age.

Mickey Mouse parties are still going strong in 2022 and are among the most popular themes we have here at CatchMyParty.com.

Take a look at these cute Mickey Mouse birthday party supplies.

Mickey Mouse birthday party

5. Prince Parties

A prince-themed birthday party is one of those timeless classic themes that you can never go wrong with.

It's a great excuse to make your own little prince feel extra special on his birthday.

Take a look at these wonderful prince birthday party supplies.

Prince birthday party

6. Fortnite Parties

Fortnite birthday parties have been massive hits these past couple of years and have definitely gone nowhere in 2022.

They are the perfect theme for a die-hard Fortnite player and you can bet your guests won't know what hit them.

Check out these amazing Fortnite birthday party supplies.

Fortnite birthday party


7. Minecraft Parties

Chances are if your kid loves playing video games he'll love Minecraft!

The Minecraft parties have been around for some time now but they continue to be one of the most popular boy party themes we have on our site.

Don't miss these lovely Minecraft birthday party supplies 

Minecraft birthday party | CatchMyParty.com

8. Toy Story Parties

There's not a child that hasn't watched Toy Story in awe with just the idea of their toys coming to life just like in the movie.

So treat your little boy and his friends to a special day with Woody and Buzz with a Toy Story-themed birthday party!

Take a look at these fabulous Toy Story birthday party supplies.

Toy Story birthday party

9. Safari Parties

Safari and jungle birthday parties are undoubtedly one of our most popular themes of 2022.

Kids go crazy with all the wild animals, such as giraffes, elephants, and lions.

So treat your son to an experience of a lifetime with a safari animal-packed party!

Take a look at these cool safari birthday party supplies.

Safari birthday party

10. Farm Parties

Just like with safari parties, kids can't seem to resist adorable farm animals, making farm-themed parties a trend that just keeps growing and growing.

If the first half of 2022 is anything to go by you can bet farm-themed parties are going to be just as big during the second half!

Take a look at these wonderful farm birthday party supplies.

Farm birthday party

11. Paw Patrol Parties

Younger boys love watching Paw Patrol and keeping up with all the pup's adventures with their friend Ryder.

Chances are your son's friend also enjoys the show so how about throwing a fun Paw Patrol party with Chase, Rubble, and the gang!

Take a look at these fun Paw Patrol birthday party supplies.

Paw Patrol birthday party


12. Circus Parties

A party theme that is guaranteed fun is a circus/carnival party.

It's an awesome theme with all the clowns, fantastic party games, and circus animals.

Everyone is sure to have a great time!

Don't miss these fun circus birthday party supplies.

Circus birthday party

13. Lion King Parties

After the release of the live-action Lion King movie a couple of years ago, we've seen a massive rise in Lion King parties.

Safari parties are so popular and this spin-off theme is perfect if your child loves the movie and is into lions.

Don't miss these fun Lion King birthday party supplies.

Lion King birthday party

14. Space Parties

With space travel becoming ever more a reality, space-themed parties continue to be a hot trend that kids can't get enough of.

There's nothing better than looking up at the stars and imagining your up there among them, looking down at planet earth.

Treat your son to an out-of-this-world party he'll never forget!

Don't miss these fun space birthday party supplies.

Space birthday party

15. Car-Themed Parties

If your son is into cars and speed then a car-themed party is a perfect choice and so on-trend right now.

Young boys can spend hours playing with their toy cars so how about making the most of the theme and throwing a car birthday?

Don't miss these fun car-themed birthday party supplies.

Car-Themed birthday party

16. Disney Car Parties

Lightning McQueen is a huge hit with fans of the Pixar movie 'Cars'.

The movie is so cool and the characters are so lovable, that you can bet kids would go wild at the idea of a party in Radiator Springs.

Rev your engines and hit the gas, this is a party your son is going to love!

Don't miss these fun Disney Cars birthday party supplies.

Disney Cars birthday party

17. Spider-Man Parties

Superhero parties are really popular in general but if you have a Spider-Man wanna-be a home how about throwing a Spider-Man-themed party instead?

Spider-Man is a web-slinging superhero that kids love to watch jumping off buildings and saving the day.

I'd bet a Spider-Man party would be a great choice and a bunch of fun.

Don't miss these fun Spider-man birthday party supplies.

Spider-Man birthday party

18. Winnie the Pooh Parties

Winnie the Pooh is a classic all-time favorite in everyone's life, who seems to have been around forever and is a big part of everyone's childhood.

If you have a little boy who can't get enough of Pooh Bears' adventures with his friends in Hundred Acre Woods, then you really can't go wrong with a Winnie the Pooh party.

Don't miss these fun Winnie the Pooh birthday party supplies.

Winnie the Pooh birthday party

19. Woodland Parties

Woodland parties are a huge trend on CatchMyParty.com. Both girls and boys can't get enough of them.

There is something magical about a party full of adorable woodland animals such as deer, foxes, and bears.

You really can't go wrong with this party theme, it's a guaranteed hit for 2022.

Don't miss these fun woodland birthday party supplies.

Woodland birthday party

20. Sesame Street Parties

Sesame Street parties filled with bright colors, ABC’s and 123’s are sure to delight all young boys out there that love the characters and everything about the show.

As with other classic themes, that continue to be popular year after year, Sesame Street is one of those themes that will be around as long as kids continue to be fans.

Don't miss these fun Sesame Street birthday party supplies.

Sesame Street birthday party

21. Star Wars Parties

Star Wars is so big and has such a huge fan following that it's no surprise that Star Wars-themed parties continue to be so popular in 2022.

With the release of shows like Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Star Wars franchise just keeps on giving and transporting kids (and adults alike) out of this galaxy.

Don't miss these fun Star Wars birthday party supplies.

Star Wars birthday party

22. Trains Parties

So many kids out there are obsessed with trains and railways, so if you have one of these at home, you can bet a train-themed party is gonna make his day.

Treat him to an unforgettable birthday that he's going to love to share with his friends.

Don't miss these fun train birthday party supplies.

Train-themed birthday party

23. Peter Rabbit Parties

Beatrix Potter's collection of books are a classic and Peter Rabbit is the most popular of her characters.

Over the past couple of years, Peter Rabbit parties have become really popular. With the release of the new movie, I'm sure the theme will continue to be a hit throughout 2022.

Don't miss these fun Peter Rabbit birthday party supplies.

Peter Rabbit birthday party

24. Airplane Parties

Sore to new heights in 2022 with an airplane-themed party.

As with car and train-themed birthdays, airplanes parties are also a big hit with kids that dream of flying away.

Don't miss these fun airplane birthday party supplies.

Airplane birthday party


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