These 12 Best Toy Story Party Ideas Are Unbelievable!

by Jillian Leslie on

Toy Story has been a favorite with kids for such a long time now, and with Toy Story 4 out in movie theatres throughout the summer, you can bet whole new fans are in the making.

The party theme is already really popular on Catch My Party, so if you’re hosting a Toy Story party in the next coming months, make sure you go through all the wonderful Toy Story party ideas we’re rounded up for you from parties on our website.Collage of the 12 best Toy Story party ideas!

You’ll find ideas for Toy Story cupcakes, dessert tables, cookies, decorations, party favors, and so much more…

These 12 Best Toy Story Party Ideas Are Unbelievable!

1: Toy Story Dessert Table

Set the scene for a fabulous Toy Story birthday party with an awesome dessert table like this one!

The Toy Story inspired balloon garland is so cool!

Toy Story Dessert Table

2: Toy Story Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is always the show stopper at a party and one similar to this one will truly blow them away.

It has everything a Toy Story fan could ever wish for! A bit of Woody, a bit of Buzz, and even Andy’s bedroom wallpaper.

Toy Story Birthday Cake

3: Toy Story Cupcakes

If you need a cool idea for some Toy Story inspired cupcakes then these are perfect!

Get yourself a bunch of homebaked or storebought green frosted cupcakes and decorate each one with 3 eyes and paint on a mouth and you’re good to go!

Toy Story Cupcakes

4: Toy Story Cake Pops

Kids love cake pops and this bunch of fun Toy Story ones is undoubtedly just what a party needs.

You’ve got to love the detail on Mr. Potato Head one!

Mix of Toy Story Cake Pops

5: Toy Story Cookies

These Buzz inspired sugar-coated cookies are incredible and look amazing displayed on this stand.

There won’t be any left by the time your party is over.

Bunch of Toy Story cookies

6: Toy Story Table Settings

Have you ever seen cuter table settings? The balloons decorating the table are a fantastic addition.

Nothing can beat the barrel seats. I love them!

Toy Story Table Settings

7: Toy Story Party Decorations

Impress your guests with a stunning Woodly balloon decoration like this one!

It’s a must-have at a Toy Story party.

Woody Balloon Decoration

8: Toy Story Centerpiece

Look no further for a fun Toy Story centerpiece that you can quick and easily make yourself.

Create your own centerpiece by topping a cardboard box with some Toy Story cutouts.

Toy Story Centerpiece

9: Toy Story Pinata

This Buzz Lightyear spaceship pinata is an awesome party activity. Kids love bashing pinatas to bits and watching candy can fall from the sky while they make a wild rush to catch it all.

Like all pinatas, this spaceship doubles up as a great party decoration too!

Toy Story Spaceship Pinata

10: Toy Story Party Activity

How cool is it to have your very own claw vending machine, like the one at Pizza Place, at your party so kids can make a go at grabbing an alien?!

Kids will be scrabbling for a go!

Toy Story Party Actvity

11: Toy Story Photo Booth

Everyone love’s fooling around and striking poses at a photo booth so how about adding some fun Toy Story props like these to your party!

Imagine all the memories you’ll be making with each photo you take!

Mix of Toy Story Photo Booth Props

12: Toy Story Party Favors

Send your guests home with the ultimate Toy Story Party favor. Their very own Woody in a woody inspired bag!

You can also give away some bags with a Buzz Lightyear, Jessie or any other of the cool toys.

Toy Story party favor bag with a Woody for guests to take homw with them


For more inspiration, check out all these fantastic Toy Story party ideas on our site, and check out these Toy Story party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


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