Don't Miss These 19 Popular Girl 1st Birthday Themes

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A first birthday is a big deal in every child's life. A year of big milestone events have gone by, and there's so much to celebrate and share with family and friends.

Picking a baby girl 1st birthday theme that's special, can be quite daunting.

So, to help you sift through all of the girl party themes for 2020, here on Catch My Party, we've rounded up the 19 most popular girl 1st birthday themes to help you plan the party of the year!

Wait until you see how many unique girls first birthday ideas we've got for you.

Collage of the 19 most popular 1st birthday party themes

Many of these 1st birthday party themes for girls are classic time, like princess and ballerina parties, but some are new and trendy, like unicorn parties and mermaid parties. Happy browsing!

Don't Miss These 19 Popular Girl 1st Birthday Themes

1. Minnie Mouse Parties

Minnie  Mouse has a place in every Disney fan's heart and is a really popular 1st birthday party theme for girls.

You won't believe what a diverse theme it can be, so take a look at our massive selection of Minnie Mouse parties for inspiration.

This Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party is fantastic! Just look at the adorable cake!

Take a look at these wonderful Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party supplies.

2. Mermaid Parties

Little girls are fascinated with the magical world of mermaids and it is an ever-increasing popular 1st birthday party theme.

There are so many gorgeous ideas, such as stunning balloon garlands to wonderful under the sea inspired birthday cakes.

Don't miss this stunning Mermaid themed 1st birthday party! What's not to love about it?

The colors are so eye-catching and the birthday cake is fabulous!

Don't miss these fantastic mermaid 1st birthday party supplies.

3. Boho-Chic Parties

Boho-chic parties are huge on as they allow for a more laid back party without compromising on beauty.

Look through our a wide range of fun, eclectic party ideas. I'm sure you're going to love them!

This boho dreamcatcher's 1st birthday is such a stunning boho-chic 1st birthday!

The mix of sugar-coated cookies is adorable. Love the arrow ones.

Don't miss these boho-chic 1st birthday party supplies.

4. Unicorn Parties

Unicorns are everywhere and everyone loves them.

It's a trend that has been around for a couple of years and shows no sign of dying down anytime soon.

Little girls just can't get enough of them, as you can tell by this pretty pastel unicorn 1st birthday party!

The dessert table is absolutely beautiful and perfectly decorated with a balloon garland

Check out these amazing unicorn 1st birthday party supplies.

5. Princess Parties

Your daughter is without a doubt a princess, so why not celebrate her 1st birthday party in true regal fashion.

Don't miss this gorgeous princess 1st birthday party! The dessert table is so elegant.

Take a look at these impressive princess 1st birthday party supplies.

6. Woodland Parties

Woodland parties have been on the rise and are a growing trend.

Who can resist an adorable woodland animal?!

This beautiful rustic woodland 1st birthday party is such a fine example of a dream woodland 1st birthday party!

Don't miss these lovely woodland 1st birthday party supplies 

7. Flamingo Parties

Flamingo parties are especially popular over the summer but are also a great theme during the colder months because they transport your guests to a sunny tropical destination.

They are a great excuse to decorate with lots of colorful flowers and fun pink flamingos.

The birthday cake is amazing! You can almost already feel the sun.

Take a look at these fabulous flamingo 1st birthday party supplies.

8. Safari Parties

Safari birthday parties have grown in popularity over the past couple of months, especially since the Lion King live movie came out.

This adorable pink wild one 1st birthday party is so sweet!

The gold silhouette wild animals give this party such a stylish feel and the table settings are absolutely beautiful!!

Take a look at these wonderful safari 1st birthday party supplies.

9. Ballerina Parties

There is nothing more precious and delicate than a prima ballerina, and by the number of parties we have with this theme, it's undeniable that it's a popular 1st birthday party theme.

This Ballerina birthday party is amazing. The ballerina dessert table with the gold drape backdrop is incredible!

Don't miss these pretty ballerina 1st birthday party supplies.

10. Carousel Parties

Carousel birthday parties are a classic party theme and perfect for little girls.

You'll be mesmerized with the amazing backdrop at this gorgeous carousel themed 1st birthday party!

Take a look at these wonderful carousel 1st birthday party supplies.

11. Alice in Wonderland Parties

Alice in Wonderland is a well-loved classic and such a magical 1st birthday party theme

The party decorations at this Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday party are stunning.

Don't miss these beautiful Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday party supplies.

12. French /Parisian Parties

Take your guests on a trip to a distant shore, to the city of lights and love!

Paris! The place just oozes style and romance so why not use it as a 1st birthday party theme?

The illustrated backdrop at this French party is oh so chic!

Don't miss these sophisticated  French / Parisian 1st birthday party supplies.

Wonderful French inpsited 1st birthday cake and highchair

13.Llama Parties

Llamas are the new unicorns. They are everywhere at the moment and llama parties are starting to get so big here on CatchMyParty!

Originally from South America, they are an awesome choice for a fiesta-style birthday.

Add some cactus to your party and you're good to go.

Check out these fun llama 1st birthday party supplies.

Fun and colorful llama themed 1st birthfay dessert table

14. Fairy Parties

A fairy 1st birthday is an enchanting party theme where little girls get to dream about the magic of fairies.

Bring some of this magic to your 1st birthday by creating a mystical woodland setting and decorating it with lots of pretty little fairies.

Take a look at these wonderful fairy 1st birthday party supplies.

Fairy Dessert table

15. Butterfly Parties

Another whimsical 1st birthday party theme is a butterfly party. Similar to fairy parties, this theme is so very feminine and delicate.

Who can resist the beauty of the enchanting butterflies?

Don't miss these magical butterfly 1st birthday party supplies.

Butterfly Dessert Table

16. Moana Parties

The movie Moana was a big hit when it came out a few years ago. It has a beautiful message and is so heartwarming.

She is an inspiration making a Moana themed 1st birthday is an excellent choice for fierce and determined little girls.

A bright and colorful paper flower backdrop is a must at a Moana party. Adding a tropical touch to the birthday.

Feast your eyes on these fun Moana 1st birthday party supplies.

Moana tiered birthday cake

17. Winter Onderland Parties

If you're hosting a winter 1st birthday how about making it a winter onderland!

It allows everyone to get in the festive spirit and is also a great excuse to use snowflakes.

Don't miss these beautiful Winter Onderland 1st birthday party supplies.

Winter Onderland Birthday Party

18. Pumpkin Parties

If your little girls' birthday is during the Fall you just have to have a 'little pumpkin' themed 1st birthday party.

Fall colors are wonderful and look so impressive if used through your party.

Don't forget to use as many pumpkins as you can get your hands on.

Take a look at these pretty pumpkin 1st birthday party supplies.

Pumpkin 1st birthday

19. Tea Party Parties

To finish off our round-up of the 19 most popular girl 1st birthday themes we just had to add this delicate shabby chic tea party!

Decorated with lots of porcelain teapots, teacup, and pretty fresh flowers this tea party is truly magical.

Take a look at the gorgeous tea party 1st birthday party supplies.

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing 1st  birthday parties for girls, and check out these girl 1st birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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