Top 53 Best Party Themes for Adults in 2024!

by Jillian Leslie on

If you are looking for the best party theme ideas for adults in 2024, look no further!

We’ve rounded up 53 amazing grown up party themes, so you’ll be guaranteed to find the perfect one for you!

Planning a party is so exciting, so lets’ get cracking…

We’ve fantastic themes for women, such as spa parties, boho chic parties, movie night parties, and others for men, like beer parties, Star Wars parties and so so much more.

Also, if you’re looking exclusively for 40th birthday party ideas, we’ve rounded up the most popular 40th birthday themes for her and the best 40th birthday party themes for men.

Reasons to Love These Best Adult Party Themes

  • Versatility: These adult birthday party themes cater to a wide range of interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.
  • Nostalgia: Many themes tap into nostalgic elements, sparking fond memories and creating a sentimental atmosphere.
  • Social Interaction: The themes encourage interactive and engaging activities, fostering a lively and enjoyable social environment.
  • Customization: With a plethora of options, individuals can easily customize decorations, games, and food to suit their preferences and make the celebration unique.
  • Entertainment Factor: The chosen themes often come with built-in entertainment, making it easier to plan a memorable and enjoyable celebration without much effort.
  • Inclusivity: Themes are designed to be inclusive, allowing guests to participate regardless of age, ensuring a celebration that appeals to a diverse group of attendees.
  • Photo-Worthy: From decorations to costumes, these themes provide ample opportunities for Instagram-worthy moments, making the party memorable and shareable.

Top 53 Best Party Themes for Adults!

1. Barbie Birthday Parties

A Barbie bash for adults is a blast, blending nostalgia with playful glamour for a birthday bonanza! Embrace the iconic Barbie vibe, relive childhood memories in chic retro outfits, and channel your inner Barbie or Ken for a laugh.

With vibrant decorations and glamorous accessories, it’s a visually stunning, Instagram-worthy fiesta.

Make your party the ultimate fun-filled, age-defying celebration that will guarantee laughs, shared memories, and a fabulous time for everyone!

Don’t miss all our stylish Barbie party ideas, and you can even download our FREE Barbie ‘Let’s Go Party printables, or our vintage Barbie party printables to decorate your party!

Don’t miss all our amazing real Barbie parties!

Best Party Themes for Adults - Barbie Birthday Parties

2. Taylor Swift Birthday Parties

A Taylor Swift-themed party for adults is a stellar choice for a birthday celebration, merging the infectious energy of her music with nostalgic vibes.

Swiftie-inspired outfits and iconic album art transform the event into a lively, visually captivating experience. It’s the perfect theme for those wanting a dynamic and memorable adult birthday bash filled with music, style, and a shared love for Taylor Swift’s enduring influence.

Don’t miss all our amazing real Taylor Swift parties and check out our wonderful Taylor Swift party ideas!

Best Party Themes for Adults - Taylor Swift Birthday Parties

3. 21st Birthday Parties

A 21st is a big deal and one of those milestone birthdays that need to be celebrated in style.

Make sure there’s a photo booth so you can take a bunch of awesome photos of family and friends to look back on.

Check out all our awesome 21st birthday themes, and browse real 21st birthday parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - 21st Birthday Parties

4. 30th Birthday Parties

Saying goodbye to your 20’s is big deal, so get together with your family members and friends to drink to your 30th birthday!

Don’t be intimidated by such a big number and enjoy all the good things ahead of you!

Browse real 30th birthday parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - 30th Birthday Parties

5. 40th Birthday Parties

Turning 40 can be daunting, but don’t let that stop you from throwing a party to remember.

It’s the perfect occasion to go all out and make this a memorable one!

Browse real 40th birthday parties here, and don’t miss all our 40th birthday themes!

Best Party Themes for Adults - 40th Birthday Parties

6. 50th Birthday Parties

Everyone will be so looking forward to singing happy birthday to you for your 50th!

Such an important birthday deserves a unique party theme at a special spot, such as a favorite restaurant.

Browse real 50th birthday parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - 50th Birthday Parties

7. Retro/Vintage Parties

A retro-themed party is a great choice for anyone celebrating a milestone birthday, such as a 30th, 40th, 50th, etc…

Go back in time and treat everyone to a fun throwback to the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s. You can bet it will be a night to remember.

Browse real retro/vintage parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Retro Parties

8. Disco Parties

A disco-themed party will undoubtedly be a hit! Who doesn’t love a party with great music and lots of dancing?

You can bet everyone will be scrabbling to hit the dance floor and have a good time.

Browse real disco parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Disco Parties

9. Pool Parties

If you are throwing a party on a hot summer day, cool everyone off with a fab pool party, lots of delicious ice cream, and some refreshing cocktails in the sun.

It’s a great way to host a birthday celebration during the summer, so make sure you tell your guests to bring their swimsuits, bikinis, trunks, and towels!

Browse real pool parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Pool Parties

10. Luau Parties

Transport your family and friends to tropical shores, full of palm trees, with a Hawaiian luau-themed party.

It’s a great summer party theme where you can serve lots of fresh fruit, salads, and of course, whip up some famous Hawaiian Mai Tai’s!

Here are some on-trend luau party ideas to give you great ideas!

Browse real luau parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Luau Parties

11. Mermaid Parties

Another awesome summer party theme is a mermaid party, where you can take your guests on a magical under the sea extravaganza.

Treat everyone to a mystical celebration with these mermaid dessert inspirations, including ideas for cute cookies, cupcakes, and cakes, we’ve got you covered.

Browse real mermaid birthday parties here.


And don’t miss these fantastic free mermaid party printables to decorate your party and this collection of mermaid party supplies!

Browse real mermaid parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Mermaid Parties

12. BBQ Parties

There’s nothing better than a laidback BBQ in your backyard or at a park with those closest to you.

Here are some great barbecue party ideas to get you planning.

Your menu can be much more than just burgers on the grill. Add some tasty, tangy summer salads, ice-cold drinks, some s’mores pizza and some adorable BBQ grill cookies.

For instance, placing cold beers and ice in an empty BBQ is a great way to serve drinks like in the photo below.

How about serving chips and dip in this DIY tiered BBQ serving tray.

And how about setting up the adorable BBQ picnic candy table for your little guests. They will eat it up!

Browse all our real BBQ parties here.


We’ve even got these fun free Solo Cup BBQ party printables or our free rusting BBQ party printables to give your party some style!

Best Party Themes for Adults - BBQ Parties

13. Fiesta Parties

If you love a Mexican fiesta then you’ve just got yourself a great theme for a memorable party! 2024 is the year of the fiesta parties!

Make sure your party decorations are full of bright colors and that you treat your guest’s lots of tasty tacos and margaritas.

Everyone will have so much fun, and it’s perfect if you are looking for a summer theme party!

Browse real Mexican fiesta parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Fiesta Parties

14. Boho Picnic Parties

Over the past year, boho picnic parties have become so popular on

There’s something so laidback and whimsical about comfy floor cushions and gorgeous boho-style decorations.

It’s one of our best party themes for a ladies get together, or a bridal shower.

Decorate your party using this easy boho dreamcatcher DIY.

Browse real boho chic parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Boho Picnic Parties

15. Dinner Parties

If you’d rather keep things small and intimate how about throwing a dinner party with your best friends?

You don’t need a large number of guests and you can all enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed setting.

What’s great about a dinner party is that you can either go over the top and have a glam affair or simply have a rustic-themed party with lots of floral arrangements.

Browse real dinner parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults - Dinner Parties

16. Bridal Shower Parties

If like me, you love party planning, then you’ll love throwing a bridal shower!

It’s the perfect way to pamper a bride-to-be and spend some quality time together enjoying good food and drinks.

Don’t forget to keep everyone entertained with some fun party games.

Download our free bridal shower party printables to decorate your parties.

Browse real bridal showers here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Bridal Shower Parties

17. Bachelorette Parties

A girl can’t get married with about a proper ‘fling before the ring’ so round up the bride to be best friends and have the ultimate girl’s night out/in!

It’s a fun way to have a proper send-off before the big day, by either going all out and dancing the night away at a swanky club or by simply spending a lovely weekend away glamping with your closest friends.

Browse real bachelorette parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Bachelorette Parties

18. Brunch Parties

If you want to throw an easy-going party where everyone can mix and mingle then maybe you could go for a brunch party.

It’s a great theme if you are planning a party with a more relaxed atmosphere. Serve a buffet with lots of types of food, conveniently combining the best of breakfast and lunch.

Browse real brunch parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Brunch

19. Spa Parties

Kick back and relax with one of the most indulgent birthday party themes imaginable!

There’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a massage, facial, and manicure.

Browse real spa parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Spa Parties

20. Parisian Parties

This next all-time favorite theme is oh so chic!

There’s no better excuse to add some style and sophistication to your birthday celebrations than by throwing a French Parisian party!t

It’s the next best thing to a trip to the French capital of lights.

Browse real French/Parisian parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Parisian Parties

21. Chanel Parties

If you are a true fashionista you are going to love this next classic party theme.

A Chanel birthday is perfect for anyone who loves elegance, and there’s nothing more stylish than a birthday cake topped with a gold stiletto and covered in fresh roses.

Browse real Chanel parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Chanel Parties

22. Tiffany’s Parties

Another stylish party theme that oozes luxury would have to be a Tiffany’s party, inspired by the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Add some sparkle to your big day and throw a party to dazzle all your guests, by creating an elegant affair, reminiscent of the classic movie. Decorate your party with as many pearls, silver, and gemstones as you can get your hands on, and don’t forget to incorporate the signature Tiffany blue-inspired boxes too!

Browse real Tiffany’s parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Tiffany's Parties

23. Kate Spade Parties

If you love fashion and still haven’t found the perfect party theme how about throwing a Kate Spade birthday?

Decorate your dessert table with her iconic black and white stripes with pops of pink and gold.

Browse real Kate Spade parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Kate Spade Parties

24. Great Gatsby Parties

If you love themed parties and everything about the roaring 20’s how about throwing a Great Gatsby party? Step back and time and treat your guests to some vintage glam.

As long as you have lots of feathers, bubbly champagne, great jazz, and lots of sparkles, you really can’t go wrong. Ask your guest to come in costume.

Don’t forget to include the dress code on the invitation! See how many guests in flapper dresses show up. Who doesn’t love a 20’s costume party!

Browse real Great Gatsby parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Great Gatsby Parties

25. Masquerade Parties

A great way to add some sophisticated mystique to your celebration is by throwing a masquerade-themed party. It’s the perfect excuse for everyone to dress up and have fun.

Chandeliers and Venetian artisan masks are a must-have and a big part of the 16th-century attire, typically associated with a masquerade party.

Browse real masquerade parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Masquerade Parties

26. Glam Parties

Treat yourself to a glamorous party theme where your guests can have a ball showing off all the glitz, glamour, and bling.

There’s something so was exuberant about looking elegant and feeling like 1 million dollars, so roll out the red carpet and throw a party that will go down in history!

Browse real glam parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Glam Parties

27. Black Tie Parties

It isn’t always easy figuring out a party theme for a men’s birthday, but if you are planning a memorable event and want to make it an elegant affair how about throwing a tuxedo-themed party?

Make sure to add black, gold, and lots of dazzle to your decorations to create a sophisticated look.

It’s also a great theme for a reunion, anniversary, or even a New Year’s Eve party.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Black Tie Parties

28. Superhero Parties

If you’re a kid at heart and still get a real kick out of a great superhero movie and tv show, how about throwing an awesome superhero party?

It’s the perfect theme for a die-hard Marvel or DC fan who relishes all the action and strength superheroes, such as Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, possess.

Browse real superhero parties here.


Also, download our free superhero party printables to decorate your party in a pow-erful way!

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Superhero Parties

29. Movie Night Parties

Treat everyone to a great time by hosting a fab movie night party where your guests are treated like movie stars and get red carpet treatment.

Send out tickets instead of party invitations and share your love for movies with all your family and friends.

Decorate your party with movie reels, clapboards, movie cameras, film strips, a Hollywood sign, and of course, lots of popcorn!

Browse real movie night parties here.

Free Movie Night Party Printables

Download our awesome free movie night party printables to give your party some pizazz!

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Movie Night Parties

30. Star Wars Parties

The ultimate fun party theme for a wanna-be Jedi, who’s still a kid at heart, is undoubtedly a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

Star Wars continues to be a force in many grownups’ lives, so throw the greatest party in the galaxy, with an awesome Star Wars cake, and take your guests on a journey to the distant corners of the universe.

Here are some fun Star Wars chocolates that are so easy to make and a sure crowd-pleaser. Here are a few more Star Wars party ideas to inspire you.

Browse real Star Wars parties here.

Free Star Wars Party Printables

Use our free Star Wars party printables to add that special touch to your party!

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Star Wars Parties

31. Harry Potter Parties

Finding great adult birthday party ideas can sometimes be tough, but if you are into witchcraft and wizardry and love Harry Potter you might want to consider throwing a Harry Potter birthday party!

The environment sets the whole mood for the party so fill your venue with a bunch of Harry Potter-inspired decorations, such as old suitcases, birdcages, and a couple of broomsticks.

Browse real Harry Potter parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Harry Potter Parties

32. Game of Thrones Parties

Send out the ravens and party like we are still in medieval times with a Game of Thrones-inspired party!

Decorate your party with GOT posters or even a Westeros map, lots of dragon eggs, and cover your chairs with sheepskins and furs, after all, winter is coming.

Browse real Game of Thrones parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Game of Thrones Parties

33. Murder Mystery Parties

It isn’t easy finding the perfect theme for an adult birthday party, so how about trying something a little different and hosting a murder mystery party where everyone gets to participate and figure out who did it?

Prior to the night, get your murder mystery party kit which includes everything you’ll need for the night, including the murder story, the clues, and the background story of each of your characters a.k.a. your guests.

What’s cool about the party theme is that it’s such a fun and unique way to get your guests involved in what will be a memorable night.

Browse real murder mystery parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Murder Mystery Parties

34. James Bond Parties

Another excellent adult party theme for a die-hard 007 fan is a James Bond-themed party.

Make it a memorable event by letting your guests know they must come dressed to kill and don’t forget to serve his signature shaken, not stirred Martini!

Browse real James Bond parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - James Bond Parties

35. Casino Parties

Recreate the ultimate Vegas-like experience by throwing a casino night party with your family and friends.

It’s a great excuse to get everyone together to play some blackjack, poker, or roulette, all while enjoying sophisticated appetizers at an easy-to-eat buffet.

Everyone will jump at the opportunity to get all dressed up and feel glamorous for the night so make sure you let them know the dress code.

Browse real casino parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Casino Parties

36. Game Night Parties

We are all so ready to get back to socializing with family and friends like we used to, so how about throwing a fun games night?

Dust off those old board games and sit down for an exciting night jam-packed with games and lots of snacks!

Browse real game night parties here.

Free Game Night Party Printables

Download our free game night party printables to give your party some style!

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Game Night Parties

37. Rodeo Cowboy Parties

An all-time favorite adult birthday party theme is a good old rodeo party where everyone gets to celebrate in a laidback and relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a good theme for a fancy dress party so make sure your guests bring their cowboy boots and hats, which will double up as great photo booth props!

Create a cowboy saloon bar with small tables and low seats grouped around them, and decorate your space with hay bales covered with hessian bags for your guests to sit on.

If you wants lots of great cowboy birthday party ideas, we’ve got them!

Browse real cowboy parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Rodeo Cowboy Parties

38. Jack Daniels Parties

A good theme for those that are passionate about whisky is a Jack Daniels-themed party.

Make sure all your decorations are on theme and that there’s plenty of whisky for everyone.

Browse real cocktail parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Jack Daniels Parties

39. Beer Parties

If on the other hand beer is more of your thing (or probably, in this case, his) then how about a fun idea and throwing a beer-inspired party!

Make it a tasting party and serve a bunch of different types of beer. Make sure you have cool party games too.

Browse real beer parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Beer Parties

40. Golf Parties

The perfect theme for anyone that loves a good round of golf is obviously a golf-themed birthday party!

Set up a wall with photos to show off all his golfing achievements and decorate with golf-themed party decorations.

Browse real golf parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Golf Parties

41. Fishing Parties

If you have a fishing enthusiast in your family then how about throwing them a fishing-themed adult birthday party?

Decorate your party with fishing supplies, such as some silver buckets, lures, and fishing rods. You really can’t go wrong!

Browse real fishing parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Fishing Parties

42. Football Parties

Sport-themed parties are the best!

If you are stuck on a theme for a man’s birthday party how about treating him to a football-themed one?

Serve lots of game-day foods and decorate the party with a bunch of football-inspired decor.

You can bet your male guests are gonna have a blast!

Browse real football parties here.

Free Football Party Printables

Download our free football party printables to add that special touch to your party!

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Football Part

43. Cars Parties

A lot of men can’t get enough of their vintage cars and take what feels like a long time taking care of them.

If your planning a party for someone who’s passionate about cars then a car-themed party is a great option.

Browse real cars parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Car  Part

44. Pirate Parties

Adults love pirates just as much as kids do, so it’s the perfect party theme for anyone you know that is fascinated with them.

Decorate your party with skeletons, pirate flags, and treasure chests to create a pirate vibe, and don’t forget to serve lots of rum!

Browse real pirate parties here.

Free Pirate Party Printables

Use our free pirate party printables to add some style to your party

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Pirate Part

45. Galentine’s Day Parties

A Galentines’ day is all about women coming together and celebrating their friendship.

It’s such a great idea and there’s literally no better way to catch up than with a wonderful ladies’ night!

Browse real Valentine’s Day parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Galentine's Day Parties

46. Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl comes once a year and is such a big deal in our house!

There’s nothing we love more than having friends over to watch the big game in our living room, and share delicious game food with.

Browse real Super Bowl parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Super Bowl Parties

47. Mardi Gras Parties

Throwing a Mardi Gras party can be so much fun! It’s such a great party theme for anyone that loves New Orleans and everything about the Big Easy!

Treat your guests to amazing New Orleans-inspired cuisine and serve Hurricanes to drink.

Don’t forget to have lots of Mardi Gras beads on hand to decorate your party and to wear.

Browse real Mardi Gras parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Mardi Gras Parties

48. Halloween Parties

A Halloween party perfect excuse for party guests to put on a fancy dress and celebrate one of the year’s best holidays!

Round up all your friends and host a spooky night with lots of cobwebs, skulls, and creepy crawlies.

Browse real Halloween parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Halloween Parties

49. Friendsgiving Parties

There’s nothing better than gathering all your friends together and letting each other know just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

A Friendsgiving party is a perfect theme for an adult party and it’s such a fun way to spend some quality time together in the Fall.

Make it a relaxed ambiance with lots of comfy floor cushions and a laidback vibe.

Browse real Thanksgiving parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Friendsgiving Parties

50. Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties

If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate Christmas with your family or friends how about throwing an ugly sweater party?

Make it a tradition and have every come dressed in the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find.

Make sure you hand out a prize for the ugliest sweater of them all!

Browse real Christmas parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties

51. NYE Parties

Ring in the New Year by throwing an epic NYE party. Decorate with lots of sparkle, as you dance the night away, and drink champagne.

It’s the perfect way to end the holiday season and celebrate all the wonderful things the new year has to offer!

Browse real New Year’s Eve parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  -  NYE Parties

52. Chinese New Year Parties

Throw a Chinese New Year party to wish a new year of good fortune to your loved ones.

It’s a wonderful theme that allows yout to celebrate Chinese culture and traditions.

Serve a wide variety of Chinese dishes, each with its own symbolic meaning that is supposed to boost the amount of luck that arrives at your door.

Browse real Chinese New Year parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  -  Chinese New Year Parties

53. Olympics Parties

There’s nothing I love more than sports, which is why I get so excited each time it’s the Olympic games.

It’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company while watching the games together.

If you’re celebrating a birthday during that time how about throwing an Olympics-themed party. You never know, team USA may even give you a birthday surprise!

Browse real Olympic parties here.

Best Party Themes for Adults  - Olympics Parties

Adult Party Themes FAQs

Why should I consider having a themed adult party?

Themed parties add a unique and entertaining touch, making celebrations more memorable and engaging.

How do I choose the perfect theme for an adult party?

Consider the interests and preferences of the guests of honor, ensuring the theme aligns with their tastes.

Are there themes suitable for both formal and casual adult parties?

Yes, there are versatile themes that can be adapted to various levels of formality, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion.themes suitable for both formal and casual adult parties?

Can themed parties work for small gatherings as well as larger events?

Yes, themed parties are adaptable and can be scaled to fit the size of the celebration, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a larger affair.

How can I ensure guests actively participate in the themed activities?

Incorporate interactive elements like games or contests related to the theme, encouraging guests to get involved and have fun.

Are there budget-friendly options for planning a themed adult party?

Yes, there are cost-effective ways to execute a themed party, such as DIY decorations and creative use of existing resources.

We hope you enjoyed this post of the top 53 best party themes for adults!

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing grown-up party themes on our site! Happy planning!

Need more adult birthday party ideas and inspirations?


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