How Awesome Are These 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men?!

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A 40th birthday is a major milestone in everyone life and is a date that has to be celebrated with a birthday party to remember.

If your coming close to the big 4-0 and are looking for inspiration, check out these awesome 40th birthday party ideas for men that we've rounded up from all the parties that have been shared on

How Awesome Are These 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men?!

We've so many cool ideas for 40th birthday party decorations, party food, activities and so much more. Enjoy...

How Awesome Are These 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Men?!

1: 40th Birthday Dessert Table

To kick off our list of awesome 40th birthday party ideas for men we have the coolest dessert table you'll ever set your eyes on!

This party theme was a 'geek' birthday and the colorful dessert table takes you back in time.

Men's 40th birthday dessert table

2: 40th Birthday Cake

There are so many fabulous 40th birthday party themes for men. One of the most popular is the casino party!

If it's the theme of your choice, then this casino birthday cake is a sure bet!

It just oozes Las Vegas, with all the playing card, dice, and chips.

Casino themed 40th birthday cake

3: 40th Birthday Cupcakes

Another popular party theme is a whiskey birthday, and these cupcake toppers are an excellent pick!

Just as whiskey, you too have been aged to perfection!

40th Birthday Cupcakes for men

4: 40th Birthday Cake Pops

A car-themed birthday can be 'just up the street' for a speed-loving man.

These gear stick cake pops are a fun party food idea.

Gear Stick Cake Pops

5: 40th Birthday Cookies

These playing cards and chip sugar-coated cookies are another cool pick for a casino themed birthday party.

They'll look fabulous on a plate on your dessert table. You can bet your guests will love them!

Casino themed 40th birthday cookies


6: 40th Birthday Party Decorations

Create that retro feel at your 40th with a wreath made of soda and beer bottle caps.

Just glue a bunch on a wreath with a glue gun and you're good to go!

Bottle Cap Wreath Party Decoration

7: 40th Birthday Centerpiece

Celebrate your big day with some fun 40th birthday party decorations like these!

Get yourself some numbered foil balloons, of the year you were born, and use them to decorate your party!


40th birthday party decorations

8: 40th Birthday Pinata

Liquor is a must at a 40th birthday party.

So that you and your guests can drink all night long, create a bar where everwhere can help themselves to a drink.

Fill your bar with a bunch of colorful accessories, such as straws, cocktail stirrers, and cocktail umbrellas.

Bar accessories for a 40th birthday party

9: 40th Birthday Party Activity

If you're having a casino themed 40th birthday, then you must have your own mini-casino to entertain your guests!

Blackjack, roulette, and poker are easy to set up and loads of fun.

Casino 40th birthday Party Activity

10.: 40th Birthday Photo Booth

Men are grownup kids that love to geek out on superheroes and StarWars.

So how about creating an awesome character photo booth with a bunch of costumes so they everyone can dress up and fool around while having their photo taken?!

You can bet everyone will have a blast!

40th Birthday Party Photo Booth Props |


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