50 Stylish Paris Party Decorations and Ideas!

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Only an actual trip to Paris can be more exciting than throwing a Parisian-themed party! So, if you are planning one be sure not to miss all the 50 stylish Paris party decorations and ideas we've rounded up for you.

It's a wonderful theme, be it for a birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or even a bachelorette party!

50 Stylish Paris Party Decorations and Ideas

50 Stylish Paris Party Decorations and Ideas!

Check out all the chic Parisian party ideas and decorations we've found so you can host a party to remember!

1. Paris-themed Party Invitation

First things first... make a guest list and send out your party invitations!

This colorful illustrated 'spend a day in Paris' invitation is the perfect way to invite your friends and family to your Parisian party.

Paris-themed Party Invitation

2. Parisian Birthday Party Invitation

Ooh, la la! This next party invitation is oh so chic! The pink Eiffel Tower is so elegant.

Your guests will be RSVPing you the second they receive theirs!


Parisian Birthday Party Invitation

3. Laduree Birthday Party

The macarons and pastries from Pâtisserie E. Ladurée are famous around the world and are a must-have when in Paris.

Treat your guests to a delicious feast with a delightful Laudree-themed tea party!

Transform your dessert table into a patisserie storefront, in the traditional Laduree green, and decorate with beautiful pink roses and your finest porcelain.

Laduree Birthday Party

4. French Patisserie Garden Party

This gorgeous illustrated pastel dessert table is another beautiful example of a Laduree-themed party!

It's so delicate and sweet, just like your birthday girl.

Set out a bunch of small cafe tables for your guests to enjoy their pastries just like they would if they were in Paris.

French Patisserie Garden Party

5. Elegant Pink and Black Paris-themed Sweet 16

A sweet 16 is one of those milestone birthdays that deserves to be celebrated with a memorable party.

If your daughter dreams of one day visiting Paris, how about treating her and her guests to a romantic Paris- themed birthday party?

What could be better than pretending to be in the city of lights, right?

For a quick and easy party decoration use an Eiffel Tower backdrop to make your dessert table pop!

Elegant Pink and Black Paris-Themed Sweet 16

6. Ooh La La Parisian Party

Transport everyone to the streets of Paris by adding some vintage street lights to your dessert table.

They will look amazing and add an authentic 'city of lights' vibe to your party.

Ooh La La Parisian Party

7. Parisian Patisserie Illustrated Backdrop

Cafe culture is a big part of the Parisian lifestyle.

Parisians love nothing more than to sit and chat away in cafes, so create your own Parisian cafe by decorating your dessert table with this lovely black and white illustrated backdrop.

Your guests are going to be blown away!

Parisian Patisserie Illustrated Backdrop

8. Parisian Sleepover

Sleepovers are so on-trend right now, so how about treating your guests to the perfect French celebration and throwing an unforgettable slumber party?

Place Parisian-themed pillows and goodies at the entrance of each teepee for your guests to use during the party and to take home with them the following day.

Parisian Sleepover

9. Parisian Welcome Poster

Welcome your guests to your Paris-themed party with a gorgeous personalized welcome sign.

It's a wonderful party decoration to place at the entrance of your party. Love the flowers and the beautifully illustrated Eiffel Tower.

Parisian Welcome Poster

10. Parisian Baby Shower Cake

The cake, at any party, should always be a showstopper and take center stage on a dessert table.

This gorgeous Paris-inspired baby shower cake is so elegant and looks absolutely amazing. The sweet pink fondant roses and white pearls decorate the cake beautifully, and what could be better than topping a cake with the iconic Eiffel Tower?

Parisian Baby Shower Cake

11. Laduree Birthday Cake

If you love macarons and are thinking of throwing a Laduree-French-themed Parisian party then you don't want to miss this incredible birthday cake.

Decorated to look like a Laduree box and decorated with pastel-colored macaroons, a cute scooter, and a fabulous Eiffel Tower, this birthday cake will delight all of your guests.

Laduree Birthday Cake

12. Effiel Tower Birthday Cake

If you really want to make a statement then this next birthday cake is the most amazing birthday cake EVER!

WOW! This Eiffel Tower birthday cake is truly one-of-a-kind and most definitely stands out at a Paris-themed party.

Effiel Tower Birthday Cake

13. Parisian Tea Party Birthday Cake

Paris is a wonderful city to stroll about and take in the sites and pretty little cafés and boutiques.

This tiered birthday cake perfectly sums up Paris with its beautiful storefronts. You couldn't wish for a more romantic cake. Topped off with the Effiel Tower this cake is sure to impress.

Parisian Tea Party Birthday Cake

14. Tiered Effiel Tower Birthday Cake

You'll definitely want to be showing off this next cake!

Made up of four tiers this beautiful white cake is decorated with a hand-drawn pink Eiffel Tower. The fresh flowers at the base add so much to this cake and give it a romantic Parisian vibe.

Tiered Effiel Tower Birthday Cake

15. Madeline in Paris- Inspired Birthday Cake

If your little girl loves reading about Madeline's adventures in Paris, then she'll be thrilled with a Madeline-inspired birthday cake!

Designed to look like Madeline's outfit this cake is so inspirational!

Madeline in Paris- Inspired Birthday Cake

16. Paris-themed Cookies

Cookies are always a big hit at a party and this exquisite mix of chic Parisian cookies are so stunning.

Included in the mix is a pink Eiffel Tower, a stack of pastel macaroons, a patisserie storefront, and more delightful cookies that will transport you to the city of lights.

Paris-Themed Cookies

17. Parisian Cookies

Paris is well known for being a dog-friendly city, and we all have the stereotypical image of fashionable Parisian ladies walking their stylish poodles in our minds.

For a fun idea add some adorable poodle cookies to your Parisian cookie mix!

Parisian Cookies

18. Effiel Tower Cookies on Sticks

For something a little different, and equally, as impressive, treat your guests to these fabulous pink Effiel Tower cookies on sticks.

They'll look stunning on your dessert table and, I can guarantee, gone in no time.

Effiel Tower Cookies on Sticks

19. Stylish Parisian Cake Pops

Your guests will be saying 'ooh la la' the second they set their eyes on these elegant Parisian cake pops.

Decorated with Effiel Towers and banners saying 'Ooh la la', these cake pops will add some French style to your dessert table!

Stylish Parisian Cake Pops

20. Parisian Macarons

Paris is famous for its macarons. Their crunchy exterior and soft filling, which is typically made of a ganache, buttercream, or jam, are hard to resist.

It's a wonderful party food to serve at a French-themed party and looks so delicate in their pretty pastel colors.

Add a special touch by decorating yours with tiny gold Effiel towers.

Parisian Macarons

21. Macaron Tower

One of the best ways to serve macarons at a party is to create a macaron tower.

It'll look amazing on your dessert table and is an elegant way to serve this delicious French delicacy.

Macaron Tower

22. Parisian Cupcakes

Everyone loves a cupcake and these Parisian ones are no exception.

Placed in pretty pink 'oui oui' cupcake wrappers, and topped with an Effiel Tower topper, your guests will be dying to get their hands on one!

Parisian Cupcakes

23. Eiffel Tower Chocolates on Sticks

Another great party food for a french themed party are some fun chocolate Effiel Towers on sticks.

They'll look fantastic on your dessert table and so on theme!

Eiffel Tower Chocolates on Sticks

24. French Pastries Party Food

France is renowned for its delicious cuisine and delicate pastries.

Treat your guest to some traditional mouth-watering French desserts such as mille-feuilles, chocolate eclairs, and palmiers, to name just a few!

French Pastries Party Food


25. Croissants

Wish 'Bon Appetit' to all your guests by filling a basket full of delicious croissants, the king of the bakery, and a true icon of France!

These flaky, buttery treats are the must-have party food for a Parisian party!

26. Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs (or as they say in Paris, 'profiteroles') are an acclaimed classic French dessert filled with tasty cream and dusted with powdered sugar.

They are a yummy Parisian-themed party food that will go down a treat!

Cream Puffs

27. Madeleines

Another typical French food that your guests will love are madeleines.

These heavenly small shell-like sponge cakes are incredibly tasty and are wonderful bite-size party food.


28. Mini Quiche Bites

French cuisine is highly regarded throughout the world. Famous for its simple combinations of rich, natural flavors that come together to create unforgettable dishes. You couldn't wish for a more appetizing selection of party food.

A notable French dish is the classic quiche. The most famous is quiche Lorraine, made with eggs, cream, and lardons. Do feel free to get creative and make a bunch of quiches with different fillings for your party.

Mini Quiche Bites 

29. French Crêperie Bar

A fun food idea for your French-themed party is to set up a 'crêperie' stand with a mix of sweet and savory crepes for your guests to feast on.

It's the perfect way to bring some Parisian flair to your party!

French Crepes

30. Cheese Board

Special occasions deserve special treats and there's nothing more mouth-watering than a cheeseboard with a collection of French cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert. 

Add some other cheeses to the mix, like some cheddar or Parmigiano, along with some fruit, nuts, and crackers.

Cheese Board

31. Pink and Black Parisian Party

There are so many Paris party supplies out there for you to choose from to decorate your party.

Make your table settings stand out with some pretty pink and black Eiffel Tower paper plates, napkins, some Effiel Tower bottles, and wonderful Eiffel Tower centerpieces!

Pink and Black Parisian Party

32. Parisian Table Settings

If your Parisian party theme is a Laduree-inspired tea party you don't want to miss these gorgeous table settings.

Decorate your table with pretty teacups and floral centerpieces for a sophisticated look.

Parisian Table Settings

33. Madeline in Paris Table Settings

The Madeline books are a great theme for a Parisian party.

Decorate your tables with blue paper plates, a Madeline lollipop, and a red napkin folded to look like a bow.

Add a passport and plane ticket to France for extra fun! 

Madeline in Paris Table Settings

34. Floral Parisian Centerpiece

If you want to get away from the typical Eiffel Tower party decorations you could consider decorating with fresh flowers and Laduree-inspired boxes instead.

They will make your table decorations look so elegant and stylish!

Floral Parisian Centerpiece

35. Parisian Centrepieces

Paris is known as being one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Check out these wonderful Paris-theme party supplies to use as centerpieces, or to simply add as decoration throughout your party.

Parisian Centrepieces

36. Effiel Tower Centerpiece

This Eiffel tower centerpiece adds such sophistication to your table settings!

Add some beautiful fresh flowers and pearls to create some French charm.

Effiel Tower Centrepiece

37. Floral Effiel Tower Party Decoration

If you are looking for a unique Paris-themed party decoration you really don't want to miss this next party idea.

Look at just how impressive this floral Eiffel tower decoration is! I've never anything more exquisite!

Floral Effiel Tower Party Decoration

38. Vintage Moulin Rogue Poster

Decorate your party with French art, such as this gorgeous art nouveau Moulin Rouge poster.

It's the perfect party decor for a Parisian party!

Vintage Moulin Rogue Poster

39. 'Je Ne Regrette Rien' Poster

Another cool party decoration is this poster with the famous phrase from the famous Edith Piaf song 'Je Ne Regrette Rien'.

Edith Piaf is one of the country's most loved international stars whose ballads touch the heart of many.

'Je Ne Regrette Rien' Poster

40. Macaron Pinata

Pinatas are a huge hit with kids. There's so much fun to be had in smashing one to bits and seeing all the candy fall down from it.

This macaron pinata is ideal for a Parisian-themed party, especially if you are throwing a tea party!

Macaron Pinata

41. Eiffel Tower Pinata

Pinatas are always a good idea. Not only are they great at keeping kids entertained but they also double up as wonderful party decorations.

This Eiffel Tower pinata is amazing and just what you need for your Paris-themed party!

Eiffel Tower Piñata

42. 'Pin The Mustache' Party Activity

Finding a fun party activity for a Paris-themed party can be tough which is why we loved this one the second we set our eyes on it!

It's a 'Pin the Mustache' game which everyone will enjoy. Blindfold the player and have them try to pin the mustache in the correct spot on the Frenchman. Whoever gets closest wins!

'Pin The Mustache' Party Activity

43. Parisian Artist Party Activity

Paris is also known as the capital of the arts because so many famous artists were attracted to the city, such as Monet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Matisse, to name just a few.

The banks of the river Seine are renowned as a place artists gravitate towards to paint, so how about treating the guests to the ultimate Parisian experience at your French party by having a party activity where each one gets to create their own painting?

Parisian Artist Party Activity

44. French Mime Clown

France is famous for its miming street artists which is why a miming entertainer is a great party activity for kids at a French party.

The art of mime (acting using body movements as opposed to speech) is a large part of French culture and is the perfect way to add a touch of Paris to your party.

French Mime Clown

45. Paris Bingo

Voila! We've found a perfect way to keep your guests entertained without spending a ton of money!

Treat your guests to a fun Parisian-inspired game of bingo.

Download and print out this Parisian bingo and you're good to go!

Paris Bingo

46. Parisian Photo Booth Props

Kids love photo booths! It'll be so much fun to fool around with these awesome French-inspired photo props and have a laugh while having your photo taken.

Get clicking and make some unforgettable memories!

Parisian Photo Booth Props

47. Parisian Bracelet Party Favor

Paris is all about style and fashion so treat your little guests to these pretty Paris-themed party favor bracelets.

Sometimes it's the small details that make a difference and the Eiffel Tower pendant on these bracelets gives them a unique chicness!

Parisian Bracelet Party Favor

48. Eiffel Tower Party Favor Boxes

Send your party guests home with a smile on their faces with these gorgeous Eiffel Tower party favor boxes.

They'll look fantastic on a table and are just what you need to fill with goodies!

Eiffel Tower Party Favor Boxes

49. Parisian Party Favor Box

You won't want to miss these beautiful Laduree-inspired party favor boxes.

They are perfect to fill with  Paris- themed party favors or simply heavenly macarons.

The pink flower decorating the box gives it such a delicate touch!

Parisian Party Favor Box

50. Laduree-Inspired Party Favor Bags

To finish off we've found the perfect Laudree-themed party favor bags for your guests to take home with them.

You can bet they'll feel 'oh so chic' leaving with these stunning bags in their hands, full of wonderful party favors.

Laduree-Inspired Party Favor Bags

We have more wonderful ideas for Paris-themed parties and Paris-themed party supplies.

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