Summer BBQ Candy Table DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

I love summer entertaining, especially when it's easy and casual.

I came up with this idea for creating a quick candy table for a picnic or BBQ using these personalizable “It’s My SOLO Cup” yellow cups. You just peel off the label, write the name of your candy on them by scratching (I used a ballpoint pen with the tip retracted), and stuff with treats.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

To give height to the back row (like on a real candy table), I stacked the cups on upside-down SOLO "For Kids On-The-Go" cups (which are a little smaller) and used Glue Dots to affix them. They were sturdier than I thought they'd be.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

Wouldn't this be perfect for a summer BBQ or picnic at the park? And think how easy it is to clean up.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

This is a sponsored post by SOLO cups, but all ideas are mine!  To learn more about SOLO cups and see other great ideas, head to the SOLO cups Facebook page.


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  • Printabelle

    Printabelle wrote:

    What a cute idea! I've never seen green or yellow Solo cups, just the red ones. I'll have to check for those in the store, I like how they can color coordinate with your party!