16 Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women!

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Planning a 30th birthday party and need a theme? Take a look at all our 16 popular 30th birthday themes for women from Catch My Party!

Joining club 30 is a milestone in every woman’s life, so celebrate big and in style with all your family and friends.

Check out all these fun themes and have the party of a lifetime!

Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women

Scroll down for fabulous 30th birthday party themes, such as a princess party, a luau, a Chanel party, and many many more…


Take a Look at the Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women!

1: 30 and Fab Birthday Party

It’s so important to pick the perfect theme for such an important milestone.

You may want to go big and host the party of all parties with class and elegance.

Treat yourself, and your guests, to a 30 and fab birthday party everyone will be talking about for years to come!

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30 & Fab 30th birthday party

2: Boho -Themed 30th Birthday Party

Boho picnic parties have become a massive trend over this past year and are popping up all over the place.

It’s a great theme if you want to throw a laidback intimate party with your friends while lounging on comfy floor cushions.

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Boho Picnic 30th Birthday Party

3: Tiffany’s -Themed 30th Birthday Party

A girl loves nothing more than some bling and an expensive piece of jewelry, so celebrate your 30th birthday with a Tiffany-themed party.

Nothing says Tiffany more than the cute blue box and you can see in the party below.

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Tiffany's 30th Birthday Party

4: Brunch – Themed 30th Birthday Party

There’s something so heartwarming about spending quality time with friends over some delicious brunch, which is why a brunch-themed 30th birthday is the party way to celebrate such an important milestone.

Serve a variety of foods that your guests can help themselves to as they mix and mingle.

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Brunch 30th Birthday Party

5: Tea Party -Themed 30th Birthday Party

Another popular 30th birthday theme is an ever so chic tea party!

Decorate with lots of pretty porcelain teapots, teacups, and serve the ultimate high tea party finger food, such as delicate pastries, tiny sandwiches, and, of course, delicious tea!

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Tea Party 30th Birthday Party

6: Dior -Themed 30th Birthday Party

If style is your thing you are going to love a Dior-themed 30th birthday.

Grab some bottles of champagne and indulge with your friends in a party to remember.

Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Dior

7: Great Gatsby -Themed 30th Birthday Party

Step back in time and celebrate your 30th birthday in style with a roaring ’20s-themed party!

If you’ve read, or even watched, The Great Gatsby you’ll know just how fabulous the ’20s were so get everyone to dress up the nines and put on their dancing shoes and feathers boas. Let the good times roll!

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Great Gatsby 30th Birthday party

8: Hollywood-Themed 30th Birthday Party

If you love everything about Hollywood glam and are a movie buff how about throwing a vintage Hollywood-themed 30th birthday party?

Roll out the red carpet and celebrate in style with some glitz and glamour.

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Hollywood- themed 30th Birthday Party

9: Chanel-Themed 30th Birthday Party

A classy woman deserves a classy party and there’s no better theme than a Chanel 30th birthday!

It just oozes chic and style and is the perfect theme for a fashionista.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Chanel

10: Luau-themed 30th Birthday Party

Travel to distant shores with a luau-themed party full of palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, and more importantly tropical cocktails.

It’s a great theme if your birthday is during the summer and you can throw it outdoors.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Luau

11: Floral-Themed 30th Birthday Party

Rustic floral parties are so popular and are such a beautiful theme for a 30th birthday party!

It’s the perfect theme if you love flowers and a great excuse to have as many as you can decorate your party.

Pick your favorite flower and you’ve got yourself the theme for your 30th.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Floral

12: Princess-Themed 30th Birthday Party

Even at 30 every woman still dreams of being a princess, so make your dream come true and throw a princess-themed birthday party.

It’s such an elegant theme and a wonderful opportunity to throw an extravagant party with your friends.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Princess

13: Boho-Themed 30th Birthday Party

A whimsical boho-themed party is a perfect choice if you’re planning a laidback 30th birthday with family and friends.

If you are in touch with nature and want a more relaxed celebration this is the theme you should go with.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Boho

14: Parisian-Themed 30th Birthday Party

Nothing says chic and elegance more than a Parisian themed 30th birthday.

It’s a great theme is you love the city and dream of one day sitting in a Parisian café with a delicious croissant.

So treat your guests to a trip across the ocean to the city of lights.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Parisian

15: ’80s-Themed Birthday Party

Just the fact that you were born in the ’80s is enough reason to celebrate your 30th with an awesome retro party.

Take a trip back in time to when kids break danced, played around with a Rubick cube and everyone had a perm!

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - '80s

16: Mermaid-Themed 30th Birthday Party

If you want to splash how about a 30th birthday bash?

Take your party into the magical world of mystical mermaids with lots of sparkle and seashells.

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Most Popular 30th Birthday Themes for Women - Mermaid

Need more adult birthday party ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the awesome 30th birthday parties on our site, and check out these 30th birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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