24 Popular Summer Party Themes!

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Days are getting longer and school is almost out, and before we know it summer will be here!

Summer parties are such a big hit on Catch My Party, and so many themes work well at this time of year.

Don't miss the 24 most popular summer party themes we've rounded up for you! 24 Popular Summer Party Themes!The summer is such a great time to throw a party! With the sun out, there's nothing better than being outdoors, especially with friends and family! So make sure you check out these 24 most popular summer party themes to help you come up with the perfect theme for your upcoming party!

You won't be lost for ideas with all the great themes we've rounded up for you! We've got ice cream socials, summer BBQs, July 4th parties, beach parties, and even watermelon parties, to mention just a few. Take a look for yourself!

24 Popular Summer Party Themes!

1: Ice Cream Parties

Summer ice cream parties are a great excuse, not only to eat lots of ice cream but to make use of lots of colors.

Treat your guests to delicious popsicles and an ice cream bar, where they can make their own ice cream sundaes with fun toppings, such as nuts, sprinkles, chopped fruit, etc...

Take a look at sweet ice cream party supplies!

Ice Cream Parties

2: BBQ Parties

Even a simple summer BBQ can be turned into a fun party with friends with just a little creativity.

It can be so much more than just delicious food on the grill, tasty summer salads, and ice-cold drinks.

For instance, placing cold beers and ice in an empty BBQ is a great way to serve drinks!

Check out these awesome BBQ party supplies!

BBQ Parties

3: Beach Parties

What can be a more summery party theme than a beach party?!

Even if you can't actually have your party on the beach, don't let this stop you.

We've got plenty of ideas for you to take the beach to your venue, as you can see below with these gorgeous boho table settings!

You won't believe our fun beach party supplies!

Beach Parties

4: Camping Parties

A camping-themed party can be just as much fun as sleeping out under the stars during the summer.

We've so many awesome parties for you to look through for fantastic camping and glamping ideas, such as the moon and star garland at this girls' camping party!

You don't want to miss our wonderful camping party supplies!

Camping Parties

5: Garden Parties

Garden parties and summer go hand in hand. Take your party outside and the most of the great outdoors and the wonderful weather.

Treat your guests to a rustic floral party where flowers are the star of the party decorations.

You can add some butterflies to your party too and create a gorgeous whimsical vibe.

Swoon over these beautiful garden party supplies!

Garden Parties

6: July 4th Parties

The most popular summer party has to be July 4th! It's an excellent excuse to spend the day eating great food with friends and family while enjoying the heat and sun.

We've got a ton of amazing ideas for you, from fun patriotic cookies, and cakes, to patriotic party decorations. So don't worry, we've got you covered!

Check out our fantastic July 4th party supplies!

July 4th Parties

7: Pool Parties

Kids love nothing more than splashing around at a pool party during the summer.

But even if you don't have one, don't let that stop you from having a pool-themed party of your own.

Check out the great ideas we have for pool party birthday cakes, cookies, and party decorations.

Look no further for stunning pool party supplies!

Pool Parties

8: Lemonade Parties

A lemonade stand is such a part of summer and is such an excellent theme for a summer party.

The bright yellow is so cheerful that it'll surely get everyone in the party mood.

Don't miss our wonderful ideas such as serving your guests to pink and regular lemonade at your very own lemonade stand!

Get ready to be blown away with these sweet lemonade party supplies!

Lemonade Parties

9: Surfing Parties

If your more of a sporty type and love to surf, then a surfing summer party theme is just what you need.

I love the surfboard backdrop at this summer party. You can almost feel the sand under your feet!

Check out these cool surf party supplies!

10: Flamingo Parties

Flamingo parties have been a massive hit for a number of years now, and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere any time soon.

It's such a popular party theme with girls and there are so many incredible ideas out there.

Flamingo birthday cakes are always the show stopper, so you can't really go wrong with this tropical theme.

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11: Pineapple Parties

You can't have a tropical summer party without a pineapple, right?  So why not make the pineapple the theme of your party?

It's such a popular one here on Catch My Party and we've so many excellent ideas for you to choose from.

Even the simple idea of serving cocktails in pineapples is so much fun and your guests will love it!

Don't miss these delightful pineapple party supplies!

Pineapple Parties

12: Luau Parties

You can't get a better summer-themed party than a Hawaiian luau!

They are a wonderful excuse to decorate your party with colorful hibiscus flowers and to transport your guests to a place where the sun always shines and where you can't help but feel happiness.

Take a look at our fabulous ideas for that ultimate tropical-themed summer party and our gorgeous luau party ideas!

13: Tutti Frutti Parties

As I mentioned earlier, summer parties are a wonderful excuse to use lots of bright and vibrant colors, and another theme that allows you to do so are tutti frutti-themed parties!

Everyone from kids to adults loves fruit, so why not make it your main theme?

Just look at the amazing tiered tutti frutti cake and party decorations below. Simply mouthwatering!

You won't believe our colorful fruit party supplies!

14: Watermelon Parties

Another favorite summer fruit and popular party theme are watermelons.

There are so many excellent watermelon party ideas on Catch My Party.

You'll find inspiration for everything from party decorations to watermelon party food.

Take a look for yourself, and don't miss our cute watermelon party supplies!

Watermelon Parties

15: Moana Parties

The movie Moana was such a big hit and is a favorite with so many children.

Girls love Moana and all she stands for, which explains why it's such a popular princess party theme for a summer bash!

It's a great excuse to recreate the tropical look of the movie and take your guests on a trip to distant shores.

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Moana Parties

16: Picnic Parties

I love picnics! It's a wonderful way to get together with family and friends and have a laid-back party outdoors in the sun.

They are so on-trend right now and are such a cool option if you are stuck for a summer party theme.

You'll need a large blanket, some baskets and delicious picnic food.

Feast your eyes on these lovely picnic party supplies!

Picnic Parties

17: Boho Parties

Boho parties are all about being more connected with nature which makes it a wonderful theme for a summer party.

If you're looking for an eclectic theme with a feminine touch, look no further.

You can never have enough flowers, teepees, and dreamcatchers, right?

We've so many gorgeous boho party supplies, take a look for yourself!

Boho Parties

18: Cactus Parties

A cactus-themed party is perfect for summertime!

Use bright colors and festive vibes, and create a summer fiesta everyone will love.

Add some tacos and some cocktails and you've got yourself a summer celebration.

Check out these cute cactus-themed party supplies!

Cactus Parties

19: Mermaid Parties

One of the most popular party themes on CatchMyParty.com is without a doubt mermaid parties.

It's such a magical theme full of delight. You can't get a much better summer mermaid party than one like this at the beach.

What says summer more than a party where there is sand under your feet?!

Don't miss these beautiful mermaid-themed party supplies!

Mermaid Parties

20: Shark Parties

Summer and sharks go hand in hand, right?! If you are throwing a party this summer and are stuck on a theme how about throwing a shark-themed one?

It's a great excuse to go full-on beach mode, as in the party below, with beach balls and shark warning signs as party decorations.

Take a look at these awesome shark-themed party supplies!

Shark Parties

21: Minnie Mouse Parties

Minnie Mouse is such a classic and loved by so many of us. He definitely has a soft spot in my heart.

Give your Minnie Mouse party more of a summer tropical vibe, by adding flowers and pineapples.

Check out these fun Minnie-themed party supplies!

Minnie Mouse Parties

22: Summer Camp Parties

Summer camp is a big part of many kids' lives, so why not make it the theme of your party?

Decorate with elements of the great outdoors, and of course, treat everyone to some s'mores!

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Summer Camp Parties

23: Glamping Parties

Glamping parties are perfect summer parties!

Set up your large glamping tent and scattered comfy floor seat cushions for everyone to sit down at your laidback party.

Don't miss these fabulous glamping party supplies!

Glamping Parties

24: Backyard Carnival Parties

There's nothing better than all the sweet carnival smells and cheerful music, so lift everyone's spirits with a joyful retro backyard carnival this summer!

Full of magic, mystery, and a whole lot of fun, set up a bunch of booths for awesome games and carnival activities.

Take a look at all these excellent carnival-themed party supplies!

Backyard Carnival Parties

Need more summer party ideas?

And for even more inspiration, check out all these fantastic summer party photos added to our site, and these additional summer party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


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