Fall in love with these 14 Popular Quinceañera Themes!

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If you are planning a quinceanera you don’t want to miss the 14 popular Quinceañera themes we’ve rounded up for you.

A Quinceañera is a lavish 15th birthday party that mark’s a girl’s passage into womanhood.

It’s both a religious and a social event, that brings everyone together to celebrate a milestone moment in the life of every Latina.

With so many themes to choose from it can be a rather daunting task, but don’t worry, we are here to help.

Fall in love with these 14 Popular Quinceañera Themes!

1. Princess Quinceañera

A princess-themed Quinceañera is one of the most popular party themes for girl birthdays.

It’s a great excuse to go over the top and make it an extravagant celebration.

Who wouldn’t love to be treated like a princess for a day?

The birthday cake with the crown topper is amazing!

Pink Princess Quinceanera Birthday Party

2. Alice in Wonderland Quinceañera

This Alice in Wonderland Quinceañera theme takes the cake!

A tea party is a wonderful theme and the exuberant birthday cake is amazing!

Love the fondant upside-down Alice legs cupcake toppers.

Alice in Wonderland Quinceanera

3. Tiffany & Co. Quinceañera

Add some style and glamor to your party with a Tiffany themed quinceañera

Create a glitzy celebration by using as much sparkle as you can with the help of some faux diamonds and pearls.

Use necklace busts to show off all the bling!

Tiffany & Co. Quinceanera

4. Parisian Quinceañera

Take your guests on a trip across the ocean with a chic Parisian birthday bash.

The Eiffel Tower decorations add so much finesse to your party!

Parisian Quinceanera

5. Chanel Quinceañera

A Chanel-themed Quinceañera just oozes ‘chic’ and is a stunning theme for a memorable girl’s birthday party!

The use of the iconic Coco Chanel brand symbol can add so much style to your party.

The fondant peony flowers decorating the cake give it such an elegant look!

Chanel themed Quinceanera

6. Masquerade Quinceañera

With so many quince themes to choose that it can be quite difficult narrowing it down to just one pick.

There’s something very mysterious about throwing a masquerade-themed Quinceañera though.

Go overboard with the party decorations of this enigmatic party theme and use candelabras, drapes, masks, feathers, etc…

Masquerade Quinceanera

7. Glam Quinceañera

Another fabulous party theme is glam Quinceañera. You couldn’t wish for a better excuse to add lots of sparkle to your party.

Decorate it with lots of glitter and sequins (like sequin drapes or a sequin tablecloth)  to create a dazzling soiree.

Glam Quinceanera

8. Moroccan Quinceañera

Moroccan parties are so popular that even Madonna had one a couple of years ago for her 60th birthday party theme!

If you’re planning an exotic party, a Moroccan-themed Quinceañera is perfect for you and right on-trend.

Decorate your party with vibrant colors, Moroccan lanterns and lots of floor cushions.

Moroccan Quinceanera

9. Floral Quinceañera

A floral-themed Quinceañera is such a sweet and feminine way to celebrate a 15th birthday.

Flowers are always a gorgeous party decoration, so you can’t really go wrong with a floral Quinceañera.

The paper flower backdrop is stunning!

Floral Quinceanera

10. Under the Sea Quinceañera

An under-the-sea Quinceañera theme is so popular with girls, especially if they love mermaids.

Transform your party into a magical under the sea grotto by using wonderful party decorations such as shells, starfishes, etc…

Under the Sea Quinceanera

11. Winter Wonderland Quinceañera

What could be more magical than a winter wonderland Quinceañera theme?

A snowflake-themed party is perfect if you’re throwing your party during winter.

This birthday cake covered in fondant snowflakes is such a show-stopper!

Winter Wonderland Quinceanera

12. Great Gatsby Quinceanera

Take a look at this elegant vintage Great Gatsby’s 15th birthday

Perfect if you’re obsessed with 1920’s glamour and a great excuse to use feathers, pearls, and lots and lots of black and gold.

Use lace stencils to decorate your birthday cake and recreate this look.

Great Gatsby Quinceanera

13. Unicorn Quinceanera

If you’re looking for a magical theme, how about throwing a unicorn Quinceanera?

This party has everything a girl could wish for.

Pretty fairy lights, a unicorn bust, and even an on-trend rainbow balloon garland.

Unicorn Themed Quinceanera

14. Harry Potter Quinceanera

Your guests are definitely going to fall under the spell of a Harry Potter Quinceanera.

The books and movies are incredibly popular, which is why a Harry Potter-themed Quinceanera is the perfect theme for a fan.

Decorating the party with a Gryffindor banner is perfect for recreating Hogwarts at your venue.

Harry Potter Themed Quinceanera

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