30 Cool Neon Party Ideas for Your Fab Birthday!

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Neon parties are so much fun, so if you are planning a neon celebration, don't miss these 30cool neon party ideas we've rounded up!

Create a visually spectacular glow-in-the-dark party by either using products that are designed to glow in the dark, such as glow sticks or, use neon fluorescent colors in a dark room with a UV blacklight.

Either way, your guests will be totally blown away and your party will definitely be one to remember!

30 Cool Neon Party Ideas for Your Fab Birthday!

We've got ideas for invitations, party decoration, party food and lots, lots more!


30 Cool Neon Party Ideas for Your Fab Birthday!

1: Let's Glow Party Invitation

Your party starts the second you send out those party invitations and invite everyone to your birthday celebration.

This glow-in-the-dark-inspired invitation is a great way to kick off your fabulous party!

Let's Glow Party Invitation

2: Digital Neon Party Invitation

Digital party invitations are great because you get them out to everyone with a simple click.

The neon design looks fantastic on a screen and brings the invitation to life!

Digital Neon Party Invitation

3: Glow in the Dark Sleepover

Sleepovers are really popular on CatchMyParty.com at the moment.

There's nothing better than spending a night in with your closest friends chatting the night away, with a movie and delicious snacks.

A neon-themed sleepover is such a fun choice because you can go all out with glow-in-the-dark party decorations!

Glow in the Dark Sleepover

4: Neon Backdrop

Check out these fun and colorful neon/fluorescent party decorations.

They'll look incredible as soon as you switch on the UV black lights!

Make your own with some florescent colored card stock.

Neon Backdrop

5: Neon Hip-Hop Graffiti Party

If you love hip-hop and graffiti how about throwing a retro neon party?

Use fluorescent paint to create your own graffitis and treat everyone to some hip tunes they can dance to.

Neon Hip-Hop Graffiti Party

6: Pastel Neon Dessert Table

On the other hand, you may simply want to use pastel neon colors and not have to use a black light to make your party glow.

Florescent colors look amazing against white and are just as impressive.

Pastel Neon Dessert Table

7: Neon Balloon Garland

Dazzle your guests with a party full of bright colors, and impress them by framing your dessert table with a stunning balloon garland made up of neon/florescent balloons.

Make sure your backdrop is black so your colored decorations will pop.

Neon Balloon Garland

8: Tiered Neon Cake

This black-tiered birthday cake with neon geometric shapes is so cool and has such a retro vibe!

It's definitely the show stopper you'll want at your party to blow your guests away.

Neon Cake

9: Spotty Neon Cake

Another fun idea for a neon birthday cake is to decorate a regular black-tiered one with some cute colored polka dots.

Get creative and form pretty designs with your dots, and don't forget to top your cake with some neon candles.

Spotty Neon Cake

10: Neon Cake Topper

If you want a quick and easy way to transform a regular store-bought cake into a neon-themed one, check out this wonderful topper.

This personalized topper is just what you need to create a work of art.

Neon Cake Topper

11: Neon Cupcakes

Treat your guests to some neon cupcakes by decorating yours with some brightly colored frosting.

They'll look incredible on a plate and are totally on theme!

Neon Cupcakes

12: Glow in the Dark Cookies

These bright and delicious sugar cookies are the perfect addition to any birthday party and really come to life under a UV blacklight!

The cookies come in a variety of designs and are decorated with colorful royal icing.

Glow in the Dark Cookies

13: Neon Cake Pops

Kids love cake pop and these fluorescent ones are no exception.

They too will look amazing under the UV blacklight!

Neon Cake Pops

14: Chocolate Neon Pretzels

Decorate some chocolate-covered pretzel sticks with a mix of neon colors and serve them at your party.

They look fantastic alongside your other party food.

Chocolate Neon Pretzels

15: Glow in the Dark Drink

Serve up this fizzy blacklight lemonade for some glow-in-the-dark effect.

Use tonic water in your lemonade to create a gorgeous glow that will stop everyone in their tracks!

Glow in the Dark Drink

16: Glow in the Dark Table Settings

A simple way to decorate a table at a neon party is to use a bunch of colorful glow sticks.

Create glow stick circles around your plates and place a bunch in some glass vases for centerpieces.

Glow in the Dark Table Settings

17: Neon Arcade Table Settings

Check out the fun table settings at this neon arcade party!

The florescent party decorations will make everyone feel like they are in an actual game.

Neon Arcade Table Settings

18: Neon Cutlery

If you are throwing a neon party then you really need to have this florescent cutlery set!

Imagine just how fabulous they'll look under the UV blacklight.

Neon Cutlery

19: Neon Party Welcome Poster 

Greet the guests at your neon party with a colorful welcome poster.

Personalize it with a name and age, and place it at the entrance of your venue.

Neon Party Welcome Poster

20: Neon 'Happy Birthday'  Banner

Hang this florescent 'Happy Birthday' garland on a wall or on your dessert table at your neon party.

Once you turn on the UV blacklight just look at it shine!

Neon 'Happy Birthday' Banner


21: Glow Balloon Garland 

Balloon garlands are one of the most on-trend party decorations at the moment. There's not a party without one!

This one is just what you need. It's so colorful and the brighter the balloons the more they'll stand out.

Neon Balloon Garland

22: Neon Pennant Banner

This neon banner is another great decoration that will add so much vibrance to your party!

Hang it around your venue, or use it to create a backdrop for your dessert table or photo booth.

Neon Pennant Banner

23: Neon Dotty Party Decorations

Just as much fun are these neon paper garland circles that you can hang from the ceiling or on a wall at your party.

They too will look amazing once the UV blacklight is turned on.

Neon Dotty Party Decorations

24: Neon Dance Floor

A neon party is a great excuse to throw a dazzling disco with great music and bright colors.

Blacklights were really popular in the '70s, so how about throwing a '70s-themed disco with a retro music playlist?

This florescent-colored dance floor is just what you need at your party to add to the disco vibe!

Neon Dance Floor

25: 'Let's Glow' T-Shirt

We've found a cool outfit for the birthday girl or boy to wear on their special day!

This 'Let's Glow' t-shirt is the perfect attire for a neon party!

'Let's Glow' T-Shirt


26: Neon Photo Booth Props 

Everyone always has so much fun at a photo booth, and it's always a great excuse for a laugh.

There's nothing better than fooling around with some awesome fluorescent photo booth props, like these, while having your photo taken.

Neon Photo Booth Props

27: Neon Hair Ties

You can never have too many hair ties, right?

So, treat your guests to these awesome neon ones that they can either wear in their hair or simply around their wrist, as a bracelet.

Neon Hair Ties

28: Glow Bracelets

These long-lasting glow bracelets are ideal for neon parties, discos, and sleepovers, and are a wonderful party favor too.

Made from glow sticks, the bracelets come in a bunch of different colors that your guests will love!

Glow Bracelets

30: Neon Party Favor Bag

Send your guests home with a bunch of goodies and a smile on their faces.

They'll be so happy to be going home with one of these brightly colored neon party favor bags.

Get a bunch in different colors and have your guests help themselves.

Neon Party Favor Bag

29: Glow Crazy Party Favor Tag

Finish off your party favors with a 'glow crazy' tag.

Add one to each party favor bag to thank your guests for coming to your amazing celebration.

Glow Crazy Party Favor Tag

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