The Most Delicious Minecraft Creeper Pizza recipe

by Jillian Leslie on

We've got the ultimate party food for anyone looking for an easy recipe for a Minecraft birthday party! Minecraft Creeper Pizza!!

The Most Delicious Minecraft Creeper Pizza recipe |

My daughter Lainey is a huge Minecraft fan, in fact she's going to Minecraft camp in a few weeks, so we jumped at the chance to make our own Minecraft Creeper Pizza. She was so excited and the pizza was absolutely delicious!!

Minecraft Creeper Pizza Recipe


Step 1:

First thing we did was take a frozen pizza and add more mozzarella cheese. The more cheese the better.

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Step 2:

Next, because everything in Minecraft comes in blocks, we had to make a block pizza.

I used a square piece of  7.5" x 7.5" paper to cut it out.

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Step 3:

Next we cut the pepperoni into squares. We needed 4 square pieces of pepperoni and one additional square cut in half and then one half cut into quarters.

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Step 4:

Here the Minecraft design so you can see how the pepperonis are put together.

Minecraft Pizza Template

Step 5:

Cook according to package instructions.


Step 6:

Piping hot out of the oven! Enjoy it!

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

Minecraft Creeper Pizza

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    Printabelle wrote:

    Very cool, what a fun idea! I know my kids would have fun designing their own pizzas!