Download Our Free Minecraft Game - Printable Bingo Now!

by Jillian Leslie on

Although the videogame has been around for ages, kids continue to love playing Minecraft and the theme continues to be a popular party theme. Minecraft parties are still huge with fans of the game!

Download Our Free Minecraft Game - Printable Bingo Now!

If you are planning a Minecraft birthday party and are looking for a fun way to entertain your guests, check out our FREE printable Minecraft bingo party game. The kids at your party are going to have so much fun.

Download and print our FREE printable Minecraft bingo game to either play at home as a family or as a Minecraft party activity.

Instructions on how to play our Bingo Minecraft Party Game:

Download Minecraft Printable Bingo HERE!!

Step 1:

Print out all ten cards and instructions and pass them out to your party guests.

Step 2:

Call out items off the instruction sheet (in random order), and if anyone has the image on their card, they must cover it with a marker (pennies and candies work great).

Step 2:

The winner is the first person that covers an entire row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and yells “Bingo”!

Free Printable Minecraft Bingo Game - Instructions

Download Minecraft Printable Bingo HERE!!

Free Printable Minecraft Bingo Game

Download Minecraft Printable Bingo HERE!!

Our 5 Best Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

We’ve loads of incredible Minecraft parties on, but here are 5 of our best!

Be sure to check out our 36 awesome Minecraft party ideas for more cool Minecraft party ideas!

1: BusyMsDJ’s Minecraft Creeper Party

This Creeper Minecraft party has an awesome DIY backdrop made with green and black plastic square plates.

Arrange them on a wall so that the design resembles a Creeper. Use green plates for the face and black ones for the eyes, nose, and mouth. It couldn’t be easier!

 Minecraft Creeper Party

2: Dimequesi’s Balloon Backdrop Minecraft Party 

Alternatively, you could simply use a bunch of different shaded green balloons as a backdrop to your dessert table.

A brick wall can double up as a cool backdrop because it rsembles Minecraft blocks.

3: Tinyteepeezzz’s Minecraft Sleepover

Sleepovers are incredibly popular. Everyone seems to be having one!

Treat your guests to the ultimate Minecraft sleepover where each of them gets to spend the night in a Minecraft-themed teepee.

The kids are going to love being able to stay up late playing Minecraft together!

Minecraft Sleepover

4: Events by CIL’s  Minecraft Balloon Wall Party

If you are up for it and are a crafty type maybe you could have a go at creating a Minecraft themed balloon wall with a bunch of different characters?

If you can pull it off it will look amazing and is the perfect party decoration for a Minecraft party!

Minecraft Balloon Wall

5: Dime si te gusta’s Epic Minecraft Party

Another great way to decorate your Minecraft party is to use an illustrated backdrop and place it behind your dessert table.

Use large cut-outs of the various characters and decorate with as many Minecraft -themed decorations as you can find!

Need more Minecraft party ideas and crafts?

For more inspiration, check out all the stunning Minecraft birthday parties on our site, and check out these Minecraft party  supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!



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    I can't download the bingo it just keeps taking to the same page to click to down load which just takes back a page rinse repeat

  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    Hi Elizabeth, here's the link to download the bingo printables. Have a great party!