38 Fun Activities For a 4-Year-Old Birthday Party!

by Jillian Leslie on

Planning a 4th birthday? Here are 38 fun activities for a 4-year-old birthday party!

These will surely keep your little ones entertained and happy through the party!

38 Fun Activities For a 4 Year Old Birthday Party!

We’ve so many amazing ideas that you’ll be spoiled for choice! Set up an art station where they can do some coloring in, or, have a dig if you are throwing a dinosaur party…

Fun Activities For a 4 Year Old Birthday Party!

Generic Party Activities

1: Paint a Canvas

Each and everyone of your guests is an artist so create an art station at your party so they can show off their artistic talents.

Set up some canvas and paints so your guests can work on their own masterpieces. Theme it according to your party theme, for instance, dinosaurs if you are throwing a dinosaur party.

They are going to love going home with their artwork!

Paint a Canvas

2: Face Painting

Face painting is a fun activity for your child’s birthday party.

They are great for magically transforming kids into beautiful mermaids or safari animals, but are also excellent for a bunch of different party themes too.

If you are skillful enough, you can have a go at painting your guests with some face paints, if not, hire a face painter to come over and do it professionally.

Face Painting

3: Bean Bag Toss

A bean bag toss is a great party activity because it’s easy for 4-year-old kids to understand and play, and you don’t need any special equipment.

Decorate an old cardboard box, with a hole, according to your party theme, and have each of your guests take aim at trying to throw some small bean bags into it

Bean Bag Toss

4: Pinata

Pinatas are so much fun and are always the high point of a birthday party. They are also a great way to get rid of all the candy that you have lying around the house.

From princesses and sea creatures to superheroes and pirates, Pinatas can be personalized according to your child’s party theme.

Each participant should be blindfolded as they attempt to break free all the candy and toys inside the pinata by hitting it with a stick, or baseball bat.


5: Activity Placemat

If your child is having a birthday party and you are looking for a great way to keep your guests entertained while seated, how about treating them to some themed activity placemats?

What is great about them is they give the kids something to do while they wait for their food.

Don’t forget to include some crayons!

Activity Placemat

6: Hire an Entertainer

Kids at this age will be completely blown away by a professional real-life entertainer, such as a princess at a princess-themed princess party, or an acrobat if you are throwing a circus party.

You can bet they will be anything but bored with all the fun activities and party games.

Hire an Entertainer

7: Play with Bubbles

Fill a kiddie pool with bubble mixture and hand out some bubble wands so your guests can have an amazing time playing with bubbles.

Make sure you take loads of photos because you’ll want to capture all those smiles!

Play with Bubbles

8: Crafting Station

Kids can spend ages crafting which is why a crafting station is always a popular party activity that is sure to please everyone.

Have a bunch of crafting materials at the ready, such as paint, crayons, stickers, ribbons, glue, colored paper, tape, and anything else you may need, according to whatever craft they’ll be working on.

Crafting Station

9: Sidewalk Chalk Art

Turn your driveway into a giant canvas with the help of some sidewalk chalk.

It’s such a fun way for everyone to get creative and create an unforgettable piece of art!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

10: Lucky Charm Necklaces

Little girls love necklaces and bracelets so how about placing some Lucky Charms into a dish along with some string and allowing them to make their own?

They’ll be so happy with their creations and will proudly wear them home!

Lucky Charm Necklaces

11: Make a Mask

Kids have so much fun making masks that they can wear at a party, so set up a little craft station with everything they need to make their very own masks.

It’s a great party activity for a bunch of party themes, such as a dinosaur, safari, or farm birthday, and are perfect photo booth props!

Make a Mask

12: Dress-Up

Kids love dressing up from an early age which is why a dress-up station is such a fantastic party activity.

Whether you are throwing a princess, mermaid, or even a pirate party, set up some hangers with everything they’ll need to make their big transformation.

They double up as lovely photo booth props so make sure you take lots of photos!


13: Pin the Tail

Pin the tail is a classic party game that everyone enjoys.

You can adapt it for many party themes, such as a baby shark party, a safari party, a farm party, or even a princess party where you try the pin a crown.

Whoever gets closest to the correct spot wins!

Pin the Tail

14: Backyard Movie

For a fun party activity, treat everyone to a movie in your backyard! 

You’ll need very little equipment to set up and it won’t cost much money or time either! All you need is a projector and a white sheet or blanket.

If you are throwing a Disney Cars party you could make it a drive-in and have each child take a seat in their own cardboard box car.

Be sure to serve drinks and snacks!

Backyard Movie

15: Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a fun way to entertain kids at a birthday party.

Create your own with the help of stuff lying around the house. For instance… set up some chairs so your guests can climb under, over, or around them, and place hula hoops on the floor and have the kids step through them like stepping stones.

Obstacle Course Party Activity for a 4 Year Old’s Birthday

16: Bouncy Castle

The ultimate must-have for any party, be it for a young child or even an adult is a bouncy castle!

White ones are especially popular and look amazing when decorated with a balloon garland.

Bouncy Castle

17: Fashion Runway

Kids love dressing up, so how about setting up a glamorous mini runway and having your guests strut up and down showing off their undeniable style?

Provide some pretty pink or black tulle skirts and a bunch of feather boas for them to dress up with.

Fashion Runway

18: Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is such an enjoyable party game.

It’s really easy to set up, just grab some large tic-tac-toe pieces and rope and you’re good to go!


19: Tin Can Knockdown

Another simple game that is great for small kids is tin can knockdown.

Stack up a tower of cans and let each of your guests have a go at throwing balls or bean bags at them to knock them down.

Decorate each can by gluing some pretty wrapping paper around them.

Tin Can Knockdown

20: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to keep kids occupied at a party, both indoors and outdoors.

To play you must create a list of things you want kids to find. Who ever finds the most items wins!

The best thing about a scavenger hunt is that you can use them for any party theme!

Scavenger Hunt

21: Sewing Kit

Introduce the children at your party to sewing!

It’s a great way to improve fine motor skills and pencil grip and strengthens hand-eye coordination in young children in a creative manner.

Each kit includes an A5 sewing card size made from 3mm thick wood, 2 different colored threads, and a plastic needle.

Sewing Kit

Themed Party Activities

22: Dinosaur Dig

A dinosaur dig is undoubtedly the perfect party activity for a dinosaur party!

There’s nothing better than digging around in the sand looking for some dinosaur bones like a true paleontologist.

Set up this fun activity by filling a small pool with sand and hiding a bunch of plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons in among it.

Be sure to add some improvised paleontology tools such as some toothbrushes, cotton swabs, paintbrushes and some magnifying glasses.

Dinosaur Dig

23: Toy Story “Build Your Own Forky

If you are throwing a Toy Story party you can bet your guests are going to love making their very own ‘Forky’

It’s a great arts-and-crafts project party activity that is sure to keep them busy.

The kit contains everything they’ll need to build their own Forky just like the one Bonnie made in the movie.

Toy Story 'Build Your Own Forky

24: Star Wars “Jedi Knight Training”

If your 4 year old is into Star Wars, how about setting up a Jedi Knight training party activity for his birthday, and have everyone practice their Jedi skills?  

Make some colorful lightsabers for each of your guests with some pool noodles and black tape.

Star Wars 'Jedi Knight Training'

25: Lumberjack “Decorate an Axe”

Kids at this age love nothing more than getting creative.

If you are hosting a lumberjack party, set up a crafting station with some axes made out of card, along with some crayons, glue, string, and pompoms so each one of your guests acan personalize their own.

Lumberjack 'Decorate an Axe'

26: Circus-Themed Rubber Duck Pond

A duck pond is a great activity for young kids, especially if you are throwing a circus-themed party, and is really simple to set up.

Write matching numbers on the back of some plastic plates and glue a rubber duck to each one with a hot glue gun. Place each duck in a small paddling pool full of water and let them float around.

The aim is for each of your guests to try to catch a duck with a pole and find the matching hidden numbers on the bottom of the plate.

Rubber Duck Pond

27: Hobby Horse Unicorn Party Activity

If you are throwing a unicorn, cowboy, or cowgirl birthday party a hobby horse is a wonderful party activity.

All you party guests are guaranteed to have fun racing around on their own horse.

They can double up as a cool party favor and photo booth prop too!

Hobby Horse Party Activity

28: Indoor Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are so much fun and an awesome party activity if you are celebrating a Frozen birthday or a winter party.

Don’t let the lack of snow and the warm weather prevent everyone from having a blast. Grab some styrofoam balls and have an indoor snowball fight to remember!

Indoor Snowball Fight

29: Luau Dancers

If you are throwing a summer luau or a Moana party, you may want to consider hiring a professional dancer to entertain your guests and teach them some dance moves.

Watching someone dance right in front of you can be so inspirational for such young children.

Luau Dancers

30: Firetruck

If you are throwing a firetruck birthday party for your four year old, you can bet your party guests will be totally completely blown away by a real-life firetruck.

Try talking to someone at your local fire station and see if they can take the time to drive past your house and give the kids a quick tour.


31: Inflatable Slide

If your kid is crazy about cars and monster trucks he and his guests won’t believe what’s hit them when they set their eyes on an inflatable Monster Truck slide.

Hire an inflatable slide and have it set up in your backyard or party venue. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

32: Frozen ‘Snowball Toss’

If you are still looking for the perfect Frozen party game look no further!

Create a snowball toss party game where kids have to take aim at some numbered buckets. The winner is the person with the highest score.

Frozen 'Snowball Toss'

33: Cardboard Box Cars

So many little boys are already obsessed with cars so how about making some cardboard box cars (from the movie Disney Cars or simply racing cars) and having them run around and race with each other?

You can even have each kid decorate his own car!

Cardboard Box Cars

34: Construction Party ‘Hard Hat Zone’

If you are throwing a construction-themed party treat your guests to a hard hat zone.

Have each kid help himself to a hard hat that he can wear while they play with diggers and trucks in a large sand pit with the other kids.

Hard Hat Zone

35: Ring Toss

If you are throwing a flamingo party or even an Alice in Wonderland party treat everyone to a twist on the classic game of ring toss.

Place some plastic flamingos in buckets and have kids take aim at throwing a ring on to each flamingo.

 Ring Toss

36: Princess/Fairy Wand Kit

Crafting is always an enjoyable activity for kids at this age, so if you are throwing a princess or fairy birthday party this wand craft kit is just what you need to keep them busy!

The kit includes dowels, adhesive-backed sparkly stars, ribbons, and glue dots.

37: Coloring Mermaid Doll

Little girls will be jumping for joy at the opportunity to make their very own dolls.

If you are throwing a mermaid party you won’t want to miss these mermaid coloring dolls that are a wonderful party activity and a lovely party favor too!

Each doll comes with washable markers, so they can be colored over and over again.

38: Petting Zoo

So many kids find animals fascinating, so if you are throwing a farm-themed party maybe you could consider hosting your party at a place where you can have a petting zoo.

Your party guests are going to love nothing more than getting up close to all the animals.

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