30 Must-See Pokemon Go Party Ideas

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If you planning a Pokemon birthday party and are in need of some inspiration, check out our 30 must-see Pokemon party ideas!

Pokemon is such a phenomenon! There's so much for kids to love, be it playing Pokemon Go, playing with Pokemon cards, watching the Pokemon Anime series, or watching the Detective Pikachu movie!

30 Must-See Pokemon Party Ideas

We've so many fab Pokemon party ideas, such as a party invitation, decorations, Pokemon party food, fun activities, and much much more...

30 Must-See Pokemon Go Party Ideas!

1: Personalized Pokemon Invitation

Invite everyone to your Pokemon party with this awesome party invitation.

The design has everything to need to get everyone excited about your party.

Love that Pikachu is joining in the celebrations with a bright red balloon and a party hat!

Pokemon Party Invitation

2. Pokemon Dessert Table

Check out this inspirational Pokemon dessert table.

The Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and Squirtle backdrop is so cool and looks fabulous framed with a colorful balloon garland.

All the Pokemon party food is so on-theme, which is a fantastic idea!

Pokemon Dessert Table

3: Pokemon Birthday Cake

This Pikachu and Poké ball topped birthday cake is awesome!

It's definitely a showstopper and will look fantastic on a dessert table.

Pokemon Birthday Cake

4: Pokemon Cake Topper

If on the other hand, you are looking for a quick and easy way to transform a regular birthday cake into a Pokemon-themed one, check out this awesome cake topper!

The topper includes all the Pokemon gang and is personalized with your child's name and age.

Pokemon Cake Topper

5: Poké Ball Cookies

These Poké Ball cookies are a blast!

Treat your guests to these fun sugar coated-cookies that are a fantastic addition to your Pokemon party.

Poké Ball Cookies

6: Pikachu Cookies

If your kid loves Pikachu then you have to have these incredible Pikachu cookies at your party!

They'll look fab on a plate on your dessert table and are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

If you're a baker and want to have a go at making them yourself be sure to use these Pikachu cookie cutters.

Pikachu Cookies

7: Pokemon Cupcakes

Everyone loves a cupcake. They are so just hard to resist.

Serve these Poké Ball ones, topped with red, white, and black fondant, at your Pokemon party.

Kids will be scrambling for one so make sure you have a large bunch.

Pokemon Cupcakes

8: Pikachu Cupcake Wrappers

These Pikachu cupcake wrappers are perfect for a Pokemon party!

They'll look amazing on your dessert table and are a quick and easy way to transform regular cupcakes into fab Pokemon party food.

Pikachu Cupcake Wrappers

9: Pokemon Chocolate Covered Oreos

Transform regular Oreos into Poké Balls by dipping them in red and white chocolate.

Place them on sticks and serve them to your guests at your Pokemon party.

Pokemon Chocolate Covered Oreos

10: Pokemon Cake Pops

WOW! These Pokemon cake pops are incredible!

There are 151 monsters in Pokemon Go, so pick out your child's favorite ones and treat everyone at your party to some Pokemon monster cake pops.

Pokemon Cake Pops

11: Pikachu Peep Pops

This next idea is so clever!

Transform yellow Peep Pops into Pikachu-themed ones for your Pokemon Go party. They are so easy to make and look absolutely fantastic.

All you need are some yellow Peep Pops, some cake pop sticks, and some red and black edible ink pens.

Pikachu Peep Pops

12: Pokemon Sprinkles

Decorate your cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cake with these fun Pokemon-themed sprinkles.

They are just what you need to add a Pokemon vibe to your party food.

Pokemon Sprinkles

13: Pokemon Table Settings

Check out these excellent Pokemon-themed table settings!

Everything from the Pokemon plastic cups to the activity sheet placemats are perfect.

Place Ashs' signature cap on each plate for your guests to wear throughout the party, and decorate your table.

Pokemon Table Settings

14: Pokemon Cups

How cool are these personalized Pokemon cups?

Use them for drinks during your party or give them away as party favors.

They are a great party decoration that you can use to add a Pokemon vibe to your table settings.

Pokemon Cups

15. Pokemon Party Printables

This set comes with everything you'll need to decorate your Pokemon party in style!

Included in the set you'll find a fun Pokemon party invitation, a signature book sheet, a thank you card, a Pokemon welcome poster, a named banner, and much much more...

Pokemon Party Printables

15. Pokemon Chalkboard Poster

Chalkboard posters are a great party decoration that you can use to highlight all the key moments in your child's life, such as their favorite movie and toys.

They also double up as a wonderful keepsake, that you can later hang up on a bedroom wall.

Pokemon Chalkboard Poster

17. Pokemon Balloon Decorations

If you are looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive Pokemon party decoration then you might what to consider using balloons.

Either decorate your party with regular colorful balloons or take things to another level and decorate with some Pokemon-themed foil balloon.

This Pikachu balloon will look awesome decorating a dessert table or even placed at the entrance to your party to welcome your guests.

Pokemon Balloon Decorations

18. Ash Ketchum Pokemon Centerpiece

Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokemon Anime series, so it's only fitting that you use him as part of your party.

This Ash centerpiece is a cool way to decorate your tables and is totally on theme.

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Centerpiece

19: Poke Ball Pinata

Kids love nothing more than bashing a pinata to bits to collect all the delicious candy.

Not only is it a fun way to keep your guests entertained, but it also doubles up as an awesome party decoration too.

Poke Ball Pinata

20. Pokemon T-Shirt

Treat the birthday boy and his friends to some fun Pokemon-inspired t-shirts!

They are great for your child to wear on his birthday, and make a cool party favor for your guest to take home with them.

Pokemon T-Shirt

21: Pokeball Trainer Hats

These homemade Pokeball trainer hats are great party favors.

All you need are some red and white trucker caps that you can draw an official Pokémon League Expo logo onto with a fabric pen.

They are excellent party photo props too!

Party Favor Pokeball Trainer Hat

22: Pokemon Photo Booth Props

Grab some of these printable Pokemon masks for your guests to use as photo booth props at your party.

They have so many laughs fooling around with them on!

Pokemon Photo Booth Props

23: Pokemon Bingo

Trying to keep kids entertained at a party can be tough, but this printable Pokemon bingo is so much fun.

You can bet your guests will enjoy themselves.

Pokemon Bingo

24: Pokemon Activity Sheet

Another cool way to keep kids busy is giving each of them a Pokemon activity sheet.

They are guaranteed to keep them occupied as they crack on completing the activities.

Use them as placemats and make them a part of your table settings, or set up an activity station with some pens for them to enjoy.

Pokemon Activity Sheet

25: Pin the Tail on Pikachu

If you are still stuck on a fun Pokemon-themed party activity, check out this awesome 'Pin the Tail on Pikachu'.

Kids are gonna have so much fun trying to place the tail in the right spot while blindfolded!

Pin the Tail on Pikachu

26: Pokemon Tin Can Toss

A Tin Can Toss is a typical carnival game that kids love, so how about creating a Pokemon-themed for them to play?

Stack up a tower of tin cans (decorated with printed Pokemon characters) in a pyramid shape and let your guests' can have a go at throwing Poke Balls at them to knock them down.

Don't forget to draw a “stand behind” line in chalk so people know exactly where to stand.

Pokemon Tin Can Toss

27: Pokemon Party Favor Pens

It can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect party favors for a Pokemon party.

Check out these sweet Pikachu pens that I'm pretty sure kids are going to love.

Add them to a goodie bag along with other Pokemon bits and bobs.

Pokemon Party Favor Pens

28: Pokemon Temporary Tattoos

These personalized Pokemon temporary tattoos are also a fun party favor to add to a goodie bag.

Your guests are going to want nothing more than place them all over their bodies.

Pokemon Temporary Tattoos

29: Pokemon Favor Boxes

Place all your party favors in some awesome Pokemon favor boxes like these.

Personalized each box and decorate it with a bunch of Pokemon characters.

They'll look excellent on a table at your party and your guests will de dying to open them!

Pokemon Party Favor Boxes

30: Pokemon Printable Favor Tags

Add a fun printable Pokemon monster favor tag to each box to thank each one of your guests for coming.

The pack comes in 6 different designs, so you'll have a bunch of different tags to use.

Pokemon Favor Tags

Need more Pokemon party ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the awesome Pokemon party ideas, on our site, and check out our Pokemon party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!



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