38 Most Popular Girl 1st Birthday Cakes!

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To help you find the best cake for your daughter's 1st birthday party, we've rounded up the 38 most popular girl 1st birthday cakes we could find on Catch My Party.

There are so many girl 1st birthday cake themes to choose from that it can feel like it's an impossible task to find the perfect one, but don't worry about it, we are here to help.

A baby girl's first birthday is such a big deal and deserves to be celebrated, not only with a party to remember but with a 1st birthday cake to die for!

You are going to love all our amazing 1st birthday theme cakes!

38 Most Popular Girl 1st Birthday Cakes

We've so many wonderful 1st birthday cake ideas to choose from such as a princess cake, a Moana cake, a Minnie Mouse, and many many more...

Scroll down and enjoy!

38 Most Popular Girl 1st Birthday Cakes!

1. Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse parties are one of our most popular themes on CatchMyParty.com, so if you are planning to throw your little girl one then you won't want to miss this pretty pink polka dot Minnie Mouse cake!

It's really simple to put together with pink fondant polka dots, a black fondant Minnie and topped with a cute Minnie Mouse topper.

Download our free Minnie Mouse party printables in pink or free Minnie Mouse party printables in red to decorate your party, and take a look at these wonderful Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party supplies.

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

2. Mermaid Cake

If you have a little mermaid at home that loves everything about them, then throwing a mermaid party is a great choice.

Impress your party guests with a gorgeous mermaid-inspired 1st birthday cake like this one.

The bottom tier is decorated with a variety of fondant shells, and the top tier is decorated with gorgeous pink, purple and teal mermaid tail scales.

To finish it off just place a sparkly 1 topper and you've got yourself the perfect mermaid birthday cake!

Decorate your party with our free mermaid party printables or browse these fantastic mermaid 1st birthday party supplies.

Mermaid 1st Birthday Cake

3. Boho-Chic Cake

Treat your little girl to a whimsical boho party with a gorgeous naked cake, like this one.

Topped with some beautiful fresh flowers and a wooden 'one' topper this cake will certainly take center stage at your big celebration!

Don't miss these boho-chic 1st birthday party supplies.

Boho 1st Birthday Cake

4. Unicorn Cake

There are so many creative ideas to choose from when it comes to picking your daughters' first cake.

If you are thinking of having a unicorn party, surprise your guests with a sweet unicorn-theme cake, like this one, decorated with colorful sprinkles and cute candy.

Top it with an adorable fondant unicorn and a number one.

Use our free unicorn party printables and check out all these amazing unicorn 1st birthday party supplies.

Unicorn 1st Birthday Cake

5. Princess Cake

There's not a little princess out there that doesn't deserve a stunning 1st birthday cake on her special day.

This gorgeously decorated pink cake is definitely fit for a princess, with its wonderful fondant flowers and ribbons.

The pink fondant crown is the perfect finishing touch!

Feel free to use our free little princess party printables to decorate your party, and look at all these stunning princess 1st birthday party supplies.


Princess 1st Birthday Cake

6. Snow White Cake

There's not a mom among us that doesn't strive to find the perfect cake to celebrate her child's first year.

Snow White is a much-loved Disney princess, so if you are stuck on ideas for a Snow White-themed cake look no further!

This cake may look simple, but it definitely does the trick.

Decorated with an illustration of Snow White, and topped with a single red apple, this cake will look amazing on your dessert table!

Take a look at the gorgeous Snow White 1st birthday party supplies.

Snow White 1st birthday party

7. Woodland Cake

Young kids can't get enough of cute woodland animals which explains why woodland parties are on the rise and the trend is growing before our eyes.

This woodland-themed cake is just what you need for your baby's first birthday, with a bunch of adorable fondant animals and pretty flowers.

Don't miss these lovely woodland 1st birthday party supplies 

Woodland 1st Birthday Cake

8. Bambi Cake

Another favorite with little ones is Bambi. The movie has such a warm place in our hearts, making it a great party theme for a 1st birthday.

Treat your daughter to a special cake on her special day, with an impressive Bambi birthday cake like this one.

Decorated with pretty pink butterflies, a Bambi illustration, and a sweet 'one' cake topper, this birthday cake will surely blow your guests away!

Take a look at the fun Bambi 1st birthday party supplies.


9. Butterfly Cake

If you are throwing a butterfly-themed party you won't want to miss this spectacular three-tier cake!

Decorated from top to bottom with loads of pretty butterflies, this customized cake is just what you need to take center stage at your party!

Don't miss these magical butterfly 1st birthday party supplies.

Butterfly 1st Birthday Cake

10. Fairy Cake

Turn a first birthday party into a magical delight with an enchanting fairy-themed birthday cake like the one below.

You really couldn't wish for a more on-theme cake than this one, decorated with a cute little fairy door, butterflies, and pretty flowers.

Be sure not to miss these wonderful fairy 1st birthday party supplies.

Fairy 1st Birthday Cake

11. Bunny Cake

It's not every day you have the privilege of celebrating a special occasion, so go all out and throw a sweet bunny-themed 1st birthday, with a gorgeous cake like this one, that will leave your guests speechless!

Everything about this ombre drip cake is so impressive. From the cute fondant bunny to the beautiful fresh flowers this birthday cake will most definitely stand out!

Take a look at the gorgeous bunny 1st birthday party supplies.

12. Garden Party Cake

Gather everyone around this amazing garden-themed cake to wish your child a happy birthday.

Covered from top to bottom with pretty fondant flowers, this fabulous 1st birthday cake will stop everyone in their tracks.

Make sure you serve a larger cake if you have invited lots of people.

Take a look at these beautiful garden 1st birthday party supplies.


Garden 1st Birthday Cake

13. Flamingo Cake

Finding the perfect first birthday cake may seem like a difficult challenge, but believe me, we are here to help!.

If you are throwing your 1st birthday party during the summer how about treating your birthday girl to a flamingo-themed party with an elegant cake like this one?

This graceful pink naked cake is just what you need for an unforgettable celebration!

Take a look at these fabulous flamingo 1st birthday party supplies.


Flamingo 1st Birthday Cake

14. Safari Cake

Kids love everything about wild animals and could literally spend hours marveling at them at the zoo, which I guess explains why safari parties are all over CatchMyParty.com.

Treat your one-year-old to a fun-packed safari-themed party with a beautiful ruffle cake like this one. Sometimes you don't need to go all out and a simple cake will do the trick. Make sure you have food allergies in consideration when thinking about what recipe to go with.

A smash cake is a great choice and so much fun for your baby! Make sure you have your camera at the ready!

Take a look at these wonderful safari 1st birthday party supplies.

Safari 1st Birthday Cake

15. Rainbow Cake

If you are planning a rainbow-themed party you'll want to treat everyone to a show-stopping cake no one will forget anytime soon!

Decorated with a gorgeous fondant rainbow, cute butterflies, macarons, and colorful balls, this rainbow cake is what dreams are made of!

Don't miss all these magical rainbow 1st birthday party supplies.

Rainbow 1st Birthday Cake

16. Ballerina Cake

If you are out to impress then you won't want to be this fabulous prima ballerina 1st birthday cake!

It's just what you need to celebrate the big day in style. Each of the cake layers is delicately decorated and the fondant ballet slippers are the perfect final touch!

Decorate your party with our free ballerina party printables and don't miss these wonderful ballerina 1st birthday party supplies.

Ballerina 1st Birthday Cake

17. Carousel Cake

Another cake that is sure to delight everyone is this beautiful carousel-themed one!

This feminine cake has so many gorgeous little details, such as pretty fondant flowers, bows, and carousel horses, that it's hard not to fall in love with it.

If you are looking for carousel 1st birthday party supplies we've got you covered.

Carousel 1st Birthday Cake

18. Alice in Wonderland Cake

This Alice in Wonderland-themed fondant cake is insane! I've never seen anything quite as eccentric and marvelous!

The tiers are crazy. Each one is inspired by a different character, such as the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire cat.

Your guests will never be the same after setting eyes on it!

Check out all our fun Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday party supplies.

Alice in Wonderland 1st Birthday Cake

19. Tea Party Cake

This tea party-themed birthday cake is another exquisite example of just how mind-blowing your 1st birthday cake can be.

There's no way your guests won't be in awe of this masterpiece!. Made up with a bunch of pretty tiers it's only fitting that the top one is a teapot!

Take a look at the lovely tea party 1st birthday party supplies.

Tea Party 1st Birthday Cake

20. French /Parisian Cake

If you are looking for a sophisticated 1st birthday cake for a stylish Parisian-themed party then this next cake is just what you are looking for!

Inspired by french patisseries this 1st birthday cake will add so much class and chic to an already elegant party!

Don't miss these gorgeous  French / Parisian 1st birthday party supplies.

French / Parisian 1st Birthday Cake

21.Llama Cake

Turn your party is to a fun fiesta by throwing a llama-theme celebration with all your family and friends.

Make sure your one-year birthday cake lives up to all expectations and that it looks perfect on your dessert table.

This cake may shy away from a more traditional look, but it's just as impressive. Love the adorable llama topper!

Check out these cute llama 1st birthday party supplies.

Lllama 1st Birthday Cake

22. Moana Cake

So many children fall in love with the movie Moana and its catchy songs, that it's no surprise it's such a popular party theme for a baby girl.

If you are looking for inspiration for a Moana-theme cake we've got such a treat in store!

This tiered cake is everything a Moana fan could wish for and more.

Decorate your party with our free Moana party printables. Also, feast your eyes on these fun Moana 1st birthday party supplies.

Moana 1st Birthday Cake

23. Fruit Cake

A tutti frutti-themed party is a perfect way to introduce your baby girl to a bunch of fresh fruits. The best part is that you can even serve them to your guests as a healthy party food option!

Treat everyone to a cute fruit-inspired birthday cake that is sure to melt hearts. I mean, just look at this sweet cake... irresistible!

Take a look at the gorgeous fruit 1st birthday party supplies.

Fruit 1st Birthday Cake

24. Lemonade Cake

Everyone loves a lemonade stand and a refreshing glass of the sweet stuff in the summer, so how about making it the theme of your first birthday celebration?

Don't miss this fabulous lemonade-inspired 1st birthday cake, decorated with a bunch of lemon slices. It's sure to make heads turn.

Take a look at all our sweet lemonade 1st birthday party supplies.


Lemonade 1st Birthday Cake

25. Swan Cake

If you dream of a more delicate cake then this swan-themed 1st birthday cake will definitely do the trick.

Decorated with a gorgeous swan topper with white feathers, this impressive cake just oozes finesse!

Take a look at the gorgeous swan 1st birthday party supplies.

Swan 1st Birthday Cake

26. Peter Rabbit Cake

Peter Rabbit is a literary classic and beautifully illustrated book, that remains, to this day, a popular party theme for both little boys and little girls alike.

Mark my words, everyone will fall in love with this beautiful cake, decorated with an adorable fondant Peter Rabbit topper and delicate pink fondant flowers.

Take a look at these pretty  Peter Rabbit 1st birthday party supplies.

Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Cake

27. Donut Cake

Donuts are hard to resist as is a donut-themed 1st birthday!

Treat everyone to a fun donut-inspired birthday cake decorated with a bunch of cute donut cookies, like the one below and your guests will be scrambling for more.

Use our free donut party printables to decorate your party a look at the gorgeous donut 1st birthday party supplies.

Donut 1st Birthday Cake

28. Peppa Pig Cake

A great way to pick a party theme, for your soon to be one year old, is to simply go with whatever cartoon show they love the most at that given time.

For example, Peppa Pig is a massive hit with young children which explains why we have so many fun Peppa Pig parties all over CatchMyParty.com

If you go with a Peppa Pig cartoon cake and you really can't go wrong! This one here is perfect because it's decorated to look exactly like the cartoon, now how much fun is that?!

Take a look at the gorgeous Peppa Pig 1st birthday party supplies.


Peppa Pig 1st Birthday Cake

29. Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street is another all-time favorite with younger kids. They can spend hours glued to their screens watching it over and over again.

If this is the case in your house then there's no way you can't throw your daughter a Sesame Street-themed birthday party!

This Sesame Street cake is just as much fun as the show! Love all the bold and bright colors.

Take a look at the gorgeous Sesame Street 1st birthday party supplies.

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake

30. Baby Shark Cake

If Baby Shark has reached your house like a tidal wave then a Baby Shark party and 1st birthday cake are all you need to keep your little one content on their birthday.

Decorate your under-the-sea cake with a bunch of fondant Baby Sharks and you're good to go!

Download our free Baby Shark party printable decorations to use at your party, and then take a look at all the wonderful Baby Shark 1st birthday party supplies.

Baby Shark 1st Birthday Cake

31. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Babies love nothing more than resting on their mother's lap while being sung a sweet nursery rhyme.

Twinkle Twinkle is an all-time favorite and a really popular 1st birthday party theme too.

Treat your baby girl to a stunning 1st birthday cake with a star topper to give it a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star vibe.

Be blown away by all our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st birthday party supplies.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Cake

32. Hot Air Balloon Cake

There's something so special about hot air balloons and the way they transport us to magical places.

A good idea to celebrate a birthday for the first time would be with a hot air balloon party.

Decorate your cake with fondant hot air balloons and stars and you'll have yourself a show stopper!

Take a look at the gorgeous hot air balloon 1st birthday party supplies.

Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday Cake

33. Bumblebee Cake

If you are throwing a bumblebee-themed first birthday how about treating all your family and friends to a sweet bumblebee-themed cake like the one below?

Start off with a yellow frosted cake and decorate with fondant hexagons, to give your cake a honeycomb vibe.

Top it with a cute little bear and a fun bumblebee and you're done!

Take a look at the gorgeous bumblebee 1st birthday party supplies.

Bumble Bee 1st Birthday Cake

34. Dinosaur Cake

A great theme for both baby boys and baby girls is a dinosaur-themed 1st birthday party!

Dress up your cute girly dinosaurs in pretty bows and flowers, and you'll delight all the little girls at your bash!

How can anyone not be impressed with a fabulous pink dinosaur cake like this one?

Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake

35. Wonder Woman Cake

Superheros aren't just for little boys. There's nothing more powerful than letting your little girl know she too can be a superhero from a young age, which is why Wonder Woman is the perfect role model and a great theme for a 1st birthday.

Let your Wonder Woman-inspired cake shine on your dessert table. You've got to love the fondant Wonder Woman crown topper!

Wonder Woman 1st Birthday Cake

36. Luau Cake

If your little one is turning one over the summer, then a great theme would undoubtedly be a summer luau 1st birthday party!

Add some summer vibes to your birthday cake with some fondant hibiscus flowers, palm trees, flamingos, and any other summer-inspired decorations that come to mind!

Don't miss these vibrant summer 1st birthday party supplies.


Luau 1st Birthday Cake

36. Winter Onderland Cake

Turn a simple white cake into a winter 'onderland' by adding a gorgeous sparkly 'one' topper with a snowflake.

This is a fine example of how sometimes more is less!

Don't miss these beautiful Winter Onderland 1st birthday party supplies.


Winter Onderland 1st birthday party

38. Pumpkin Cake

Celebrate a fall 1st birthday with a cute pumpkin-inspired 1st birthday.

Have you ever seen a more amazing birthday cake than this one?

You've got to love the incredible pumpkin top tier!

Take a look at these pretty pumpkin 1st birthday party supplies.

Pumpkin 1st Birthday Cake

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing 1st  birthday parties for girls, and check out these girl 1st birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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