Moana Birthday Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

If your daughter is anything like mine and fell instantly in love with the movie Moana, then I'm sure you'll be needing Moana birthday party ideas real soon!

To help you out, we've a roundup of fabulous Moana birthday party ideas from our site and the internet!

You'll find Moana invitations, ideas for a Moana birthday cake, pretty cupcake toppers, delicious tropical flower cookies and many more ideas!

Moana Birthday Party Ideas Roundup

1. Moana Invitation

This gorgeous Moana illustrated invitation from our vendor Emmie cake is a great choice for party invitation. The illustrations are adorable!

Moana birthday party Invitation |

2. Birthday  Cake

Look no further for a gorgeous idea for a Moana inspired birthday cake!

This hibiscus flower birthday cake is absolutely beautiful on the outside, and once cut into, there are beautiful bright ombre colors to give it that extra special touch!

Moana floral birthday cake |

3. Cookies

The luscious floral setting in the movie is a great inspiration for your Moana birthday party. Just look at these beautiful hibiscus decorated cookies!

Hibiscus Moana inspired cookies |

4. Moana cupcake toppers (affil)

These fantastic Moana cupcake toppers are just perfect to decorate your cupcakes. How cool would they look on a cupcakes with turquoise blue icing?!

Moana Cupcake Toppers |

5. Drink dispenser

Take a look at this great way to serve up punch at your Moana birthday party. Love the lei decorating the dispenser! Such a beautiful and simple idea with a lot of impact.

Drink dispenser for a Moana Party |

6. Welcome party wreath

Decorate your front door at your Moana birthday party with a fabulous tropical flower wreath. Love the colors! You can buy all the supplies at the craft store and get hot gluing!

Wreath for a Moana Party |

7. Moana balloons (affil)

If you're looking for an easy way to decorate your Moana birthday party, here's a fun balloon assortment to give your party some color.

Moana Balloons |

8. Crab croissants

How about serving your guests these Tamatoa inspired crab croissants? They are so simple to decorate with toothpicks and googly eyes, and are lots of fun for your guests!

Crab Croissants for a Moana party |

9. Lava rocks

Another great treat for your dessert table are these rock candy lollipops. Simply add a Lava Rock food card and you're good to go!

Rock candy lollipops for a Moana party |

10. Chocolate coconuts

You can't have a Moana birthday party and not 'consider the coconut' as Moana's father sings in that great opening song! So how about adding these chocolates that look a lots like coconuts?

Chocolate Coconuts for a Moana party |

11. Moana tee shirt (affil)

Here's the perfect Moana tee shirt for the birthday girl to wear. You can have your daughter's tee shirt personalized with her name and age.

Moana Birthday Tee Shirt |

12. Table setting

Take a look at this fantastic way to decorate the kids' table at your Moana birthday party. Love the vibrant colors, parasols, and floral plates! So pretty!!

Tables Setting ideas for Moana Birthda Party |

13. Moana bottle cap party favors (affil)

If you're looking for the perfect party favor, then check out these Moana bottle caps pendant necklaces. I'm sure your guests will love going home in one of these!

Moana Bottle Cap Party favors |

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