These Are the Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes for 2020!

by Jillian Leslie on

It's never too soon to start planning a birthday party and we've rounded up the 12 most popular girl birthday party themes for 2020 to help you plan the party of the year!

We have loads of wonderful party themes that your daughters are going to love and that will be spot on trend in 2020.

From sure hits like flamingo or unicorn parties to newcomers like llama parties, we've got you covered!

Collage of the most Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes for 2020

Many of these birthday party themes for girls are long-time favorites while others are new and trendy.


These Are the Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes for 2020

1. Llama Parties

A hot party theme for 2020 is undoubtedly a llama party.

Like flamingo and unicorn parties, llama birthday parties are a massive hit with girls and are a great excuse to add some color and fiesta to a birthday!

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Llama birthday party

2. Mermaid Parties

Mermaid parties continue to be a popular girl party theme that girls can't seem to get enough of.

They are a wonderful summer theme, especially if you're having a pool party.

You can never use too many mermaid tails and shells!

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Mermaid birthday party

3. Unicorn Parties

Unicorn party themes are going nowhere!

They continue to be one of the most popular party themes out there and are a magical trend that girls love.

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Unicorn birthday party

4. Minnie Mouse Parties

Everyone, at some stage in their life, falls in love with Minnie Mouse, making her another of the most popular girl party themes that you can bet will be around in 2020!

Minnie Mouse parties are especially popular for 1st birthdays.

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Minnie Mouse birthday party

5. Princess Parties

2020 is sure to be another year where girls' dreams will come true and they'll be princesses, even if only for a day.

With so many princesses to choose from, such as Elsa, Moana, and even classical ones such as Cinderella and Snow White, there are so many possible princess party themes to be had.

You'll have a hard time picking out a favorite!

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Princess birthday party

6. LOL Surprise Dolls Parties

LOL Suprise Dolls is such a popular party theme that brings together two things girls love... surprises and dolls.

We saw an increase in popularity of LOL Suprise Dolls parties this past year and 2020 looks set to be another big one for them.

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LOL Surprise Dolls birthday party |


7. Woodland Parties

Children love cute little animals like foxes and deer, which is one of the reasons why woodland parties are so loved by girls.

The theme is so feminine and is a great excuse to add adorable animals and lots of flowers.

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Woodland birthday party

8. Flamingo Parties

Flamingo parties, similar to unicorn and llama parties are one of those party themes that is going nowhere in 2020!

Add some tropical flair to a birthday with lots of tropical flowers, pineapples, and as many flamingos as you can get your hands on.

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Flamingo birthday party

9. Safari Parties

Similar to woodland parties, girls (and boys alike) can't seem to get enough of cute safari animals, such as lions and giraffes.

Safari parties saw an increase in 2019 and 2020 is going to be their year, making them a great theme for a wild one 1st birthday party!

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Safari birthday party

10. Carousel Parties

If you'd rather go with a more vintage theme then a carousel party is a perfect choice.

Who can resist a gorgeous carousel and the stunning horses?

You can bet you'll have a memorable party to look back on.

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Carousel birthday party

11. Boho Parties

Another very popular feminine party theme for 2020 is a boho party.

If you're looking for a theme that is more in touch with nature and more eclectic then look no further!

Boho parties are a wonderful choice for those that love a whimsical party with a feminine touch.

You can never have enough flowers, teepees, and dreamcatchers, right?

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Boho Chic birthday party


12. Alice in Wonderland Parties

To finish off our list of popular party themes for 202o we just had to add the classical Alice in Wonderland birthday that transports girls to a magical world of tea parties and mad hatters.

It's a great theme if you want to add a shabby chic look to your party, and if 2019 is anything to go by, expect 2020 to be another great year for Alice in Wonderland.

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