You Must-See These 15 Stunning Frozen Dessert Table Ideas!

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Summer is practically over and before we know it winter will spread from Arendelle and Frozen 2 will hit movies theatres around the world!

When the first movie came out, received an avalanche of fabulous Frozen birthday parties all covered in snowflakes.

So, you can bet that once the new movie comes out, a new bunch of children is going to fall in love with it and Frozen birthday parties are going to once again become a massive trend.

If you’re thinking of hosting a Frozen birthday party you won’t want to miss all the best Frozen dessert tables we’ve rounded up for you from parties on our website.

As the song says, ‘let it go’ and scroll for some Frozen party inspiration!

We’ve hand-selected the 15 most beautiful dessert tables from some of the most amazing Frozen parties that were added to our site.

You will be blown away, and hopefully, get some great ideas for your party.

You Must-See These 18 Stunning Frozen Dessert Table Ideas!

1. Frozen Woodland Dessert Table 

To start off our list of stunning Frozen dessert tables we have this gorgeous woodland-inspired one.

The illustrated backdrop has the whole gang and the table skirt in blue and white is so elegant.

Love the little silver snowflakes decorating it.

Frozen Woodland Dessert Table 

2. Sparkly Frozen Dessert Table 

This next Frozen dessert table is so sparkly!

The backdrop is full of fairy lights, and paper snowflakes up,  against a pale blue fabric.

Together with a lifesize Elsa balloon, the dessert table has such a magical look!

Sparkly Frozen Dessert Table 

3. Balloon Garland Frozen Dessert Table 

If balloon garlands are more your thing then you don’t want to miss this Frozen dessert table.

This wonderful vintage dresser dessert table is framed by pretty white and blue balloon garland making this party right on trend!

Balloon Garland Frozen Dessert Table 

4. Simple Frozen Dessert Table 

The next example is simple, but oh so lovely!

With some blues balloons at either side of the dessert table and an Anna and Elsa backdrop, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported all the way to Arendelle.

The white twigs decorating the table are so pretty and delicate.

Simple Frozen Dessert Table 

5. Extravagant Frozen Dessert Table 

Wow! This next Frozen dessert table will blow you away!

Everything about just oozes the movie. The spectacular castle backdrop and woodland settings are so impressive!

Love that Elsa is standing right next to it as if greeting guests at the party.

Extravagant Frozen Dessert Table 

6. Snowflake Frozen Dessert Table 

The white drape backdrop at this next dessert table looks so elegant.

Decorated with beautiful white snowflakes it gives this Frozen party such a delicate look.

Snowflake Frozen Dessert Table 

7. Stalactite Frozen Dessert Table 

Elsa’s freezing powers are in full view at this Frozen birthday party.

Decorated with a bunch of stalactites and some snowflakes you can almost feel the cold.

Love the purple drape backdrop!

Stalactite Frozen Dessert Table 

8. Paper Fan Frozen Dessert Table 

The colorful blue, white, turquoise and purple paper fan backdrop decorating this next Frozen party are amazing!

They look just like snowflakes and make this party look so beautiful!

The sliver and purple table skirt dressing the dessert table bring some glam to the party.

Paper Fan Frozen Dessert Table 

9. Elsa Frozen Dessert Table 

This next Frozen dessert table has Elsa doing her magic in the pose, she uses when shes creating ice.

In this case, she’s creating the most beautiful Frozen dessert table you’ve ever seen!

Elsa Frozen Dessert Table 

10. Sisters Frozen Dessert Table 

This next dessert table celebrates the love the two sisters have for each other.

An image of both Anna and Elsa is framed and decorating the backdrop.

The blue tulle table skirt is such a magical touch.

Sisters Frozen Dessert Table

11. Magical Frozen Dessert Table

This Frozen dessert table has everything a Frozen fan could ever wish for at her party.

An Elsa and Anna backdrop and party food covered in snowflakes.

Magical  Frozen Dessert Table

12. Dazzling Frozen Dessert Table

The sparkly white sequin backdrop used to decorate this Frozen birthday gives this party so much dazzle!

Love the white cone trees decorating the dessert table and the paper snowflakes hanging in the background.

Together with all the blue this Frozen party just oozes Elsa.

Dazzling Frozen Dessert Table

13. Elegant Frozen Dessert Table

Elsa and her ice castle take center stage at this next Frozen birthday.

Her elegance transpires to the rest of the dessert table decorated with paper fans and white trees.

Elegant Frozen Dessert Table

14. Frozen ‘Let it Go’ Dessert Table

You can’t have a Frozen birthday party and not refer to the famous’ Let it Go’ song Elsa has immortalized.

What a better way to do so than with a  pretty sparkly purple, turquoise and pink banner like this one!

The matching colored tassel garland decorating the table adds so much color to this amazing party!

Frozen 'Let it Go' Dessert Table

15. Elsa’s Ice and Snow Frozen Dessert Table

To finish off our round-up of Frozen dessert tables we have this spectacular Elsa ice and snow party.

The backdrop has a framed image of Elsa creating ice and scattering snowflakes all over this party!

Elsa's Ice and Snow Frozen Dessert Table

For more inspiration, check out all these gorgeous Frozen party ideas on our site, and check out these Frozen party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


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10 must-see Frozen dessert tables! |

Frozen dessert table ideas you don't want to miss! |

10 must-see Frozen dessert tables! |

Frozen dessert table ideas you don't want to miss! |

10 must-see Frozen dessert tables! |

10 must-see Frozen dessert tables! |

Frozen dessert table ideas you don't want to miss! |


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