The Best 50th Birthday Party Themes to Remember!

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If you or a close family member is celebrating a milestone birthday, such as a 50th, look no further for the best 50th birthday party themes.

I hope our round-up of the best 50th birthday party ideas is just what you need to throw a 50th birthday to remember!

The Best 50th Birthday Party Themes to Remember!

We have a wonderful round-up of 50th birthday party themes such as a Great Gatsby party, a car-themed birthday, a retro party, an intimate dinner party, and many many more...

Top 15 Best Party Themes for Adults!

1. 50 and Fabulous Parties

There are so many amazing themes for a 50th birthday party celebration to choose from.

Sometimes a surprise party can be a good idea, especially if the guest of honor absolutely loves surprises!

Throw her an amazing 50 and fabulous themed party, so she can feel the love and know just how extraordinary she is.

50 and Fabulous Parties

2. 50th Birthday Movie Night

A great idea for anyone that loves movies and Hollywood glam would be a movie-themed 50th birthday party.

There's nothing a movie buff would love more than celebrating with friends and family on a starry night watching a favorite movie.

50th Birthday Movie Night

4. Rustic 50th Birthday Parties

Taking a party outdoors and hosting a 50th birthday in lovely surroundings can be really special.

Let your environment be part of your 50th birthday party decorations and add some floral accents here and there (for instance, centerpieces) to create a wonderful rustic-themed birthday.

Rustic parties tend to be more relaxed and laidback which can be so much fun and a great way to take a get-together with your guests and take a trip down memory lane.

Rustic 50th Birthday Parties

5. Retro 50th Birthday Parties

There are so many fun 50th birthday party ideas to choose from but a great way to celebrate such a significant milestone birthday is by throwing a fab retro-themed party, such as the '70s, '60s, and better still... the '50s.

Have your guest come dressed in 50's fashion, like leather jackets and full circle skirts, and set up a fab photo booth so you can take lots of photos and make lots of memories.

Whatever decade you decide to go with make sure you have a dance floor bashing out hits from that time in history.

Retro 50 Birthday Parties

6. Casino 50th Birthday Parties

If one of your favorite things is spending time in Las Vegas, then the perfect way to throw a big birthday bash, without the hassle of the trip, would have to be with a casino-themed party.

It's a great way to get everyone together to play some blackjack, poker, or roulette and celebrate your 50th like a high roller!

Casino 50 Birthday Parties

7. Parisian 50 Birthday Parties

Celebrate your big day with an extravagant French-themed Paris party.

If you haven't been able to check Paris off your bucket list yet, treat yourself and your guests to the party of a lifetime with a sophisticated bash almost as good as an actual trip to the city of lights.

Parisian 50 Birthday Parties

8. Glam 50 Birthday Parties

Glam up your 50th birthday party celebration by throwing the ultimate bash!

Host a black-tie affair and decorate in as much sparkle and gold as you can.

Celebrate with a bang by cracking open your best bottle of champagne!

Glam 50th Birthday Parties

9. Cars-Themed 50th Birthday Parties

Men love their cars, be it sports cars, off-roaders, or classic cars, which is why it's a great theme for anyone whos passionate about their wheels.

Classic Cars 50th Birthday Parties

10. 50 Shade of Grey Birthday Parties

There are so many wonderful 50th birthday ideas out there that picking the perfect one can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

If you are hoping to spice things up a bit how about hosting a steamy 50 Shades of Grey party that all the ladies will enjoy?

Invite all your closest friends, drink cocktails and play some fun party games.

50 Shade of Grey Birthday Parties

10. Football 50 Birthday Parties

There are not many men out there that don't appreciate a nice cold beer and watching a good game of football.

If you have a football fan in your life, a fun idea for a 50th birthday party would have to be a football-themed one.

Serve a bunch of game-day favorite foods and I'm pretty sure he'll be in heaven!

Football 50th Birthday Parties

11. Fashionista 50th Birthday Parties

A fashionista birthday girl would love nothing more for her 50th birthday bash than to celebrate with a stylish party.

You can go with a bunch of themes, such as Chanel, Kate Spade, Tiffany's, etc... according to whatever brand is most loved.

Fashionista 50th Birthday Parties

12. Mad Men 50 Birthday Parties

Mad Men is such a popular and iconic tv show which is why it's the right theme to go with if you are a fan of the show and love everything vintage.

A fiftieth birthday is a big deal so celebrate your big day sipping cocktails and dressed to the styles of the 1960’s/1970’s.

Mad Men 50 Birthday Parties

13. 50 Birthday Dinner Parties

Instead of hosting a big bash, maybe your idea of the perfect 50th birthday party may be an intimate dinner party instead.

There's literally nothing better than sitting around a table with your close friends and family chatting away, grazing a cheeseboard, and sipping wine!

50th Birthday Dinner Parties

14. Great Gatsby 50th Birthday Parties

Let the good times roll and celebrate with one of our most popular 50th birthday themes... a Great Gatsby party!

There's something so extravagant and stylish about the roaring '20s that makes you want to party.

Work on your guest list and make sure you let everyone know what the dress code is.

Great Gatsby 50th Birthday Parties

15. Rodeo 50 Birthday Parties

Dust off those cowboy boots and throw an unforgettable rodeo-themed 50th birthday celebration.

It's a fun party theme, so put on some great music, relax and toast to another 50!

Rodeo 50 Birthday Parties

We hope you enjoyed this post of the top 49 best party themes for adults!

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing grown-up party themes, and check out these adult birthday party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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