The 16 Most Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts for Women!

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There's nothing better than finding 'that' perfect gift for a friend or family member, which is why I'm so happy to help you pick out the ideal 40th birthday gifts for women!

A 40th birthday is such an important milestone in a woman's life and finding a memorable gift can be somewhat daunting.

You've no need to stress though because we've found a bunch of beautiful ideas that are sure to impress.

The 16 Most Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts for Women!

We’ve got so many fabulous ideas such as a spa gift box, some lovely jewelry, a tote bag, a personalized wooden cutting board and so much more!

Scroll down to go through them...

The 16 Most Amazing 40th Birthday Gifts for Women!

1: 40th Birthday Necklace

To start off our round-up of wonderful 40th birthday gifts for women we've picked this elegant necklace with a bar pendant.

Personalized it was an engraved message to show her just how much you care.

40th Birthday Necklace

2: Shine Bright at 40 Scented Candle

Fill your friend's house with a wonderful aroma by getting them one of these scented candles

Choose from a varied number of different relaxing scents, such as orange and cinnamon, black raspberry and vanilla, and a bunch more...

I promise they are going to love it!

Shine Bright at 40 Scented Candle

3: 40th Birthday Spa Gift Box

You can not go wrong with this absolutely luscious birthday gift treat. A fantastic 40th birthday spa gift box!

The box includes everything a girl needs to help her feel special, such as a candle, some lip balm, a marbled lavender soap, two bath bombs, and an engraved wooden heart with an inspirational message.

40th Birthday Spa Gift Box

4: 40th Birthday Bracelet

Show someone just how much they mean to you with a beautiful solid silver bracelet with four rose gold vermeil textured rings

Each ring represents a decade and will surely put a smile on their face and warm their heart!

40th Birthday Bracelet

5: 40th Birthday Earrings

You can never really go wrong with jewelry and gorgeous heart earrings are perfect for a friend that's turning 40.

These beautiful earrings, made from 925 sterling silver, can be worn for any occasion and come in an elegant gift box.

40th Birthday Earrings

6: 40th Birthday Ring Holder

A keepsake ring holder engraved with 'forty' and a heart is a lovely gift to mark this special birthday.

It's perfect for storing your bits of jewelry at the end of the day and keeping it all in one place.

40th Birthday Ring Holder

7: 'Hello Forty' T-Shirt

If you're looking for a stylish gift how about getting one of these cool 'Hello Forty' t-shirts that comes in a number of different colors?

It's a great gift for a fashionista that loves posting selfies or TikTok videos!

'Hello Forty' T-Shirt

8: 'Nº 40' Bag

A girl can never have too many handbags, right?

This is exactly why this 'Nº 40' tote bag is the ultimate fashion accessory for someone celebrating their 40th.

They'll be strutting along proudly showing it off next time they pop out to the store!


Nº 40 Bag

9: '40 Reasons We Love You' Poster

If your looking for a gift to give together with other people then look no further because we've found just what you need!

This '40 reason's why we love you' poster is such a thoughtful and loving gift to receive on such an important birthday.

Each one of you contributes to the poster by explaining exactly why you love the birthday girl.

No other gift is so heartfelt!

'40 Reasons We Love You' Poster

10: 'Forty & Fab' Makeup Bag

You can never go wrong with a chic makeup bag and this 'Forty & Fab' one is just what someone celebrating this milestone birthday needs!

It doubles up as a cool pouch for the beach during the summer.'Forty & Fab' Makeup Bag

11: 'Forty-licious' Mug

Sometimes the most simple gifts are those that leave a mark.

This 'Forty-licious' mug is great, not only for a delicious morning tea or coffee, but it also looks fantastic on a desk full of pens and pencils!

'Forty-licious' Mug

12: 'Cheers to 40 Years ' Glass

Life begins at forty, so raise a glass and celebrate with this gorgeous 'Cheers to Forty Years' glass.

You can bet this gift will be a smash! No more drink wine out of boring wine glasses.

'Cheers to 40 Years ' Glass

13: '40, The Other F Word ' Wine Bottle Label

Wine is a great gift that is always highly appreciated!

Stick this ' Forty. The Other F Word' label to add some humor to the bottle.

'40, The Other F Word ' Wine Bottle Label

14: Personalized Cutting Board

If the birthday girl is a cook then we've found just what they need in their kitchen... a personalized cutting board.

This rustic, olive wood board is ideal for chopping or serving cheese, or antipasti.

It can be personalized with a name which makes it such a special gift.

Personalized Cutting Board

15: '40th Birthday' Newspaper Milestones Poster

For a fun 40th birthday gift you do not want to miss this awesome newspaper poster.

Full of awesome moments from 40 years ago, step back in time with this perfect gift for anyone celebrating a 40th!

'40the Birthday' Newspaper Milestones Poster

16: 'The Big 40' Keychain

Small gestures of generosity can mean so much to someone that is special in your life.

This delicate charm keychain is so pretty and a wonderful keepsake that can be attached to keys, bags, purses, backpacks etc...

'The Big 40' Keychain


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