21 Fun Creepy Halloween Kids Activity Printables!

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Throwing a Halloween party can be so thrilling, but it’s not always easy to keep everyone entertained. This is why I’ve rounded up 21 fun creepy Halloween Kids Activity Printables to help you distract all your little monsters.

(Btw, we’ve also got a slew of free Halloween party printables to decorate your parties. Don’t miss these!)

21 Fun Creepy Halloween Kids Activity Printables!

We’ve so many great ideas such as a must-have FREE Halloween 2022 countdown calendar, a FREE ‘pin the spider on the web’ printable, some printable Halloween puppet templates and so much more!

21 Fun Creepy Halloween Kids Activity Printables!

1. FREE Printable Halloween Bingo

You can never go wrong with a simple game of bingo!

Download our FREE Halloween-themed bingo for a guaranteed fun party activity everyone will enjoy.

FREE Printable Halloween Bingo

2: FREE ‘You’ve Been BOOed’ Halloween Printables

If you are planning on Booing your friends for neighbors this Halloween we’ve got just what you need!

Download our FREE ‘You’ve been Booed’ Halloween printables that come with instructions, candy wrappers, a poster, and a couple awesome extras, and use them to sneak special treats onto neighbors’ or friends’ porches after dark during Halloween.

FREE 'You've Been BOOed' Halloween Printables

3. FREE Printable Halloween 2022 Countdown Calendar 

Download our FREE printable Halloween countdown calendar for 2022 to track just how quickly Halloween will be upon us!

Kids have so much fun count downing down, so be sure to print out our calendar and stick it on your refrigerator.

Don’t miss these 12 fun kids’ Halloween party ideas. You are sure to find so much inspiration!

FREE Printable Halloween 2022 Countdown Calendar 

4: FREE Printable ‘Pin the Spider on the Web’ Game 

Kids will be scrambling to have a go at our FREE printable ‘Pin the Spider on the Web’ party activity.

As with any traditional ‘pin the tail’ game, this Halloween-inspired one involves each blindfolded child aiming to pin a spider on a printed-out spiderweb. Considering the spiderweb is so big, there’s really no way they can go wrong.

FREE Printable 'Pin the Spider on the Web' Game

5. FREE Halloween ‘Cootie Catcher’ Fortune Teller

If like me you love a good old-fashioned cootie catcher be sure to download our FREE Halloween-themed one for some spooky fun.

This simple origami finger game is really easy to play and a great addition to your party favors.

FREE Halloween 'Cootie Catcher' Fortune Teller

6. Printable Haunted House Paper Craft Activity

If you are looking for a Halloween-inspired paper craft activity, look no further.

This printable haunted house will keep kids busy for hours. Print out the haunted house templates and watch as the kids color them in, cut them out, and then assemble their very our Halloween party decoration!

Haunted House Paper Craft Activity

7: Halloween Printable Busy Book

This printable 22-page Halloween Busy Book for toddlers is jam-packed with a bunch of beautifully illustrated fall-themed activities to keep them busy!

They’ll have a blast with Make a Pumpkin, Halloween Dress Up, Build the Witch, Make a Magic Potion, and more!

Halloween Printable Busy Book

8: Halloween Puppets Printable Templates

Another cute activity are these printable Halloween puppets that kids will want to cut out and assemble.

Included are templates for a vampire, a Frankenstein, a pumpkin, a zombie, and a ghost.

Halloween Puppets Printable Templates

9. Printable Halloween Spooky Portraits

This next party activity is perfect for Halloween.

Print out these spooky color in portrait templates and give one to each of your guests so he or she can create their own masterpiece. What’s great about each one is that they come with moving eyes which give it an added creepiness.

Included in the pack are portraits of a witch, a mummy, a vampire, a Day of the Dead skull, and a Frankenstein monster.

Printable Halloween Spooky Portraits

10. Printable Haunted House Escape Room Kit

You can bet your guests will have a whale of a time at your haunted house escape room!

The game is easy to print and set up and includes all the printable templates you’ll need with hints, clues, games, and more!

Designed for kids aged between 5-9, this haunted house escape room is both creative and engaging and lasts about 45-60 minutes.

Be sure to place your clues on walls, floors, and in envelopes, for the players to open as the game progresses.

Haunted House Escape Room Kit

11: Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

You can never go wrong with a scavenger hunt!

This Halloween-themed one is such an awesome activity to do with the kids. Go for a walk with them around the neighborhood and search for Halloween decorations on the list.

Make sure to check out these 15 creepy outdoor Halloween party decoration supplies!

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

12. Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

Younger kids can spend hours playing around with Play-Dough, so how about treating them to some Halloween-themed Play-Dough mats?

They are great for encouraging kids’ imagination and practicing their fine motor skills.

Printable Halloween Play Dough Mats

13. Printable Halloween Riddle Game

Print out a sheet of Halloween riddles and distribute them among your guests.

Laughs are guaranteed, as each of them, they try to solve the Halloween-inspired riddles.

Whoever gets the most correct wins!

Printable Halloween Riddle Game

14. Halloween Kids Activity Printable Placemat

These printable Halloween activity placemats are great, not only for decorating your table settings but also for keeping everyone busy while seated.

Included in the design is a maze, a word search, some color in drawings, a word scrabble, a spot the differences, and a couple tick tac toe.

Make sure to have some coloring pencils at the ready.

Don’t miss these 12 easy delicious Halloween treats. You’ll be sure to find the perfect ones to serve at your party!

Halloween Kids Activity Placemat

15. Halloween Printable Bookmark Templates

Set up a craft corner at your Halloween party and have kids make some ghoulish bookmarks to take home.

Download the printable templates that include a vampire, a black cat, Frankenstein, and a pumpkin.

Be sure not to miss these 12 Most Awesome Kids’ Halloween Party Supplies so you can throw a party to remember!

Halloween Printable Bookmark Templates

16. Printable Halloween Word Search

Word searches are always a great challenge, so how about treating your party guests to a Halloween-themed one?

You could either print them out and have kids do them at your Halloween party, or you could include them in the party favor bags they take home.

Printable Halloween Word Search

17: Printable Halloween I Spy Game

Young kids, especially, enjoy a fun game of ‘I spy’ which is why this printable ‘I Spy’ game is a fantastic way to keep everyone happy over Halloween!

The set comes in 8 different designs, which you can distribute amongst your guests.

They are perfect for aiding communication skills and helping to encourage an explorative mindset.

Printable Halloween I Spy Game

18: Printable Halloween Charade Cards

Nothing can beat a spooktacular game of charades. It’s a classic that everyone of all ages will enjoy, so how about giving it a Halloween twist for your party?

Print out these 34 Halloween-themed charade cards and have a laugh at everyone’s attempt!

Printable Halloween Charade Cards

19. Printable Halloween Matching Cards Game

If you are still stuck on a Halloween activity for younger kids we may have found just what you’re looking for.

Download this printable Halloween Matching Game. Not only will kids have fun trying to find the matches, but it’s a great learning activity too!

Printable Halloween Matching Cards Game

20. ‘Would You Rather’ Printable Halloween Game

This next game is a cool ice-breaker for a Halloween party.

Download the printable Halloween’Would you Rather’ game to learn about each other according to the answers given to each question.

 Would You Rather Printable Halloween Game

21. Printable Halloween Coloring Sheets

Last, but not least we have the ultimate printable Halloween party activity that is sure to be a hit… some Halloween color in sheets!

Kids adore coloring in so create a little Halloween craft station at your party and leave a bunch of these coloring sheets for them to help themselves. Don’t forget to add some buckets of crayons too.

Printable Halloween Coloring Sheets


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