Halloween Pretzel Rods

by Jillian Leslie on

Make these quick and easy Halloween pretzel rods to serve your friends and family this Halloween!

Halloween Pretzel Rods

I love salty and sweet, so these pretzel rods are right up my alley when it comes to flavor. And did you know, purple is the newest Halloween color? That's right, it's no longer just orange and black. The purple adds a touch of modern style to everything Halloween.

You can make these pretzels in less than 15 minutes, and your friends and family will love them. Here's how...

Halloween Pretzel Rods

What you need: Directions:

Step 1: Line pretzels on a parchment covered baking sheet.

Pretzel Rods Lined Up | CatchMyParty.com

Step 2: Melt the candy melts in separate bowls in the microwave. Use 50% heat and microwave in 30-45 second intervals. Mixing each time.

Orange, White, and Black Candy Melts | CatchMyParty.com

Step 3: Take a couple scoops of the melted candy melts, in each color, and place them into individual Ziploc baggies. Set aside.

Candy Melts in Ziploc Baggies | CatchMyParty.com

Step 4: Pour the black and white candy melts into a tall mug. Dip the pretzel into the mug(s) and use a spoon to scoop the melted candy over the pretzel rod. Leave a little space at the top of the pretzel with no candy coating.  Tap the excess candy off the pretzel and lay onto the parchment lined baking sheet. 

Pretzel Rods Dipped into White Candy Melt | CatchMyParty.com

Step 5: Cover pretzel rods with different Halloween sprinkles. But leave a few bare so you can zig-zag.

Halloween Sprinkles for Coating | CatchMyParty.com

Step 6: To create the zig-zag design, cut a bottom corner off the chocolate filled ziploc baggies.

Pretzel Rods Sprinkled with Halloween Sprinkles | CatchMyParty.com

Step 7: In a back and forth motion, drizzle the colored chocolate over the pretzel rods without the sprinkles. Repeat with each desired color. I love how these look layered!

Pretzel Rods Sprinkled with Halloween Sprinkles | CatchMyParty.com

Chilled and Set Aside Pretzel Rods | CatchMyParty.com

Step 8: After adding your sprinkles and chocolate zig-zags, chill the pretzel rods until the candy coating sets and is hard.

Pretzel Rods Coated with Different Candy Melts | CatchMyParty.com

To a salty and sweet Halloween!!

This fabulous food craft was created by our style and craft contributor, Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine! To see more of Shauna's work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit them on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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