12 Fun Kids Halloween Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

Not long to go until one of my favorite holidays of the year... Halloween!!! It's such an awesome holiday and Halloween parties are so much fun, especially for  young kids.

So, if you're planning a fun-packed Halloween party for your children this year, don't miss these 12 kids' Halloween party ideas from parties added to CatchMyParty.com

You'll find ideas for cupcakes, dessert tables, cookies, decorations, party favors, and so much more...


Halloween Dessert Table

What a better way to impress yours guests then with an amazing dessert table! This one is incredible. The ruffled orange and purple table skirt makes such a statement, and the dessert table covered with so many fantastic Halloween themed sweets bring it all to life! You've got to also love the balloon decor and witches' brooms!

Halloween dessert table | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Cake

I can guarantee you there isn't a kid out there who it's going to fall completely under the spell of this amazing Halloween cake! It's crazy with it's bright colors, covered in loads of candy and decorated with stunning sugar cookies. What a blast!!

Halloween Cake | CatchMyParty.com

Spider Cupcakes

Have fun with some awesome spider cupcakes like these. They are so easy to make. Simply decorating chocolate frosted cupcakes with 2 little candy googly eyes and add printable spider legs!

Spider Cupcakes | CatchMyParty.com

Meringue Ghost Pops

Another awesome addition to your dessert table are these meringue ghost pops. They are sure to put a smile on kids faces and taste yummy too.

Meringue Ghost Pops | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Cookies

Treat your little guests to a wonderful mix of decorated sugar cookies like these. They are all so cute that they'll have a hard time choosing which one to take a bite out of!

Halloween Cookies | CatchMyParty.com

Spider Web Applesauce Pouches

Transform regular applesauce pouches into perfect Halloween treats by wrapping them in spider webbing and gluing on a couple of plastic spiders.

Halloween Drink Cartons | CatchMyParty.com

Jello Eyeballs

Spook kids by turning regular lime green Jello pots into fun Halloween ones by just topping them with candy eye balls.

Jello Eyeballs | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Table Settings

Add a touch of witches glam to your Halloween party with an incredible table setting like this one! I absolutely love the witches' hats hanging above the table with the gorgeous table cloth and fabulous black candle sticks topped with a skull. It's just so luxurious! So, if you want to add a touch of style to your party look no further.

Halloween Table Settings| CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Party Decorations

Sometimes the most simple decorations are the most effective. Just grab loads of white balloons with scary faces and mix them together with a bunch of black ones for an awesome effect. Scatter them around a room and you're all done! Then, just add as many cutout black paper bats as you can on your walls, and you've perfect Halloween party decorations.

Halloween Party Decorations | CatchMyParty.com

Jack O' Lantern Serving Bowl

Kids are going to love grabbing candy or cookies out of a beautifully decorated jack o' lantern serving bowl like this one. You could have fun with your kids and try to make a paper mache one yourself. It's a great project to work on during the run up to Halloween and will have your kids excited about their party! Imagine just how much fun they'll have decorating it and how proud they'll be to show it off.

Jack O' Lantern Serving Bowl | CatchMyParty.com

Halloween Party Activity

Keep your little guests entertained with a fun traditional bobbing for apples game. It's quick and easy to set up and the kids will have a laugh! You can also do this with hanging donuts or mini candy bars!

Halloween Party Activity | CatchMyParty.com

Witch's Broom Party Favor Bags

In keeping with your Halloween party theme, send your guests home with a cool witch's broom party favor bag like these. Just add a stick and a fun label to give that that extra Halloween look and you're done.

Witch's Broom Party Favor Bags | CatchMyParty.com

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