The Best 15 Outdoor Halloween Party Decoration Supplies!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year and it’s such a thrill prepping for it.

Decorating a Halloween party is awesome but finding the perfect indoor and outdoor Halloween party decorations can be challenging.

Check out the best 15 outdoor Halloween party decoration supplies we’ve rounded up to help you find the spookiest ones for you.

The Best 15 Outdoor Halloween Party Decoration Supplies!We’ve found awesome outdoor Halloween party decorations such as  Jack O’Lanterns face decals, lawn signs, bats, hanging ghosts, tombstones and so much more.

Scroll down if you dare!

The Best 15 Outdoor Halloween Party Decoration Supplies!

1: ‘Welcome to our Haunted House’ Lawn Sign

This fun ‘Welcome to our Haunted House’ lawn sign is the perfect outdoor Halloween party decoration.

Welcome your guests and let your trick-or-treaters know that you are passing out candy this Halloween.

'Welcome to our Haunted House' Lawn Sign

2: Halloween Front Door Monster Face

Transform your front door into a monster with these easy-to-apply vinyl stickers.

It’s a great way to show some Halloween spirit to the neighborhood!

Halloween Front Door Monster Face

3: Witch Leg Candy Bowls

If you’re looking for an awesome candy bowl, how about one of these cool cauldrons with witches’ legs?

They look fabulous either in the house or outdoors and are a sure hit this Halloween. If you’re doing a socially distanced Halloween, just put one of these out on your yard, and let your trick-or-treaters help themselves.

Witch Leg Candy Bowls

4: Giant Spiders

I can’t think of anything creepier than having spiders crawling all over the place. Errr…

This is why these giant hairy spiders are the ultimate Halloween party decoration, and just what you need to decorate your house for Halloween.

Giant Spiders

5: Halloween Ghosts

Transform your yard into a haunted scenario with these spooky hanging ghosts.

Hang them from trees and frighten your trick-or-treaters as they approach your house.

Halloween Ghosts

6: Spooky Bats

Bats and Halloween go hand in hand so decorate your yard our front porch with a bunch of them to create a spooky vibe.

Scatter them all over the place for the best effect.

Spooky Bats

7: Halloween Graveyard Tombstones

Create a haunted cemetery in your front yard with these spooky tombstones.

Anyone walking by will be totally freaked out!

Halloween Graveyard Tombstones

8: Pumpkin Decals

I love Jack O’Lanterns but carving them is so much work and mine never seem to come out properly.

For a quick cheat decorate your pumpkins with these decals.

Mix and match them to create fun Jack O’Lanterns.

Pumpkin Decals

9: Movable Skeletons

Now, this Halloween party decoration really freaks me out.

The idea of skeletons trying to scramble up the walls of my house is a nightmare!

This is why it’s the perfect Halloween outdoor party decoration!

The more skeletons the better the effect!

Movable Skeletons

10: Personalized Haunted House Halloween Flag 

Add some Halloween spirit to your front porch with this eerie haunted house flag.

Personalize it with your family’s name and have it stand out and great people visiting your home.

Personalized Haunted House Halloween Flag

11: Witch Crashing into Tree Party Decoration 

This next eye-catching Halloween party decoration will make everyone laugh out loud!

How bat crazy is this witch crashing into a tree or even your front door?

Kids, especially, are gonna love it!

Witch Crashing into Tree Party Decoration 

12: Wicked Witch Window Decal

Decorate your windows with this spine-chilling wicked witch silhouette decal.

Turn on all your lights and give the illusion your house has been overrun by a bunch of witches wreaking havoc!

Wicked Witch Window Decal

13: Trick or Treat Front Porch Banner

This large trick-or-treat porch banner is a great way to decorate your home and greet anyone passing by.

Hang a banner at either side of your front door for maximum effect.

Trick or Treat Front Porch Banner

14: Stretch Cobweb Decorations

I can think of nothing creepier than a house and front lawn absolutely covered in chilling cobwebs full of spiders.

These cobwebs are an awesome Halloween party decoration that will make your house be the creepiest on your street!

Stretch Cobweb Decorations

15: Halloween Trick or Treat Wreath

To finish off our roundup of outdoor Halloween party decorations we have this spooky Halloween trick or treat wreath.

Hang it on your front door to welcome all your trick or treaters. The creep spiders and painted pumpkins are awesome!

Halloween Trick or Treat Wreath




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