64 Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

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If you have fallen under the spell of Disney’s cult classic, Hocus Pocus, and the new Hocus Pocus 2, and are looking for Hocus Pocus party ideas, we've got you covered!

We got so many awesome Halloween parties on our site, but we can't think of a better theme for this year.

The movie celebrates everything about Halloween such as witches, spells, zombies, and lots and lots of laughs! Here's to making your Hocus Pocus party a success!

64 Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

You'll find fantastic scary Halloween party themes such as a zombie party, a horror movie party, a morgue party, a Frankenstein party, and a bunch of ideas that will have everyone freaking out!

64 Spellbounding Hocus Pocus Party Ideas!

1: Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Invitation

First things first, you will want to get those Hocus Pocus Halloween party invitations out as soon as possible so everyone can start prepping their costumes.

The design of this party invitation is so much fun and includes silhouettes of each of the Sanderson sisters' hairdos, spiderwebs, bats, and candy.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Invitation

2: Digital Hocus Pocus Party Invitation

I love using digital party invitations. They are a quick and easy way to get those invitations out at just the click of a button.

Similar to the previous invitation, the design also includes each of the witches hairdos, along with a broomstick and a hat.Digital Hocus Pocus Party Invitation

3: Hocus Pocus Dessert Table

Decorate the dessert table at your hocus-pocus Halloween party with a fabulous balloon garland and a witch foil balloon.

Place a cauldron and some miniature haunted houses on it to make it look extra spooky.

Hocus Pocus Dessert Table

4: Magical Hocus Pocus Dessert Table

This next Hocus Pocus dessert table is minimalist in design but really impressive. The purple, black and white balloon garland coming out of a cauldron looks fantastic, as does the Hocus Pocus banner backdrop.

Love the purple and black color scheme, and all the Hocus Pocus-themed party food.

Magical Hocus Pocus Dessert Table

5: Hocus Pocus Backdrop

Sometimes more is less, and all you need as a backdrop are some foil balloons spelling out Hocus Pocus.

They are a quick and easy way to decorate a Halloween party and look just as good.

Hocus Pocus Backdrop

6: Come We Fly Hocus Pocus Party

There are so many fun Halloween party ideas to choose from that you'll be spoilt for great ideas!

This Hocus Pocus witch themed dessert table has an eerie feel to it. The curtain backdrop with silhouette Sanderson sisters flying off on broomsticks is sure send a chill down anyone spine.

Come We Fly Hocus Pocus Party

7: Witch-Themed Sleepover

Another great Hocus Pocus party idea that is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests is a Hocus Pocus-themed sleepover.

Place a broomstick, a witches hat, and some potions on each mattress to decorate each one of the teepees, and hang up some fairy lights and spiderwebs.

Don't forget to add some fun Halloween-themed cushions that can also double up as party favors too.

Witch-Themed Sleepover

8: Witch-Themed Cake

Make your Halloween night truly sinister with a terrifying witch-themed cake like this one.

Decorated with purple frosting, a creepy old tree, a black cat, a pumpkin, a full moon with some bats, and an illustrated witch casting spells into a cauldron, this cake is just what you need as a Halloween party celebrating such notorious witches. 

It will most definitely take center stage on your dessert table.

Witch-Themed Cake

9: Hocus Pocus Halloween Cake

This purple cake, decorated with a bunch of flying bats, is a great addition to an amazing hocus-pocus party, and is really easy to put together.

The hocus-pocus cut-out cauldron topper beautifully finishes it off.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Cake

10: 'Book' Halloween Cake

“Booooooooooook!” Is the Sanderson sister's chilling book of spells plays and major role in the movie.

How about treating your Halloween guests to a spooky spell book-inspired cake and having it placed at the center of your dessert table?

Your guest's blood is sure to curdle!

'Book' Halloween Cake

11: Sanderson Sisters Cake

This next Halloween cake is so inspired by the movie.

Made up of two tears, a bottom tear with a full moon, and a spell book-inspired top tier, it is decorated with each one of the Sanderson sisters and looks totally terrifying.

Sanderson Sisters Cake

12: Hocus Pocus Cake Topper

If you are stuck for time and are looking for a shortcut to having the best hocus pocus-themed cake ever, look no further!

All you need is this impressive witch cauldron Hocus Pocus cake topper. Place onto your cake and you're done.

Hocus Pocus Cake Topper

13: Winifred’s Cake

This final Hocus Pocus cake is inspired by Winifred Sanderson's green dress.

Decorated with green and black stripes, this hair-racing cake is decorated with horrible spiders and topped with some fondant waxed candles.

Winifred’s Cake

14: Mix of Hocus Pocus Cookies

If like me, Hocus Pocus is one of your all-time favorite Halloween movies, then you'll jump at the chance of having similar Hocus Pocus-themed cookies at your party!

Included in the mix are some black cat cookies, a spell book cookie, some Sanderson sisters cookies, and a Hocus Pocus cauldron cookie. All for your guests to feast on!

Mix of Hocus Pocus Cookies

15: Sanderson Sister Cookies

With the release of Hocus Pocus 2, there is going to be an avalanche of Hocus Pocus-themed Halloween parties this year.

Treat your guests to some of these ghostly cookies. Included you'll find cookies for each of the Sanderson sisters, a candle cookie, an "I put a spell on you" cookie, and finally a black cat cookie.

Sanderson Sister Cookies

16: Magical Hocus Pocus Cookies

Place a plate full of these Hocus Pocus cookies inspired cookies on your dessert table and watch as your guests fall under the spell.

The spell book one is spine-chilling!

Magical Hocus Pocus Cookies

17: 'The Book' Brownies

These fun spell book-inspired brownies are an absolute treat and so on theme.

Add some chocolate chips to them and your guests will undeniably be spellbound.

'The Book' Browines

18: Witch Broom Sticks

This next witch-themed food is a great pick for your Hocus Pocus party!

These colorful pretzel broomsticks covered in chocolate are such a good idea and will fly away in no time!

Witch Broom Sticks

19: Witch Hat Cupcake Cones

Your younger guests will be totally bewitched by these fabulous witch-hat cupcake cones.

You couldn't dream of a better party food for a witch-themed party, right?

Witch Hat Cake Cones

20: Sanderson Sister Cupcakes

This next fun idea is perfect for a Hocus Pocus Halloween party! 

What more could you wish for than some cupcakes topped with Winifred, Sara, and Mary?

Sanderson Sister Cupcakes

21: Witch Cupcakes

These sparkly black witch cupcake toppers are sure to send a chill down each one of your guest's spine!

In no time you can use them to easily transform a bunch of store-bought cupcakes into Halloween-themed ones.

Make your cupcakes pop by adding some Halloween-colored sprinkles on top!

Witch Cupcakes

22: Hocus Pocus Cupcakes

Any good party has to have cupcakes and these Hocus Pocus ones are so on theme.

Topped with an "I smell children" and a Thackery Binx black cat topper they'll blend in with all your other Hocus Pocus-themed party food.

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes

23: Cauldron Cupcakes 

Make this the spookiest hocus pocus-themed party ever with these creepy cauldron cupcakes!

They are so much fun and just what you need at your Halloween party!

Cauldron Cupcakes

24: Spellbound Sprinkles

Add some Halloween-inspired sprinkles to your party food and it will instantly give it a chilling vibe!

This spellbound sprinkle mix will put a spell on your cakes and cupcakes, and includes some black cats, spellbooks, and black candle wafer paper pieces.

Spellbound Sprinkles

25: Cauldron Cotton Candy

It's not a proper witch-themed Halloween party if you don't have some witches' cauldrons hanging around!

A great idea is to fill a bunch of them with different colored candy floss. Your guests are going to love these spooky treats.

Cauldron Cotton Candy

26: Colorful Hocus Pocus Popcorn

If you can't get enough of both Hocus Piocus movies then a cool way to celebrate this spooky Halloween season would be to throw a House Pocus watch party and do a movie marathon with all your friends.

Turn it into a ghostly affair by making it a Hocus Pocus-themed sleepover with colorful popcorn for everyone to munch on.

Colorful Hocus Pocus Popcorn

27: Dead Man's Toes

Everyone loves Halloween party snacks, so, if you are feeling a little witchy, muster up some sausages and fill a dish with some dead man's toes.

Certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Dead Man's Toes

28: Fingers of a Man Named Clark

There's no way you can have a Hocus Pocus party and not serve some 'fingers of a man named Clark'!

They are a must-have, right?! Make sure next you pop down the store to stock up on a bunch!

Fingers of a Man Named Clark

29: Lucky Rats Tails

As all witches know, lucky rats' tails are essential for spell-making. There's no way you can have a witch-themed Hocus Pocus party without them.

Fill a jar with Licorice Twists and transform them into a Halloween -themed snack by adding a 'Lucky Rats Tail' label.

Lucky Rat Tails

30: Sanderson Sisters Platter

A great way to entice your guests this Halloween is to serve them a delicious Sanderson sisters-inspired platter.

Make sure you add as much fruit, veg, charcuterie, and cheese as you can!

Sanderson Sisters Platter

31: Witch Hair Pasta

This next Hocus Pocus party food idea is essential if you are throwing a witch-themed party.

Place some black pasta in a bowl and label it witch's hair. Talk about disturbing!

Witch Hair Pasta

32: Sanderson Sisters Cocktail Bar

Witches love mixing up potions so how about treating all your guests to a witch-themed bar cart at your hocus-pocus party?

Have a bunch of liquor bottles at hand and include a cocktail recipe board so your friends can mix up their own potions according to their individual tastes.

Sanderson Sisters Cocktail Bar

33: Potion Drinks

A cool idea for serving drinks at a Halloween party is to fill many antique glass bottles you can find and fill them with drinks.

Add some gothic potion labels and you're good to go!

Potion Drinks

34: Eyeball Punch

Another perfect addition to a Hocus Pocus party would be to serve some delicious punch but with a Halloween twist.

Add some eyeball gummies to the punch and freak out all your guests.

Eyeball Punch

35: Witch Drinks

You could also serve up some witches' brew in a drinks dispenser and place a witch hat on it as decoration.

It will please add some magic to your dessert table.

Witch Drinks

36: Hocus Pocus Table Settings

Halloween parties are all about creepy decorations and creating an eerie atmosphere.

Design the perfect Hocus Pocus-inspired tablescape by decorating it with witch hat paper plates, a spiderweb runner, some bottles of potions, candles, and most obviously a book of spells!

Hocus Pocus Table Settings

37: Sanderson Sister Straws

Who wouldn't love some fun Sanderson sister straws decorating the drinks at their Hocus Pocus party?

Have Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy popping out of everyone's drink, now how frightening is that?

Sanderson Sister Straws

38: Witch Hat Bottles

Give your Halloween party a witch vibe by adding some black card stock witch hats to the top of each glass bottle.

Everyone is sure to fall under their spell the second they set their eyes on them!

Witch Hat Bottles

39: Witch Table Settings

All witches know that an eye of newt is an essential ingredient when putting together potions.

Decorate your Hocus Pocus tablescape with some mini cauldrons full of chocolate candy eyes so that the witches at your party can cast their spells.

Witch Table Settings

40: Cauldron Tea Cups

Treat your guests to a devious witch-themed tea party this Halloween. 

Serve tea in cauldron tea cups and transform rock candy on sticks into little witches' broomsticks.

Cauldron Tea Cups

41: Forest Witch Table Settings

Take your Halloween party outside and throw it in the woodland area.

The fall leaves themselves will add to create a spooky fall atmosphere.

Forest Witch Table Settings

42: Hocus Pocus Boho Picnic

Halloween season isn't complete with candy, the more the better, so how about placing a skeleton on your table and filling it with as much candy as you can?

If your guests are brave enough they'll want to delve in and help themselves.

Hocus Pocus Boho Picnic

43: Witch-themed Tea Party

A Hocus Pocus party is a great theme for anyone planning a Halloween party this year.

Throw an elegant mystic party by treating everyone to a witch-themed tea party.

Hang some witch hats above each table and use as many creepy party decorations as you can!

Witch-themed Tea Party

44: Witches Den Halloween Party

You can never have too many witch-themed party decorations at a Hocus Pocus party, so add some dark magic and witchcraft to your Halloween bash by decorating it with as many spooky witches as you can.

Before you know it they'll be casting spells over all your guests and turning them into frogs.

Witches Den Halloween Party

45: Hanging Witches Hats Party Decoration

Another great Halloween decor idea that will look incredible is to hang a bunch of witch hats from the ceiling.

Place them above a dessert table or scatter them around your venue. You can never really go wrong!

Hanging Witches Hats Party Decoration

46: Silhouette Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

Halloween colors, such as black, orange, and white, create the perfect fall atmosphere and add so much to the spooky season.

Decorate your party with a large black silhouette cut-out of the 3 Sanderson sisters for the ultimate Hocus Pocus party decoration!

Bunch of Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

47: 'I Smell Children' Party Decorations

Hocus Pocus has become a Halloween classic, as has the phrase "I smell Children".

If you can get your hands on some large lighted letters, place them at your party with this iconic phrase and send a chill down all the kid's spines!

'I Smell Children' Party Decorations

48: Hocus Pocus Banner

There are so many Hocus Pocus products out there, but this banner is a must-have at your Halloween party!

It is so on-theme and will look fantastic hanging up behind a dessert table.

Hocus Pocus Banner

49: Hocus Pocus Printable Posters

These vintage Hocus Pocus prints are a great addition to your party and will totally add to your vibe.

The pack comes in four different designs and is just what you need to place on your dessert table or hang up on the wall.

Hocus Pocus Printable Posters

50: Hocus Pocus Foil Balloon

The Sanderson sister's spells are all a bunch of Hocus Pocus which is why this foil cauldron balloon makes total sense at your party.

Place one at either end of your dessert table or scatter some around your venue.

Hocus Pocus Foil Balloon

51: Skeleton Witch

You'll be hearing screams and shrieks when your guests meet this ghoulish grinning witch skeleton seated at your party!

It's such a spooktacular Halloween party decoration!

Skeleton Witch

52: Black Flame Candle

The infamous black flame candle, made from the fat of a hanged man, has the magical power to raise the spirits of the dead. 

It's a definite must-have Hocus Pocus party decoration this Halloween!

Black Flame Candle

53: Pin the Tail on Thackery Binx Party Activity

Halloween party games are full of fun and frights!

Your guests are going to love a go at pinning the tail on Thackery Binx.

Make sure to blindfold everyone that dares to have a go. The winner is the person who pins the tail closest to the true spot!

Pin the Tail on Thackery Binx Party Activity

54: Hocus Pocus Printable Activity Placemat

These Printable Hocus Pocus activity placemats are a great way to keep the kids entertained, either while they are seated waiting for the food, or in a Halloween craft/activity station.

The pack includes two activity pages. One is for coloring and the other is a word search/coloring page.

Hocus Pocus Printable Activity Placemat

55: Hocus Pocus Printable Bingo

Bingo is always a big hit with kids so you can bet this printable Hocus Pocus-themed bingo it's going to be lots of fun.

Sit your guests down and the first one to shout or, considering it's Halloween, scream "BINGO!" wins.

Hocus Pocus Printable Bingo

56: Hocus Pocus Party Activity

Another fab Halloween party activity that's perfect for artistic witches is a painting station.

Set up some canvas, paints, and paintbrushes, and watch the magic happen!

Hocus Pocus Party Activity

57: Sanderson Sisters Entertainers

Have the iconic Sanderson sisters make an appearance at your Halloween Hocus Pocus party.

They are sure to fit in and cast a spell on all your guests.

Sanderson Sisters Entertainers

58: Thackery Binx Party Favors

All witches need a black cat so send your guests home with their very own.

Set up a table at your party with a bunch of black plush cats and add a sign for everyone to take one before leaving.

Thackery Binx Party Favors

59: Magic Spell Book Spiral Notebook

These magical spell book notebooks are a  great party favor for your Hocus Pocus Halloween party guests.

They'll be sure to freak out anyone they come into contact with!

Magic Spell Book Spiral Notebook

60: Hocus Pocus Wish Bracelet

Put a spell on your guests with magical Hocus Pocus-themed charm bracelets.

Each person makes a wish when they first put on their bracelet. This wish will only come true when the bracelet falls off naturally over time.

Hocus Pocus Wish Bracelet

61: Hocus Pocus T'Shirt

This next Hocus Pocus party idea can be a fantastic party favor, or can even be worn at your party if you are not that into costumes.

In spirit with your party theme treat everyone to a Hocus Pocus-themed t-shirt.

Hocus Pocus T'Shirt

62: Cauldron Party Favors

Trick or Treating is a favorite Halloween tradition, so how about sending your guests home with their very own cauldron full of candy?

There is no doubt they are the perfect party favor for little witches!

Cauldron Party Favors

63: Hocus Pocus Party Favor Bags

You are going to need a bag for all these goodies, and we've found just what you need.

Fill these drawstring Hocus Pocus-inspired bags with bewitching party favors.

Hocus Pocus Party Favor Bag

64: Hocus Pocus Party Favor Label

Add these Hocus Pocus Halloween party favor labels to your bags.

They are just what you need to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to your party!

Hocus Pocus Party Favor Label


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