The Most Amazing 13 Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas and Party Supplies!

by Jillian Leslie on

Mermaid baby showers are a gorgeous party theme, that's perfect for celebrating the much-anticipated arrival of a little bundle of joy!

To help you with all the planning we've rounded up 13 amazing mermaid baby shower ideas and party supplies.

Collage of The Most Amazing 13 Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas and Party Supplies!

We've got fabulous ideas for a mermaid baby shower dessert table, a  mermaid invitation, a mermaid baby shower cake, and so much more!

DIve in and enjoy...

Take a Look at the 12 Most Beautiful Mermaid Party Supplies!

1: Mermaid Baby Shower Invitation

The first thing you need to do once you've settled on a theme, date, venue and guest list for your baby shower, is getting those invitations out.

We've found this enduring mermaid baby shower invitation that is just so adorable.

It's beautifully illustrated with a mermaid picking out her little baby's' outfit. How cute is that?!

Mermaid Baby Shower invitation

2: Mermaid 'Baby' Dessert Table

You are going to love this dessert table!

What could be more perfect than a dessert table that actually spells the word 'baby'?

You couldn't wish for a more impressive showstopper.

Mermaid 'Baby' Dessert Table

3: Mermaid Baby Shower Backdrop

The backdrop you choose to decorate your baby shower sets the look of your whole party.

This little baby girl mermaid backdrop will melt everyone's heart.

The shiny scales will give your party that extra sparkle.

Mermaid Baby Shower Backdrop

4: Mermaid Chocolate Covered Cookies

Blow your guests away with these chocolate decorated cookies.

Each one is so exquisitely decorated with so much love and detail.

I love the ones with little baby mermaids.

Mermaid Baby Shower Chocolate Covered Cookies

5: Mermaid Baby Shower Cookies

This onesie cookie is just what you need for a baby shower.

It's decorated with pretty gold pearls, a little rose, and a gorgeous ruffle skirt.

They are almost too beautiful to take a bite out of.

Mermaid Baby Shower Cookies

6: Mermaid Baby Shower Cake


This mermaid baby shower tiered ruffled cake is so stunning!

Decorate with gold fondant shells and topped with a lovely little mermaid.

You don't get much cuter than this!

Mermaid Baby Shower Cake

7: Mermaid Baby Shower Mimosa Bar Sign

You can't have a baby shower and not have a mimosa bar, right?

We've found a must-have 'mermosa' bar sign that will delight your guests.

The design includes a wonderful mermaid and some adorable pastel colored jellyfish.

Mermaid Baby Shower Mimosa Bar Sign

8: Mermaid Centerpiece

Brace yourselves for this incredible mermaid tail balloon decoration that will sit wonderfully as a centerpiece at your mermaid baby shower.

The gold, turquoise and purple balloons look amazing and the scattered pearl necklaces are gorgeous.

A mermaid tail made of balloons is the perfect centerpiece for a mermaid birthday party

9: Mermaid Diaper Cake

Another stunning mermaid baby shower centerpiece is this impressive under the sea diaper cake.

Decorated with an elegant ribbon and a sparkly sealion this mermaid baby shower decoration is just what you're looking for!

Mermaid Diaper Cake

10: Mermaid Baby Shower Chair

Every baby shower needs a fabulous chair for the mom-to-be.

Not only are they essential for the mommy to rest, as they can also be a showstopper.

This chair is both. Designed to look like a clam you'll definitely feel like your deep in the ocean.

Mermaid Baby Shower Chair

11: Mermaid Baby Shower Party Activity

If you're looking for a fun mermaid baby shower party activity then look no further.

We've found this awesome 'Guess the Date' poster that you can place on a wall or stand, and have your guests try their luck at guessing when your baby will arrive.

Mermaid Baby Shower Party Activity

12: Mermaid Baby Shower T-Shirt

If you're planning a low key, relaxed mermaid baby shower we've picked out the best outfit for you.

This sweet pink 'mermaid mama' t-shirt is so pretty and is a great keepsake once the day is over.

Mermaid Baby Shower T'Shirt

13: Mermaid Baby Shower Guest Book

Guests love leaving their mark and signing a guest book.

Rather than a traditional one, we've found this poster with a baby mermaid holding on to a balloon that each guest can sign.

It's a magical keepsake that you can even use to decorate your baby's nursery.

Mermaid Baby Shower Guest Book

14: Mermaid Party Favor Box

To finish off all our amazing mermaid baby shower ideas and party supplies we've got these fabulous silver shiny mermaid tail boxes.

You can fill them full of goodies, like hairbands, cookies, bracelets, or even a bath bomb.

Whatever you fill it with just the box will impress your guests.

Mermaid Party Favor Box


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