Feast Your Eyes on These 21 Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls!

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We've gone through all the popular baby shower parties shared on CatchMyParty to find the 21 best baby shower themes for girls.

These parties are on-trend and truly inspirational! If you're looking for a trending baby shower theme, look no further!

The 21 BEST Baby Shower Themes for Girls

There are so many themes that are popular at the moment. We've highlighted the traditional themes, like princess and butterfly. And we've highlighted some of the newer trends like boho-chic and Parisian. Take a look and get inspired!

Feast Your Eyes on These 14 Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls!

1.Rustic Baby Showers

Rustic parties are such a pretty and simple theme, and although they look easy to pull off, a lot of love and care goes into creating one.

As long as you use lots of greenery and flowers you’ll be fine. Loving the naked cake at this rustic baby shower decorated with beautiful fresh flowers.

Be sure not to miss these rustic baby shower party supplies.

Rustic themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

2. Princess Baby Showers

Every little girl is born a princess, so why not make that the theme of your little girls' baby shower?!

Give your party that regal look with lots of gold and pink decorations and don't forget that all-important princess crown.

Here are some amazing princess baby shower party supplies.

Princess Themed Baby Showers

3. Teddy Bear Baby Showers

Teddies are a must-have in any nursery which is why a teddy bear-themed baby shower is a great pick.

Get hold of as many teddy bears as you can and use them to decorate your baby shower!

Don't miss these adorable teddy bear baby shower party supplies.

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Showers

4. Safari Baby Showers

Safari parties are a huge trend at the moment and it's such an adorable theme for a baby girl's baby shower.

You can find party supplies for so many wild animals that you really can't go wrong!

Check out these wonderful safari baby shower party supplies.

Safari themed Baby Shower

5. Vintage Baby Showers

Vintage parties are always so elegant and timeless. Look through the many vintage baby showers we've found for you to help you plan yours.

The ornate frame used as a backdrop at this party keeps popping up at vintage parties and is a really popular choice. Also, pull out all your vintage serving dishes and use them as accents.

Swoon over these vintage baby shower party supplies.

Vintage themed Baby Shower

6. Mexican Fiesta Baby Showers

Mexican Fiestas are always fun and colorful affairs so how about throwing a Mexican fiesta themed baby shower?

Decorate your party with multi-colored papel picado, paper flowers, and other Mexican-themed party decorations.

Here are some pretty Mexica /Fiesta baby shower party supplies.

Mexican Fiesta themed Baby Shower

7. Boho Chic Baby Showers

Boho chic baby showers are whimsical and free-spirited and really popular at the moment. Decorate yours with gorgeous bouquets of wildflowers, dream-catchers, and floral crowns.

If you love nature, add ribbons and feathers, and even teepees. 

Here are some fabulous boho chic baby shower party supplies.

Boho Chic themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

8. Mermaid Baby Showers

Make a splash with a mermaid baby shower. It's the right choice for a mommy-to-be who loves everything ocean and there's so much to choose from to decorate it with, such as mermaids, starfish, and shells, etc...

The most popular color schemes are turquoise, pink, and purple, so if you love these colors, then this has to be the theme choice for you.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous mermaid baby shower party decorations.

Mermaid themed Baby Shower

9. Woodland Baby Showers

Woodland parties are all the craze at the moment and baby showers aren't any different. Children love woodland animals such as bunnies, foxes, and owls so either pick one animal or use a bunch of them.

Don't forget to add wild mushrooms and as many flowers, greenery, wood, and butterflies as you can!

Browse these adorable woodland baby shower party supplies.

Woodland themed Baby Shower

10. Tea Party Baby Showers

Tea parties are a great excuse to eat posh sandwiches and have lots of tea. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Tea parties are an ever-growing baby shower trend and seem to be popping up everywhere.

The table settings at this one are gorgeous and just look at those heavenly cakes!

You won't believe these fabulous tea party baby shower decorations.

Tea Party themed Baby Shower

11. Fashion Baby Showers

If you want a stylish, style-conscious party, then how about going for a fashion-themed baby shower like the one below?

You can pick from so many designers, such as Chanel to Versace to Tiffany's & Co. that are sure to bring some chicness to your baby shower.

Don't miss these fashion baby shower party supplies.

Fashion themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

12. Flower Baby Showers

Flowers always look and smell beautiful, and the colors can be so pretty, so why not go for a simple flower-inspired baby shower?

If you can't get a hold of fresh flowers, you can always go for paper ones or imitation flowers.

The floral 'baby' table decorations at this baby shower are absolutely incredible and are a great showstopper.

Take a look at these gorgeous flower baby shower party decorations.

Flower themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

13. Butterfly Baby Showers

Another very sought-after theme are butterfly baby showers. If you love everything nature then how about going with a butterfly theme? Butterflies have so many pretty colors.

Love the paper butterfly backdrop at this party. It makes the dessert table look so delicate and whimsical.

Shop these lovely butterfly baby shower party supplies.

Butterfly themed Baby Shower

14. Parisian Baby Showers

Paris just overflows with style and everything that's chic, so take your guests on a trip across the ocean to the capital of love, pastries, and bright lights!

There's no such thing as using too many Eiffel Tower decorations, so go ahead and have fun like they did with this gorgeous pink and white tiered cake decorated with flowers and pearls.

Check out these fun Parisian baby shower party supplies.

Parisian themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

15. Kate Spade Baby Showers

Kate Spade parties are very popular on Catch My Party and are a great baby shower theme.

Loving the backdrop at this Kate Spade-themed baby shower with its signature black and white stripes and pink flowers. There's something effortlessly elegant about Kate Spade's designs and translates well to a classic baby shower.

Browse these stylish Kate Spade baby shower party supplies.

Kate Spade themed Baby Shower | CatchMyParty.com

16. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Showers

This next baby shower party theme for a girl is a sparkling one of all.

A twinkle twinkle little star baby shower!

Simply decorate it with as many stars as you can and you can't go wrong!

Wow, what fun star baby shower decorations.

Star themed Baby Shower

17. Brunch Baby Showers

If brunch is more your thing a brunch-themed baby shower is a wonderful option.

There's nothing better than an intimate get-together with those closest to you to celebrate your new arrival over delicious food.

Take a look at this fantastic brunch baby shower decorations.

Brunch themed Baby Shower

18. Bumble Bee Baby Showers

Bumble Bees and baby shower are a great match. All new moms to be spend hours dreaming about what their baby can 'bee'.

Throw a yellow party where bees and honey take center stage and celebrate your new baby with all your friends.

Be sure to check out this cute bumble bee baby shower decorations.

Bumble Bee themed Baby Shower

19. Picnic Baby Showers

Picnics have become ever more popular this past year.

They are a excellent way to get together with family an friends outside where there is plenty of fresh air and space.

Decorate your party with lots of pretty flowers and some beautiful table settings and you really can't go wrong.

Don't miss these stunning picnic baby shower decorations.

Picnic themed Baby Shower

20. Fall Pumpkin Baby Showers

If you are throwing a baby shower in the fall a pumpkin theme is just perfect!

Use fall colors such as shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown and decorate your baby shower with as many pumpkins as you can.

Feast your eyes on these pretty pumpkin baby shower decorations.

Fall Pumpkin themed Baby Shower

21. Winter Baby Showers

On the other hand if you a planning a baby shower in the winter then make that your theme.

There's something magical about a crystal white party decorated with snowflakes.

Take a look at these gorgeous winter baby shower decorations.

Winter themed Baby Shower

Need more baby shower party ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the stunning baby showers on our site, and check out these baby shower party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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