The 12 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Girls

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If you are planning a baby shower for your daughter then look no further, I've found the 12 most popular baby shower themes for girls on CatchMyParty to help inspire you and fill you will a bunch of fantastic ideas!

The 12 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for Girls |

Have a look through our popular themes, such as princess, butterfly, garden and many many more. There are so many that you'll be spoiled for choice! Enjoy...

The 12 Most Popular Baby Shower Themes for girls

1. Pink Parties

Pink will forever be the number one favorite color associated with little girls and babies alike.  It's an incredibly popular color and theme for baby showers as it instantly identifies the gender of the baby. It's the perfect solution if your undecided about a girl baby shower theme.

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Pink Baby Shower |

2. Princess parties

Every little girl is born a princess so why not make the most of that concept and throw a princess themed baby shower?!

Make the baby shower as glamorous as you can and add a crown here and there and you should be good to go.

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Princess baby shower |

3. Vintage Parties

Vintage parties are wonderful because they are timeless and can be a great excuse to throw an elegant party. So why not add some charm to your baby shower and pick this popular girl baby shower theme?

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Vintage baby shower for girls |

4. Bird Parties 

Cute little birds are also a lovely baby shower theme and are a pretty party decoration too. They're an excellent choice if your planning on hosting your daughters baby shower in the garden.

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Bird baby shower |

5. Ballerina Parties

A ballerina party is such a delicate baby shower theme and is ever so girly. It's a great excuse to use lots of tulle, so go crazy with it  and use it for a table skirt for instance. It will definitely turn your dessert table in to a showstopper!

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Ballerina baby shower |

6. Shabby Chic Parties

If you looking for another wonderful girl baby shower theme, how about going with a shabby chic party? You can use as many fresh, or even paper, flowers you can get your hands on and your party will always be beautiful!

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Shabby Chic Baby Shower |

7. Owl Parties

Cute animals are a always a hit with young children and at baby showers. One of our most popular girl baby shower themes, is without doubt, owl parties.  You won't believe what an adorable girl baby shower theme they are. I just know your going to love them!

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Owl themed baby shower for girls |

8. French/Parisian Parties

Add some style to your girl themed baby shower with some French Parisian chic! Decorate your party with an Eiffel Tower and serve macarons for a simple and quick fix. If you'd rather go all out then create the most wonderful whimsical Parisian baby shower ever with as many French references as you can find!

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Paris Baby Shower |

9. Butterfly Parties

Another delicate and popular girl baby shower theme are butterflies. It's the perfect theme if you love nature and beautiful bright colors! You honestly could' t wish for a better color palette!

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Butterfly Baby Shower |

10. Circus Parties

Circus themed parties are a success across the board here on CatchMyParty. They mix the fun of the circus and a love for cute circus animals such as elephants, lions and tigers. So throw the greatest baby shower ever to welcome your little girl!

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Circus themed baby shower |

11. Cowgirl Parties

Set hearts galloping at your baby shower with an amazing cowgirl themed party. It's a wonderful theme to pick if you love horses and everything rodeo.

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Cowgirl Baby Shower |

12. Garden Parties

If the weather is nice and if you have the space, how about hosting your girl themed baby shower in your garden? Transform yours in the an enchanted garden and treat your guests to a gorgeous laid back celebration! It's one of our most popular girl baby shower themes!

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Garden Baby Shower |

Most Popular Girl Baby Shower Themes |

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