These Awesome Minecraft Party Ideas Will Blow Your Mind!

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Kids continue to love Minecraft, which is why Minecraft parties are still such a popular party theme!

To help you plan the party of the year, we've rounded up our 18 best Minecraft party ideas from

These Awesome Minecraft Party Ideas Will Blow Your Mind!

You'll find awesome ideas for things like a cool Minecraft birthday cake, FREE Minecraft party printables, awesome party decorations, and so much more..

So, don't miss out on all the fantastic ideas so you too can have an amazing party!

The 12 Best Minecraft for Girls Birthday Party Ideas

1. FREE Minecraft Printables

Download our FREE Minecraft printables to decorate your Minecraft party. We have everything you need to make your party one to remember.

Our set includes: a welcome sign, Minecraft Invitations, Minecraft cupcake toppers, treat toppers, Minecraft food labels, and water bottle labels.

FREE Minecraft Party Printables

2. Minecraft Dessert Table

How cool is this Minecraft dessert table?!

The TNT table skirt is perfect and with the fun backdrop, your guests will feel like they are actually in the game.

Check out this Minecraft backdrop that you can use to decorate your party!

Minecraft Dessert Table

3. Minecraft Sleepover

Sleepovers are a huge trend right now! Kid's can't get enough of them.

So, how about throwing a Minecraft-themed sleepover for the birthday boy and his guests?

Decorate a bunch of teepees with some Minecraft banners and decor and you're good to go!

If you are thinking of throwing a Minecraft sleepover then check out this awesome Minecraft cushion!

It's a great party favor that kids can use at the sleepover and then take home with them!

Minecraft Sleepover

4. Minecraft Birthday Cake

This Minecraft birthday cake has everything a Minecraft fan could ever want.

Decorated with a bunch of fondant Minecraft characters and topped with a Minecraft sword, you can bet this cake is a show-stopper!

If you'd like to decorate your birthday cake then these Minecraft fondant toppers are just what you need!

Minecraft Birthday Cake

5. Minecraft Cookies

Cookies are always a hit at a party and this awesome mix of Minecraft ones is sure to delight your guests.

Fill a plate with cookies and they'll be gone before you know it!

Minecraft Cookies

6. Minecraft Cupcakes

If you are looking for some fun Minecraft cupcake toppers then we've got you covered!

Decorate a bunch of cupcakes with this great mix of fondant Minecraft toppers.

They are sure to impress your guests!

Minecraft Cupcakes

7. Minecraft TNT Candy

This TNT candy is a blast and is so on theme at a Minecraft party!

Get yourself some red licorice and tie a bunch with a TNT label and you're good to go.

It honestly couldn't be easier!

Minecraft TNT Candy

8. Minecraft Candy Gems

Another fun idea are these green rock candies that look just like Minecraft gems.

Kids are going to love them, trust me!

Minecraft Candy Gems

9. Minecraft Creeper Pizza Recipe

Can't wait to share this next idea!

How about treating your guests to some Creeper Pizzas?

Make a party activity out of it and have each child prep their own!

Minecraft Creeper Pizza Recipe

10. Minecraft Balloon Party Decorations

WOW! Just look at this Steve balloon party decoration!

It sure is a show stopper and without doubt the perfect Minecraft party decoration!

Minecraft Balloon Party Decorations

11. Minecraft Balloon Wall

Now, this is one party decoration that will blow everyone away.

Create a Creeper balloon wall with a bunch of green and black balloons.

Place them behind your dessert table or as a photo booth backdrop.

Whichever way you choose to use it you can never really go wrong!

Minecraft Balloon Wall

12. Minecraft Table Settings

These Minecraft table settings are great!

Get yourself some Minecraft napkins and plates and place your themed party favor bags on the table to help decorate it.

Minecraft Table Settings

13. Minecraft Party Activity

Perler beads are great party activity for artsy kids.

Create a Perler beads station and have them make their own Minecraft-inspired creations to take home.

Minecraft Party Activity

14. FREE Printable Minecraft Bingo

Download our FREE printable bingo game and play it at your Minecraft party.

Print out the ten cards and instructions and pass them out to your party guests.

Call out items off the instruction sheet (in random order), and if the guest has the image on their card, they cover it with a marker (pennies and candies work great).

The first one to cover an entire row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) yells "Bingo" and you've got a winner!

FREE Printable Minecraft Bingo

15. Minecraft Photo Booth Props

Fooling around at a party photo booth is such a laugh, and what a better way to have fun at a Minecraft party than with some awesome Steve and Creeper heads!

Kids are going to love cos-playing as their favorite Minecraft characters!

Check out this DIY Minecraft head pdf tutorial so you too can make them for your party!

Minecraft Photo Booth Props

16. Minecraft Pinata

What could be more fun than bashing a Creeper pinata to bits?!

Not only can the kids have a go at beating it until all the candy starts falling from the sky, but it also doubles as the perfect Minecraft party decoration.

Make your own Creeper pinata out of a cardboard box and cover it in green crepe paper, or get one here!

17. Minecraft Party Favor Cup

Treat everyone to a Minecraft cup that they can use at your party and then take home with them.

They make a wonderful keepsake and really useful!

Minecraft Party Favor Cup

18. Minecraft Party Favor Paper Bag

To finish off we have these excellent creeper party favor bags.

They are really simple to make and kids are going to love them.

Cut out some eyes and mouths from black card stock and glue them to green paper bags.

Now all you need to do is fill them with goodies! How easy is that?

Minecraft Party Favor Paper Bag

Need more Minecraft party ideas and crafts?

For more inspiration, check out all the stunning Minecraft birthday parties on our site, and check out these Minecraft party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


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