The 12 Most Amazing Minecraft Cakes

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Minecraft birthday parties are still so popular on our site. If you are throwing a Minecraft party, you must see these 12 amazing Minecraft birthday cakes!

The 12 Most Amazing Minecraft Cakes |

Many of these cakes are decorated using fondant, which is like edible marshmallow play dough. For a quick hack, buy a square store bought cake, get some fondant and food coloring, cut out simple blocks and you can create an easy Creeper cake or Steve cake.

Below you'll find some amazing cakes to help inspire you (click on the image to see what party it comes from)! Plus, there's a free printable Minecraft party set at the end of the post.

The 12 Most Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes

1. Grass Block TNT  Birthday Cake

This Minecraft birthday cake is so easy to make yourself. Simply cover a square block chocolate cake with green frosting and then place a bunch of regular red household candles in the center tied together with a TNT label and your good to go! Couldn't be easier!!

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Grass Block TNT Birthday Cake |

2. Lego Minecraft Birthday Cake

If you son loves Lego then Lego Minecraft birthday cake is perfect for his birthday party! You can have him create his own topper and have a unique birthday cake designed by himself. How cool is that?!

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Lego Minecraft birthday cake |

3. Creeper and TNT Cake

Check out this awesome Creeper and TNT block Minecraft birthday cake! Combine two designs in one and you've got yourself a hit! Cover each block with fondant sheets and decorate them with some Minecraft fondant cake squares. Pretty easy to make and you'll have yourself an excellent birthday cake!

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Creeper and TNT Cake |

4. Minecraft Block Cake with Sword

Check out this fun Minecraft block cake with a cardboard sword and some Minecraft character toppers. I'm sure the birthday boy is going to love it and that it'll be the star of your dessert table!

5. Grass Blocks Birthday Cake

Check out this fun grass block inspired Minecraft birthday cake! Buy this set of Minecraft fondant cake squares to create your own. The paper Steve, Creeper, and TNT toppers are excellent and give it the special touch.

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Dirt Blocks |

6. Creeper Cake with Cupcakes

Here's a cool idea. Use edible printable sugar sheets to create a Creeper Minecraft inspired cake like this!

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes - Creeper cake with cupcakes |

7. Minecraft Birthday Cake

This fondant Minecraft decorated birthday cake is so cool and we love the fondant Steve and TNT!

12 Amazing Minecraft Cakes - fondant decorations |

8. Minecraft Sword Cake

This Minecraft birthday cake and cupcake are so much fun. Add edible Minecraft toppers to your cupcakes and a Minecraft sword in the middle of the cake!

Minecraft Sword Cake |

9. Minecraft Steve Round Cake

Cover your cake with a thin layer of green fondant. Add some white squares and top with an edible Minecraft Steve topper.

Minecraft Steve Round Cake |

10. Steve Minecraft Cake

Check out the fun Steve Minecraft birthday cake! You can make your own Steve or use this Minecraft cake topper.

Steve Minecraft Cake |

11. Real Minecraft Cake

Minecraft cake are so popular and this homemade spider cake one is a great example of one.

Real Minecraft Cake |

12. TNT Minecraft Cake

How much fun is this TNT birthday cake? What a cool idea using strips of fondant and fondant squares.

12 Amazing Minecraft Cakes - TNT Minecraft Cake |

13. Minecraft Creeper Cake

If it's a Creeper cake your looking for then this one is perfect! You can cut out squares yourself or use these Minecraft fondant squares.

Minecraft Creeper Cake |

14. TNT Cake Minecraft Birthday Cake on a Stand

Take a look at this cool TNT inspired Minecraft birthday cake! Here's a Minecraft TNT cake topper if you'd like to go an easier way.

TNT Cake on Stand |

15. Simple Minecraft Birthday Cake

Look no further for another simple Minecraft cake idea! Just add lots of green and some simple black block details.

12 Awesome Minecraft Cakes - Green |

16. Simple TNT Cake

This simple TNT birthday cake is also an excellent addition to your Minecraft birthday party. Cover the cake in red fondant, then add some simple black letters.

12 Awesome Minecraft Cakes - Simple TNT cake |

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