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Minecraft parties are one of the most popular birthday party themes on our site, and one of our most popular party themes of all time.

This is why I’m excited to be offering this set of FREE Minecraft Party Printables, perfect for decorating your Minecraft party.

Wait until you see how fun these printables are!

Get the FREE Minecraft Printables HERE!

Free Minecraft Party Printables |

Get the FREE Minecraft Printables HERE!

If you’re looking to put together a Minecraft party or candy table, we have all the labels and printables you need for the ultimate Minecraft party!

Just add some cute Minecraft party decorations for your table and you’re good to go!

The collection includes: a welcome sign, Minecraft Invitations, Minecraft cupcake toppers, treat toppers, Minecraft food labels, and water bottle labels.

Get the FREE Minecraft Printables HERE!

Check out the individual files here…

The welcome sign

FREE Minecraft Welcome Sign |

Labels for your candy table

Free Minecraft Tented Food Cards |

Minecraft birthday invitations

Free Minecraft Party Invitations

Minecraft cupcake toppers

Attach to lollipop sticks to these and stick in your cupcakes.

Minecraft cupcake toppers |

Water bottle or juice bottle labels

Free Minecraft Water Bottle Labels |

Ziplock bag toppers

Free Minecraft treat toppers |

Get the FREE Minecraft Printables HERE!

Free Minecraft Party Printables |

Our 5 Best Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Now that you’ve got our fun Minecraft printables to decorate your party I’m sure you’re bursting to start looking at some cool Minecraft parties for inspiration.

Here are our 5 best Minecraft parties that will fill you with great ideas!

For more inspiration check out all our 18 best Minecraft party ideas that you really don’t want to miss!

1: Atelier Sweet Joy’s  Thiago’s Minecraft Birthday Party

How cool is this Minecraft dessert table?!

The TNT table skirt is perfect and with the fun backdrop, your guests will feel like they are actually in the game.

Minecraft TNT Dessert Table

2: Dime Si Te Gusta’s Epic Minecraft Party

This party is the ultimate Minecraft gamer’s dream!

Just look at the amazing cake topped with a Minecraft sword and the large character cut-out decor.

Minecraft Birthday Cake

3: Imagine That Event Designs’ Minecraft Party 

Balloon garlands are such a massive party trend and the balloon garland at this Minecraft party is just perfect!

You’ve got to love the red TNT balloons

Minecraft Balloon garland

4: Tinyteepeezzz’s Minecraft Party

Sleepovers are a huge trend right now! Kid’s can’t get enough of them.

So, how about throwing a Minecraft-themed sleepover for the birthday boy and his guests?

Decorate a bunch of teepees with some Minecraft banners and decor and you’re good to go!

Minecraft Sleepover

5: The Event Decor NB’s Camp Baron Minecraft Party

If you are thinking of throwing a Minecraft sleepover don’t forget to d a bunch of goodies at the entrance to each teepee, such as cushions, maybe even a PJ!

They’ll make great party favors for the kids to use at the sleepover and then take home with them!

Minecraft Slumber Party

If you’re looking for a fun Minecraft party activity, download our Free Printable Minecraft Bingo Game for your guest! Print out as many cards as you need, and we’ve got easy instructions for how to play.

Also, if you want your party to have a more feminine feel (or you’re throwing a girl Minecraft party), download our GIRL Alex Minecraft Free Printables and add those to your party set up.

Need more Minecraft party ideas and crafts?

Need Minecraft party food ideas?

For more inspiration, check out all the stunning Minecraft birthday parties on our site, and check out these Minecraft party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


FREE Minecraft Printables



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