FREE Minecraft Printables

by Jillian Leslie on

Time to get your Minecraft party on with these free Minecraft printables!

Free Minecraft Party Printables |

Minecraft parties are one of the most popular birthday party themes on our site! So I'm super excited to be giving away this set of free Minecraft printables.

Now if you're looking to put together a Minecraft party or candy table, you have all the labels and printables you need to do it. Just add some cute decorations for your table and you're there!

The collection includes: a welcome sign, invitations, cupcake toppers, banner, treat toppers, tented food cards, and water bottle labels.

Download the Minecraft free party printables here!

And check out the individual files here...

Here's the welcome sign.

FREE Minecraft Printables |

This is the most popular file in the collection. Use this to create your candy table!

Free Minecraft Printables |

Here are the birthday invitations. Print as many as you need!

Free Minecraft Party Invitations |

Here are the cupcake toppers. Attach to lollipop sticks and stick in your cupcakes.

Free Minecraft Party Printables

Water bottle or juice bottle labels.

Free Minecraft Water Bottle Labels |

Loving this "Happy Birthday" banner!

Free Minecraft Printable Happy Birthday Banner |

These fit perfectly on Ziplock bags.

Free Minecraft Party Printables

FREE Minecraft Printables

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    Laura R wrote:

    This is awesome!! Thank you so much for the freeby!!

  • Jennifer K

    Jennifer K wrote:

    This is awesome!!!! Wow!! Thank you so much for the free printables - you just saved the day!

  • Jamie K

    Jamie K wrote:

    Is there a separate file for the cupcake toppers??

  • no photo

    Celebrate Custom Event wrote:

    Thank you so much for the free printables they are great! I am unable to find the cupcake toppers and welcome sign in the minecraft party free printable file. Is it possible for you to send those to me?

  • Chris B

    Chris B wrote:

    These are awesome! I cannot locate the cupcake topper and would really love to use these this weekend. Thanks for any direction you can provide on where to locate the download. Thanks a million!

  • April F

    April F wrote:

    Thanks so much ..these are great!! Just a note- the birthday banner has an extra T and R and Missing a H and P - but since all are there I was able to just capture the other two pages.

  • Kristian D

    Kristian D wrote:

    When mine print out the letters arent block/pixel and some are capital, some arent... what am I doing wrong?

  • Stephanie S

    Stephanie S wrote:

    Hi love these! I can't find the cupcake toppers? Am I missing something? Thank you!!

  • Carla K

    Carla K wrote:

    Thank you so much for the freebies. People are selling the mine craft printables on Etsy which is a bit cheeky I think, so it's nice that in the spirit of kids parties on a budget that you are doing this. My soon to be 9 year old son is very appreciative too!

  • no photo

    Ashley F wrote:

    Anyone figure out how to print the cupcake toppers? I have printed the rest, but the toppers didn't show up!....Help Please;)

  • no photo

    Lin O wrote:

    will definitely try these...tons of thanks! My eldest daughter is going for her BIG 10...

  • Theresa L

    Theresa L wrote:

    Thank you! My son just told me he wants Minecraft for his party in October! :)

  • Natalia A

    Natalia A wrote:

    God bless you for this!! Just what I need it and even more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Angie V

    Angie V wrote:

    Love ya!!!! Thank You so much...I almost gave up with this theme but thanks to all your great party ideas you have inspired me!!!!

  • Yeng E

    Yeng E wrote:

    Thank you so much. This gives me more ideas.

  • Lizz B

    Lizz B wrote:

    Love all of these! Thank you! Not sure if it's how it downloads or some other error, but the birthday banner prints HAPRY BIRTTDAY.

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    Bethany H wrote:

    How do I download this?

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    Troy C wrote:

    Can these designs be resold? There's a store on Etsy that sells the banner you have shown. Couldn't find a way to contact other than snail mail. Thanks!

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    Rachel H wrote:

    I am also trying to figure out how to print the cupcake toppers. Everything else prints fine... help!

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    PatriaPR wrote:

    Hello!! This is awesome!! Thanks... Where can I download the "Thank you for coming to my Party" printable?

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    Kelly J wrote:

    Hello! I though I'd give you a head's up someone is selling your FREEBIE on etsy :(

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    Melissa H wrote:

    These are great! Thanks so much for the help with the party planning :)

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    S R wrote:

    Help!? Did anyone figure out how to fix the font when it did not print properly?? I've downloaded several 'Minecraft' fonts but it still prints in a plain text. Thanks!!

  • Holly P

    Holly P wrote:

    Didn't know were to get mind craft party stuff thanks my little girl loves mind craft.She will be sow happy.

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    Lori A wrote:

    Thank you so much!!! This will make both my son's birthday party memorable!! One party in May and next one in July and it will work for both!!

  • Emily S

    Emily S wrote:

    Thanks so much! Your willingness to share these templates for free is amazing! Awesome Job!!!

  • Megan S

    Megan S wrote:

    i'm new at this and not sure how to get the free printable invitation. Thanks

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    Marina D wrote:

    how to i get these, i cant figure it out?

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    Jamie C wrote:

    Thank you for these great printables! So kind of you to share your talents with everyone!