Be Surprised by the Best 42 Baby Shower Gifts for Girls!

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If you are going to a baby shower in the next coming weeks or months and have started looking for gifts and are feeling overwhelmed don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Finding the perfect baby shower gift for a baby girl can be very tricky. There are so many beautiful options out there and finding the one that makes the most sense isn’t always an easy task.

To help you pick the best one, we’ve rounded up the best baby shower gifts for girls we could find.

Be Surprised by the Best 42 Baby Shower Gifts for Girls!

We’ve got so many pretty ideas for gifts, such as toys, items of clothing, things for the nursery, gifts for the mom-to-be, and many many more.

Scroll down to go through them all…

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Be Surprised by the Best 40 Baby Shower Gifts for Girls!

New Born Gift Boxes

1: Crochet Woodland Gift Box

Everything about this handmade crochet woodland gift box is adorable and perfect for the arrival of a little princess.

It includes a sweet crochet deer rattle, some pink baby booties, a bonnet, and a  macrame pacifier holder with a wooden deer teether.

Crochet Woodland Gift Box

2: Muslin Gauze Burp Cloth Box Set

Any new mother will know that you can never have too many burp cloth’s. Believe me, you’ll be going through a bunch of them on a daily basis so this burp cloth box set is a practical and thoughtful gift.

Each gift box includes 4 organic muslin gauze burp cloth’s that you can custom color from a selection of 11 colors.

Muslin Gauze Burp Cloth Box Set


3: Handmade Bunny Crochet Rattle 

Rattles are a wonderful first toy for babies and a great source of entertainment from very early on. As soon as they start to grasp things they’ll be fascinated by the sound it makes, which is why it’s a must-have in every baby’s toy box.

Finding the perfect one for that special little baby girl is essential. This cute handmade crochet bunny rattle is a lovely gift that will bring any little baby girl hours of joy and is a heartwarming keepsake you’ll be able to cherish.

Handmade Bunny Crochet Rattle

4: Pink Personalized Wooden Rattle

A baby’s first year is all about exploring her senses and the world around her. Rattles are a great way to introduce the concept of cause and effect to a baby. From very early on they’ll learn how to look for and track the source of the sounds that they hear.

The minimalist design of this wooden rattle allows the baby to develop their fine motor skills and support the use of their own hands. It comes with pretty pink beads and can be personalized with the little one’s name.

Pink Personalized Wooden Rattle

5: Handmade Crochet Rabbit

Comfort toys have a special way of supporting babies as they rest, play, and grow. Over time they become precious items that provide them comfort and help them feel calm and secure.

This adorable crochet bunny is the perfect special friend for a baby girl. you can imagine the two of them snuggled up together and in no time they’ll become inseparable.

Handmade Bunny Crochet Rattle

6: Personalized Pink Bunny Lovey

Lovey’s are also excellent comfort toys that provide reassurance and help youngsters feel safe and secure.

This personalized embroidered organic muslin cotton bunny lovey is such a heartwarming gift that will do wonders for a child’s comfort and confidence.

Included in this gift set is a teething ring for babies to chew on, and soothe aching gums.

Personalized Pink Bunny Lovey

7: Personalized Name Puzzle

This next gift suggestion is a personalized name puzzle that will help develop a child’s problem-solving and motor skills.

Babies don’t yet have the skills necessary to put together a simple puzzle, but, over time they can develop these skills by playing with puzzle-like toys.

This puzzle is a lovely keepsake and is such a pretty addition to a nursery.

Personalized Name Puzzle


8: Newborn Bangle Gold Bracelet

If you are looking for a keepsake gift that can be treasured, then this gorgeous newborn bangle gold bracelet is a wonderful option.

Each bracelet comes in its own pretty little pouch.

Newborn God Bangle Bracelet

New Born Baby Clothing

9: Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket and Newborn Bow Headband Set

A swaddle blanket is a light and breathable blanket designed to be gently be wrapped around a baby to help them feel calm and secure.

They protect the baby from their natural startle reflex and can help eliminate anxiety by imitating how they felt in the womb.

This beautiful floral swaddle blanket is a precious gift and comes with a matching headband.

Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket and Newborn Bow Headband Set

10: Knitted Romper Suit

It’s never too early for a girl to start looking stylish so treating a little baby girl to some clothing is always a good idea!

This lovely knitted romper comes in 3 colors, pink, grey, and white. All of them are perfectly suited for a little fashionista.

Knitted Romper Suit

11: Girl Baby Clothing Bouquet

Designed to look like an actual flower bouquet, this creative twist on a classic bunch of flowers is a fun way to treat a newborn baby to a mix of essential clothing.

Girl Baby Clothing Bouquet

The pretty pink bouquet includes 4 pairs of socks (0-6 months), 2 pairs of mitts, 2 washcloths, and a bib

12: Baby Girl Headband Gift Box

All girls know that fashion accessories are a must, so how about starting this little one off early with a  box full of colorful headbands?

Each box comes with 6 headbands in a variety of colors to suit all outfits.

Baby Girl Headband Gift Box

13: Pink Leather Moccasins

There’s something so special about a baby’s first pair of shoes.

These pink leather mocassins are adorable and are a precious gift that will be cherished.

Each pair can be personalized with the baby’s name and is finished off with a fabulous pink bow.

Pink Leather Moccasins

14: Cute Llama Booties

llamas are so on-trend right now which is why these sweet crochet llama booties are a lovely baby shower gift for a baby girl.

They are impossible to resist!

Cute Llama Booties

15: Macrame Pacifier Clips

All new moms quickly learn that pacifier clips are their best friends. They prevent pacifiers from getting lost or being dropped on the floor, as well as offering quick and easy access every time a baby needs to self-soothe.

These handmade natural cotton cord macrame pacifier clips are so pretty and will ensure that their pacifier is never too far away.

Macrame Pacifier Clips

16: Muslin Bandana Bibs

As with burping cloths, you can never have too many bibs.

Babies are constantly drooling and these stylish muslin bandana bibs are a baby essential.

They come in 3 different colors and tie in the back with a Kam snap.

Muslin Bandana Bibs

17: Floral Hooded Towel

Hooded towels play an important role in preventing a baby’s temperature from dropping after they’ve had a bath, and this floral one is a lovely gift for a newborn baby girl.

Not only is it a practical gift as it’s also incredibly beautiful.

 Floral Hooded Towel


18: Personalized Floral Name Sign

You can never go wrong with a special gift for a nursery.

This impressive wooden floral name sign is so impressive and will look amazing on a nursery wall.

Personalized Floral Name Sign

19: Watercolor Flower Wall Decal

If you are looking for an impressive baby shower gift to decorate a nursery, look no further.

This stunning watercolor floral decal is so beautiful and will create a gorgeous focal point on a nursery wall.

Watercolor Flower Wall Decal

20: Rainbow Bunting

Boho rainbows are everywhere right now and are so on-trend, which is why you really can’t go wrong with this magical rainbow bunting.

Perfect for a nursery wall or hanging in a crib, these macrame rainbows will look so pretty.

Rainbow Bunting

21: Pink Tulle Canopy for Nursery

Make a baby girl feel like a princess with one of these delicate pink tulle canopies.

It will look exquisite over a crib, or in a special area of the nursery for a reading corner or place for quiet play once she is older.

Pink Tulle Canopy for Nursery

22: Woodland Crib Mobile 

Mobiles provide a baby with vital visual stimulation, helping her eyes to develop focus and control.

This sweet felt woodland mobile will most definitely look delightful suspended above a cot or even a pram.

Woodland Crib Mobile

23: Personalized Custom Blanket 

Another fantastic gift is a cozy personalized custom blanket.

This super-soft Minky blanket is covered with the baby girl’s name, making it such a unique gift for a baby shower.

Personalized Custom Blanket 


24: Wooden Announcement Sign

Announcing the arrival of a new baby is such a heartwarming and exciting time for all new parents.

This wonderful wooden announcement sign is perfect for letting the world know of the special arrival and will make any photo instantly Instagram-able!

Wooden Announcement Sign

25: Baby Milestone Blanket

A milestone blanket is a perfect gift for all new parents to use as a photo prop to track their baby’s growth.

Used monthly as a backdrop, this watercolored illustrated blanket comes with a bendable greenery wreath and arrow marker.

Baby Milestone Blanket

26: Floral Onesie 0 – 12 Months Gift Box

Another awesome photo prop for monthly tracking of a baby’s growth are onesies with each month printed on them.

This gift box comes with 13 floral onesies, one for each month during the span of a year.

For every month, throughout the year, dress the little girl in a pretty onesie in the same spot and marvel at just how much she’s grown!

Floral Onesie 0 - 12 months Gift Box

27: Baby Milestone Cards

An album full of photos of milestone moments is a precious thing to have.

With the help of these baby cards as props, take a photo of the baby each time a milestone is hit, so each one of these magical moments can be stored and never forgotten.

Baby Milestone Cards

28: Baby Milestone Wooden Blocks

These milestone wooden blocks can be used as a decorative piece in a nursery or as a photo prop.

They can be used to mark each week, month, and even year, and are customized with the baby’s name.

Baby Milestone Wooden Blocks

29: Baby Milestone Book

Keeping a record the old fashion way in a baby book is still a lovely keepsake not only for the new mom as for the baby to look back on when she is older.

If you are thinking of giving one as a baby shower gift we’ve found this beautiful floral one that just oozes everything girly.

Baby Milestone Book

For Hospital

30: 1st Outfit Bag

A baby’s first outfit is a big deal and having a special little bag to store it is a lovely touch.

This personalized drawstring bag is just what every new mom needs in her maternity bag for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

1st Outfit Bag

31: Personalized Maternity Bag

Packing a maternity bag is so exciting and makes the arrival of the big day that little bit closer. I can remember being so happy while packing my bag as I’m sure you do too.

Treat a mom-to-be with a stylish maternity bag that she can proudly take with her to the hospital. It even doubles as a wonderful diaper bag too, after the baby is born and both are home.

The pink bag is perfect for the arrival of a baby girl and can be customized you the mom-to-be’s name.

Personalized Maternity Bag

For MOM…

32: Mama Bear Necklace

Moms-to-be also appreciate thoughtful gifts at baby showers, so treat her to a piece of jewelry she can proudly wear around her neck.

This mama bear pendant is adorable and is perfect for everyday use.

Mama Bear Necklace

33: Letters to My Daughter Note Book

The next gift is so heartfelt. What new mom wouldn’t love a gift that she could later on hand down to her daughter?

This notebook is perfect for moms-to-be to use as a journal and collect all their thoughts and wishes onto paper.

Letters to My Daughter Note Book

34: Postpartum Spa Gift Box

All new moms deserve some special pampering, love, and care after the arrival of their little ones.

The contents of this postpartum spa gift box will leave her feeling refreshed and ready to face the days and sleepless nights ahead. It has everything she’ll need to relieve her from all the stress of motherhood and will make her exhausting days a little easier.

Included in the box are a soy wax blend candle, some lavender body oil, a cold-pressed soap, some bath salts, some body lotion, a sugar scrub, a clay face mask, a bath bomb, some lip balm, and. a cotton face cloth.

Postpartum Spa Gift Box

35: ‘You Got This, Mama’ Gift Box

Sometimes just knowing someone believes in you is enough to give anyone to strength to carry on.

Encouraging a mom-to-be with some reassuring words can make all the difference, which is why this ‘You Got This, Mama!’ gift box full of goodies is such a special baby shower gift.

Included in the gift box is everything she needs to whine down: some tea, a bath soak, and a foot soak.

'You Got This, Mama' Gift Box

36: Essential New Mom Postpartum Care Package 

This next care package has everything a soon to become mom will need to make her postpartum that little bit smoother, so she can take care of her baby.

Included in the pack are some maternity pads, some Tucks medicated cooling pads, a stool softener, some Palmer’s skin oil, a perineal cleansing bootle, some lavender Sitz salts, some nursing pads, a perineal spray, some lip balm, some Kind bars, and assorted chocolates or candy.

Essential New Mom Postpartum Care Package 

37: Reusable Breast Pads

As with a number of previous gifts, you can never have too many breast pads as they are a must-have for anyone attempting to breastfeed a newborn.

They are placed into a bra, so they can absorb breast milk from leaking breasts and prevent embarrassment, and protect clothing from stains.

These reusable ones are so handy and can be used again and again, making them an eco-friendly alternative and a more affordable option than disposable pads.

They come in pretty floral designs and are very soft and comfortable against the skin.

Reusable Breast Pads

38: Breastfeeding Nursing Cover 

Breastfeeding can be a tricky experience for both mother and baby and the last thing a new mom wants are people prying.

To give her some privacy and prevent the baby from getting distracted, this breastfeeding nursing cover is a thoughtful gift that any mom-to-be will really appreciate.

Breastfeeding Nursing Cover 

39: Girl Mama Sweatshirt

Any stylish new mom will love this next gift!

A gorgeous ‘girl mama’ sweatshirt that she can proudly wear when she’s out and about with her baby girl.

Girl Mama Sweatshirt

40: Personalized Girl Mom Coffee Mug

Sometimes just a quiet cup of tea or coffee can help a new mom reset and face a long day.

Treat her to her very own fun ‘girl mom’ mug that can be personalized with the baby’s name.

Personalized Girl Mom Coffee Mug


41: Matching Maternity Robe and New Baby Girl Outfit 

Take a look at this perfect gift for a new mommy and her little bundle of joy to use together, and look ever so stylish in.

A super soft and stretchy maternity robe for mom and a matching swaddle blanket for her newborn baby girl!

Matching Maternity Robe and New Baby Girl Outfit 

42: Mommy and Me Matching Outfit

Last but not least we have another matching mom and daughter outfit that both are going to look fab in.

It’s the ideal gift for a fashionista mom and her tiny chic baby. A matching ‘mama’ and ‘mama girl’ t-shirt and onesie.

Mommy and Me Matching Outfit


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