Have Fun in the Sun with These 23 Amazing Luau Party Ideas!

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Hawaiian Luau parties are always a huge hit over the summer months, and perfect if you're looking for a tropical theme!

They work great for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, really, any type of party. So, if you're planning a Hawaiian party, don't miss these fun Luau Party Ideas.

Hawaii is one of my favorite places in the world, so this post is near and dear to my heart.

I love the spirit of Hawaii and to capture it at a party... even better!

Have Fun in the Sun with These 23 Amazing Luau Party Ideas!

We've included so many ideas for a fun luau, such as ideas for luau party decorations, games, free printables, and more!

Aloha! Check out these inspiring luau party ideas below...

Have Fun in the Sun with These 23 Amazing Luau Party Ideas

1: Free Hawaiian Party Printable

Download our FREE Hawaiian party printables for the ultimate summer party decoration.

The set has everything you'll need. Such as a banner, straw flags, food labels, and so much more... Enjoy!

Summer Party Printables

2: Luau Dessert Table

Lets' start off with this amazing Hawaiian party full of tropical vibes!

It just oozes summer and everything we love about the tropics.

The balloon garland beautifully frames the dessert table and the scattered leaves really make it pop!

Luau Dessert Table

3: Hawaiian Luau Cake

WOW! This Hawaiian Luau drip birthday cake is an absolute showstopper!

Decorated with gorgeous fresh tropical flowers and leaves it transports you to distant shores.

You can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach.

Luau Cake

4: Luau-Themd Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies always look amazing on a plate and these wonderful luau-inspired ones are no expectation!

What's not to love about these cute coconut drinks, hibiscus flowers, and Hawaiian shirts, to name just a few?

Here are some luau sugar cookies you might like!

Luau Cookies

5: Hawaiian Cake Pops

Kids love cake pops and these pineapple and hibiscus ones are perfect for a luau.

They'll fit in with all your other tropical party food.

Make your own and decorate them with these pretty fondant flowers.

Hawaiian Cake Pops

6: Luau Cupcakes

Hawaiian-themed cupcakes are a cool luau party food to treat your guests to at your party!

Check out these below, decorated with wonderful fondant hibiscus flowers.

Luau Cupcakes

7: Pineapple Donuts

If you love donuts, you are going to love these pineapple-inspired ones.

They are so easy to create. Just add some awesome pineapple leaf toppers and you are good to go!

Pineapple Donuts

8: Tiki Decorated Brownies

Everyone loves chocolate so why not take your brownies to another level by magically transforming them into fabulous tiki faces.

All you need are a bunch of gel icing pens in lots of different colors and let your imagination go wild!

Tiki Brownies

9: Pineapple Candy Decoration

If you're looking for an awesome Hawaiian decoration, look no further...

Make a cylinder out of brown card stock and glue Ferraro Roche chocolates all over it.

Finish your pineapple off by cutting out some green card stock leaves and gluing them to the top of your decoration so they stick out.

Add some pretty tropical flowers and you've got yourself a stunning pineapple candy decoration!

Candy Pineapple

10: Tropical Fruit Bar

Fruit is an excellent choice for party food, especially at a luau, because it's so healthy and easy to prep.

Grab some pineapples, watermelons, mangos, and any other tropical fruits you can get your hands on, and arrange them so they'll impress your guests.

Tropical Fruit Bar

11: Tropical Coconut Drinks

You can't get more tropical than a refreshing drink from a coconut!

Be it coconut water or a cocktail, serve your drinks in coconuts decorated with pretty fresh flowers and colorful straws.

You can bet your guests will love them!

Tropical Coconut Drinks

12: Tropical Drinks

If you'd rather keep it simple then fill a drinks dispenser with some juice and decorate it with a lei.

The colors from the flowers help create a Hawaiian vibe!

Tropical Drinks

13: Cocktail Umbrella Party Wreath

You are going to love this welcoming party decoration!

Hang a wreath made of cocktail umbrellas on your front door or at the entrance to your party to welcome your guests, and let them know they've arrived in paradise.


Cocktail Umbrella Party Wreath

14: Aloha Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are so on-trend right now. It's a must-have at any party and will look amazing at yours!

This colorful balloon garland with tropical leaves is so impressive and the perfect party decoration.

Aloha Balloon Garland

15: Tiki Party Decorations

You can't have a luau and not have a Tiki party decoration!

Tiki motifs are a wooden or stone carving of Polynesian supernatural powers, that are characteristic of the tropical regions of the South Pacific.

Try and get a hold of some and use them to decorate your party.

Tiki Party Decorations

16: Lei Photo Booth Props

Treat your guests to their very own lei, grass skirt, and straw hat as soon as they arrive at your luau.

Not only are they the traditional way to welcome guests, as they also make fun photo booth props and even party favors!

Lei Photo Photo Booth Props

17: Luau Party Table

Create a stunning tropical dream by going all out with your luau party decorations.

Transport your guests to Hawaii by using lots of bright vibrant colors and as many hibiscus flowers as you can get your hands on.

Decorate your table with beautiful grass skirts for a truly tropical feel.

Luau Table Settings

18: Tropical Floral Centerpiece 

You won't believe this show-stopping centerpiece!

Grab a bunch of pineapples, hollow them out, and use them as a vase for some tropical flowers.

Scatter them about your dessert table or use them as centerpieces. Either way, they are a stunning party decoration.

Tropical Floral Centerpiece

19: Flip Flop Decorating Party Activity

It can be quite challenging keeping your guests entertained at your party.

A great way to do so is to have them get creative with a fun craft.

If flip flop craft is a wonderful way to get the creative juices going by having your guests decorate their own pair of shoes.

You'll need a bunch of accessories for them to glue onto their flip flops such as flowers, sparkly hearts and stars, and anything else you can get your hands on.

Flip Flop Decorating Party Activity

20: Hula Hoop Party Activity

Get everyone up on their feet doing the hula with this fun luau party game of hula hoops. What's fantastic about it is that doubles up as a Hawaiian party favor for kids to take home too!

Play some traditional Hawaiian music and have a laugh watching everyone dance. Don't forget to take photos cause they make a great photo booth prop for your luau party too.

Hula Hoop Party Activity

21: Lei Making Craft

An essential luau party decoration has to be a lei. They are so much fun to make, so why not have your guests make their own? Not only do they add a splash of color to your luau but they also keep your guests busy.

This Lei-making craft is great for older kids (especially if they're doing the paper punching) and simple for the youngsters, as there's no big mess to clean up at the end, the supplies are inexpensive, and everyone gets something pretty to wear once done.

Follow these instructions to make your own...

Lei Making Craft

22: Hawaiian Photo Booth Frame

Create a gorgeous Hawaiian photo booth frame like this one.

It's so easy to make and such a beautiful way to create wonderful photos.

Make a wooden frame and with the help of a hot glue gun stick as many artificial hibiscus flowers as you can from a bunch of leis.

The more flowers you use the better it will look. Don't forget to mix the colors around the frame for a multicolored frame.

Hawaiian Photo Booth Frame

23: Flip Flop Party Favors

If you're looking for the perfect summer luau party favor we've got just what you need!

These flip flops are a fun and cheap gift you can place in a basket for your guests to take home with them and wear throughout the summer.

Flip Flop Party Favor

For more inspiration, check out all these amazing Hawaiian luau parties on our site, and check out these luau party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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