Have Fun With These 23 Carnival Games Party Supplies!

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If you’re planning on throwing a carnival party, check out these 23 fun carnival games and party activities to keep your guests entertained.

Carnival games are always the best part of a carnival-themed party. Kids love them and there’s always a prize for everyone!

So, take a trip down memory lane, and go through all the awesome carnival games we’ve found to your party the greatest one in town.

Collage of 23 Carnival Games Party Supplies!

We’ve old favorites, such as a duck shooting gallery, a beanbag toss, tic-tac-toe, balloon darts, to name just a few…

Have Fun With These 23 Carnival Games Party Supplies!

1: FREE Circus Carnival Printables

Let’s start off with our FREE set of retro circus carnival party printables. They are the perfect party decoration for your carnival!

Download them for free, print them out, cut them out, and use them to decorate your party.

The set includes circus carnival cupcake toppers, water bottle wrappers, tinted cards, a mini happy birthday banner, and some circus carnival/ straw flags to decorate your drinks.

FREE Circus Carnival Printables

2: Bean Ban Toss

A good old circus party favorite has to be a carnival can beanbag toss, right?

Stack up these wonderful circus-themed cans to form a pyramid, and let your guests have a go, throwing bean bags at them to knock them down.

Make a line on the ground with some string, or even a twig, so people know where to stand.

Each player gets three tries at throwing a bean bag at the cans. Each can is worth a point.

Keep score and whoever ends the game with the most points wins a prize!

Bean Ban Toss

3: Duck Shooting Gallery

Another carnival classic is a duck shooting gallery, where everyone gets to step up and test their shooting skills by aiming at a duck.

Each player earns points for every duck they dunk and wins a prize according to their final score.

This shooting gallery comes with either a NERF gun or some bean bags.

Duck Shooting Gallery

4: Shooting Gallery

Similar to the previous duck shooting gallery, for this carnival party game, instead of aiming at ducks, each player tries to knock down as many stars as they can so they can win a cool prize.

This game comes with a Nerf gun, but you can easily use a cork gun or a toy crossbow instead.

Shooting Gallery

5: Tattoo Booth

For more carnival fun, treat your guests to a trip to a tattoo booth where they can get tatted up with some temporary tattoo transfers.

Use some circus-inspired tattoos to match your theme!

Tattoo Booth

6: Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic that everyone loves to play, and is great for all ages.

Each player stands behind a line and gets 3 shots at throwing a ball into the slots.

The aim is to get a straight line, be it horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, so they win a prize!

7: 3 in 1 Carnival Combo Games

This carnival combo set is just what you need if you’re planning on having some bean bag and ring toss games at your carnival party.

This 3-in-1 pack has everything you need for hours of fun: 10 colorful 5″ rings, 10 2″ bean bags, and 6 traffic cones.


3 in 1 Carnival Combo Games

8: Balloon Dart Game

A game of balloon shoot is always a blast!

Hang a bunch of colorful balloons in this stand and leave some darts out for your guests to have a go, seeing who can pop the most balloons!

The prize goes to whomever pops the most!

Balloon Dart Game

9: Number Matching

This number game is perfect for anyone that loves a good memory game. It’s a play on the vintage Concentration game.

Place a small ping pong ball over all the numbers, and give each player a couple of turns to try and find matching numbers by removing two balls at a time.

The more matching numbers found by the end of the game the bigger the prize!

Number Matching

12: Candy Match Game

Like with the previous game, for this one, your guests must lift the lollipops out of the slot.

If they pull two lollipops with the same marking or tag, they win a prize! Plus, they get lollipops too!

Candy Match Game

10: Bacon Run Game

A Bacon run game is always such a laugh because you never know who’s going to win!

Each player has their own pig, which they turn on and place on the track.

The first pig to reach the finish line and knock over an apple wins.

The game comes with 4 pigs and 4 wooden red apples.

Bacon Run Game

11: Ring Toss

A ring toss is another carnival classic party game where the player gets a set number of rings.

The aim is to get as many rings as possible on each peg to win a prize.

Ring Toss

13: Cornhole Decals

This next game is a must-have at a carnival party.

Each player gets a couple of tries at tossing a bean bag into the hole of a corn hole board for maximum points to win a prize.

It’s such a fun game that everyone is going to want to have a try at!

Cornhole Decals

14: Carnival Clown Toss Game

Check out this awesome clown fabric toss game banner that you can hang.

To play, each person stands at a distance and tries (3 times) to toss a beanbag through the open holes in the banner.

The score corresponds to the numbers for each hole. Whoever gets the most points wins a prize.

Carnival Clown Toss Game

15: Hoop Shoot

A hoop shoot is another carnival classic, where each player aims for the hoop from a distance to win a cool prize.

Everyone is going to want to try this!

Hoop Shoot

16: Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling is a blast!

Each one of the two players must try to knock down as many pins as they can and whomever gets the highest score wins.

If they manage to knock down all of them on the 1st try then that’s called a “strike” and they win a fab prize.

Ten Pin Bowling

17: Spill the Milk

This next game is similar to Ten Pin Bowling, but in Spill the Milk, each player has one toss to try and knock down all 3 milk bottles off the pedestal.

Whoever wins gets the prize!

Spill the Milk

18: Carnival Photo Booth Frame

You can’t have a carnival and not have a photo booth where your guests can happily fool around while having their photo taken.

It’s a great keepsake they can take home to remember their fab day!

Carnival Photo Booth Frame

19: Lil Big Top Carnival Package

If you want to go all out and have actual carnival stands for each of your games, look no further!

These wooden booths really do bring your carnival party to life.

This lil big top carnival package includes 2 carnival game booths, 1 ticket booth, and 1 medium-sized bounce house.

Lil Big Top Carnival Package

20: Carnival Booth PVC Frame Plans

Recreating the carnival in your own backyard can be daunting, so to help you out, we found this excellent digital plan to help you set up your own carnival stands.

The PDF project instruction guide includes a parts list and a suppliers list with links to online stores.

The parts plans are only for the construction of the PVC frames and the required fittings.

Carnival Booth PVC Frame Plans

21: Carnival Signs

Once you’ve got all your carnival party games and booths, you’ll now need signs to help point your guests in the right direction.

This printable set is a great decorative piece that is just what you need at your carnival party!

Carnival Signs

22: Carnival 8×10 Party Signs

Place one of these printable carnival party signs beside each game so your guests know exactly what they are in line for.

The printable party sign pack includes signs for Bean Bag Toss, Ring Toss, Duck Pond, Balloon Animals, and a Guessing Game.

Carnival 8x10 Party Signs

23: Printable Vintage Carnival Tickets

Last by not least, another carnival essential is without doubt tickets for each game booth.

Print out this sheet of vintage tickets and hand a bunch out to your guests so they can get in the carnival mood and use them for each game.

Printable Vintage Carnival Tickets


For more inspiration, check out all the stunning carnival parties on our site, and check out these carnival party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!


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