24 Fun Thanksgiving Party Activities for Kids and Adults!

by Jillian Leslie on

We've rounded up 24 fun Thanksgiving party activities for kids and adults.

So if you are stuck for ideas for your Thanksgiving celebration, you've come to the right place!

Also, be sure to check out all our Thanksgiving party ideas for loads of celebration inspiration!

24 Fun Thanksgiving Party Activities!

We've got ideas for Thanksgiving games, crafts, and family activities that everyone will love!

24 Fun Thanksgiving Party Activities for Kids and Adults!

1. FREE Printable Thanksgiving Bingo

Gather everyone together after your Thanksgiving meal for a classic game of Thanksgiving bingo.

Download our FREE Thanksgiving Bingo printable for some quality family fun!

Be sure to check out all our Thankgiving-themed free printables and use them to decorate your Thanksgiving celebrations.

FREE Printable Thanksgiving Bingo

2. Inflatable Bouncy Castle

There are so many fun thanksgiving activities to choose from, but one that is sure to be a hit with everyone is an Inflatable bouncy castle, decorated with a beautiful balloon garland 

They are so on trend at the moment and are a great way to get some exercise in after such a hefty meal.

Inflatable Bouncy Castle

3: Thankful Cards

This next idea is a lovely way to bring the whole family together for Thanksgiving. Distribute some 'thankful' cards for everyone to fill in.

After everyone has written down the 3 things that they are most thankful for, ask them to read theirs out at the dining table, before your start your big meal.

Thankful Cards

4. Decorate Pumpkins

Each family has its own Thanksgiving traditions. In our family, we love to decorate our own pumpkins.

It's a great way to keep kids busy over Thanksgiving while I'm busy in the kitchen working on our feast.

Have some paints, paintbrushes, stickers, and whatever other crafts you wish at hand, and let the kid's imagination go wild.

Decorate Pumpkins

5. Printable Thanksgiving Paper Crowns

Another cool way to keep them occupied is to print out these Thanksgiving-themed paper crowns and have them assemble them so they can be worn while you all eat.

The pack comes with a number of designs such as pumpkin, some leaves, a pilgrim hat, a lady pilgrim hat, a turkey, and a  turkey Happy Thanksgiving paper crown.

Printable Thanksgiving Paper Crowns


6. Create Pumpkin Vases

Have your family pitch in and help create these wonderful pumpkin vases.

They look amazing filled with beautiful flowers and are sure to make your traditional Thanksgiving dinner table shine.

You couldn't wish for a better Thanksgiving decoration!

Create Pumpkin Vases

7. Make a Turkey

Kids are going to have a great time crafting a Thanksgiving turkey!

Set up a crafting station with colorful craft paper, already cut out in the necessary shapes, and some glue.

In no time you'll have a flock of turkeys in your home!

Make a Turkey

8: Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

Coloring sheets are a quick and easy party activity that is always guaranteed to go down a treat with young children.

Download some Thanksgiving-themed printable coloring sheets and place crayons in a tin, so kids can help themselves and get artistic.

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

9: Have a Thanksgiving Game Night

If you are looking for a way to bring everyone together after your Thanksgiving meal how about treating your family members to a good old fashion games night?

There's nothing better than being surrounded by those we love, so dust off your favorite board game, or ball game in your backyard.

What really matters is that you get to spend quality time with each other.

Have a Thanksgiving Game Night

10. Make Pinecone Turkeys

Have your kids make their own little turkeys while you cook and clean on Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving crafts are so heartwarming because they can be used every year to decorate your house.

All you'll need are some pine cones, crayons, cut-out bits of card, and glue.

Make Pinecone Turkeys

11. Gratitude Tree

Family traditions strengthen family bonds, especially over Thanksgiving when we all pause from our busy lives to give thanks for everything we have.

Create a gratitude tree and have each one of your family members write down on a leaf what they are grateful for.

Remember to save the leaves every year and place them in a keepsake box.

Gratitude Tree

12: Roast S'mores Around a Campfire

Finish off your Thanksgiving feast outside around a campfire with some tasty S'mores.

It's such a fun way to finish off a lovely day with your loved ones. Make sure you have comfy seating around your campfire and set up a S'mores stand or dessert table with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

Roast S'mores on Campfire

13. Wine Tasting Thanksgiving

Another fun idea is to treat everyone to a wine-tasting Thankgiving this year.

Choose a selection of 4–6 wines with a common theme, and place 3 glasses of wine on your thanksgiving table so everyone can try each of them out.

Make it a Thanksgiving tradition that everyone will love!

Wine Tasting Thanksgiving

14. Thanksgiving Kids Activity Printable Placemat

Keeping kids distracted at the dinner table during Thanksgiving can be a little tricky. Don't worry though, we've got you covered.

Download and print some fun thanksgiving Thanksgiving activity placemats and add them to your dinner table, along with some crayons so that they can play and do some coloring while at the table.

Thanksgiving Kids Activity Placemat

15. I Spy Thanksgiving Printable

A Thanksgiving-inspired "I Spy" is a fun game to play with family on Thanksgiving day.

The first one to complete their sheet wins!

I Spy Thanksgiving Printable

16: Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

Make fun memories by having everyone fool around with these awesome Thanksgiving themed photo booth props after your Thanksgiving meal.

Be sure to take loads of photos and make it a Thanksgiving tradition that you repeat every year.

Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

17: "Who is Most Like The Turkey?" Game

Another fun Thanksgiving game is "Who is most like the turkey?"

Whoever has the highest score officially looks the most like a turkey!

You'll be surprised just how easy it is!

"Who is Most Like The Turkey?" Game

18. "What is your Turkey Name?" Game

At the start of your Thanksgiving gather your entire family together and have everyone figure out their turkey name according to the game.

Then write each one down on a 'Hello, my name is...' sticker and refer to each other the whole day by their new name!

"What is your Turkey Name?" Game

19. Roll a Turkey Game

"Roll the Turkey" is an awesome fun family Thanksgiving game to play on the big day.

Print out these turkey cards and have a bowl of colorful chocolate candy at hand. Roll the dice and add up the numbers. Check the color code on the bottom of the sheet and use it to place the candy. The first person with a full turkey wins.

Roll a Turkey Game

20. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a lot of fun and are great to do during Thanksgiving.

It's so much fun to see everyone dart off in different directions on a hunt!

The winner is whoever completes their sheet first.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

21: Thanksgiving Riddles

There are so many fun Thanksgiving party games to choose from but these riddles are a great way to entertain everyone.

Print a bunch of sheets out and get everyone together for some fun.

Thanksgiving Riddles

22: Thanksgiving Trivia Game

If like me you love a good trivia game, how about giving it a Thanksgiving twist this year and playing a game of Thanksgiving trivia?

Its an excellent way to test everyone's knowledge and learn new facts!

Thanksgiving Trivia Game

23. What's on your Phone?

What's on your phone is a fun activity everyone can have a go at!

Print and distribute a game sheet, along with a pen to everyone playing. Set a timer and once it begins players should check the circle next to each question that matches something they have on their phone.

When the time is up, players calculate their points and whoever has the highest score wins. Make it even more fun and have the winner get a prize!

What's on your Phone?

24. Build a Turnkey Printable

Kids are going to have a blast making these cute turkeys on Thanksgiving day.

Have them write something they are grateful for on each paper feather and then glue all teh pieces together to make their own turkey!

Build a Turnkey Printable

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