Mini Thanksgiving Desserts

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Mini Thanksgiving Desserts

You are going to love these mini Thanksgiving desserts we have for you. Just browse our many tiny Thanksgiving desserts to inspire you to make delicious things for your friends and family.

Mini Thanksgiving Desserts | CatchMyParty.comWhat's great about them is they're self-serve, so no need to worry about cutting cakes and pies, and also they're cute and precious, adding an interesting visual to your dessert spread.

Thanksgiving Kid's Table Ideas

Check out these great ideas for setting a kids' table for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Kid's Table Ideas |

Brighten up your table and make Thanksgiving a lot more fun for your kids. Look at our  awesome tips and fun ideas for activities to keep them happy at the dinner table.

Mini Marshmallow Dreidels

Have the kids help make these mini marshmallow dreidels for Hanukkah!

  • Dip each marshmallow in white candy melts (melted in the microwave in 30 second intervals)
  • Roll the marshmallows in blue sanding sugar
  • Attach a Hershey's Kiss to each one, as the top of the dreidel
  • Finish them off by insert a pretzel stick into the bottom of the marshmallow

Mini Marshmallow Dreidels |

For more inspiration, check out all of our Hanukkah parties and free Hanukkah printables!





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